11 Small munich breweries you should know about

Every big city has not only its own sound and its own appearance, but also its typical smell. Berlin has a bit of a classic subway-pipi smell, Hamburg smells like harbor and fish, and Munich is often covered in a fog of mash smells that greet us around the city’s big breweries. But if you’re particularly keen on the smell, you’ve been able to sniff out completely new hop-and-malt nuances with increasing frequency for a few years now. Because the six big Munich beer players are joined by more and more smaller breweries that are cooking their own soup – er, brewing beer!

1. Haderner Brewery

We have to be honest and say that we never really thought of Hadern with its village charm. There are not only at least eleven beautiful things to do here, but since 2017 also Munich’s first organic brewery. With Haderner Brau, Thomas and Marta Girg have fulfilled a long-awaited dream. We recommend the yard sale with tasting and brewery tour every Friday afternoon from 3 to 6 p.m.

Since when has Haderner Brau been around??

We started in 2016 and since 2017 we are on the road with Haderner Brau in Munich.

Which beer are you known for?

Our customers prefer to drink our naturally cloudy Helles. But the best known is our Dunkles – there we got the award "Best Bavarian Organic Product" in bronze in 2018.

Which beer do you like best??

Marta loves the light Helle in summer and winter beer in winter of course. Thomas actually used to brew the Leichte Helle for the ones at home. Back then there were 20 liters every summer. After the brewery opening, Marta asked if Thomas could brew a light Helles again. The result: 2000 liters, which went down well in the neighborhood and at yard sales! By the way, Thomas swears by the classic Helle.

Where to drink/buy your beer?

In the yard sale directly in the brewery. But you can also get most of the varieties in all the organic stores in Munich and the surrounding area as well as delicatessens and in a few beverage markets. You can drink in beautiful locations such as the Buffelhof Beuerbach, in the Schlossgut Oberambach on Lake Starnberg and in the Leib und Siegel Cafe.

2. Tilman’s beers

Many people always think of Tilman Ludwig as a northerner, but he’s actually from Munich. And maybe he also learned brewing in Weihenstephan, to clear up this confusion. Either way, he brews wonderful beer and provides his bottles with perhaps the most beautiful labels in the city!

1. How long have Tilman’s beers been around??

On 23. April 2014 I (Tilman) have registered the trade. On the happy way home I noticed that this is the day of beer. That I noticed this un-intentional only after the fact, but strangely no one believes me.

2. Which beer are you known for?

The flagship is definitely Das Helle, an amber-colored lager with a fruity hop note.

3. Which beer do you prefer to drink yourself??

I love all my children!

4. Where to drink/buy your beer?

Drinking is possible everywhere, buying is not yet possible everywhere, but we are working on it. Editor’s note: You can get Tilman’s beer especially fresh on tap at Frisches Bier im Schlachthofviertel.

3. Crew Republic

While more and more small breweries have popped up in Munich, especially in the last two or three years, the guys from Crew Republic are almost among the pioneers of the Munich craft beer scene. In 2011 they exchanged suit and tie for dungarees and rubber boots – at that time they were still brewing in the backyard of the shared flat. Since 2015 they have their own little empire in Unterschleibheim.

Since when do you exist?

What beer are you known for?

Crew Republic Drunken Sailor (IPA), Crew Republic EASY (top fermented pale)

Which beer do you like the most??

Of course, all our beers, but basically it can not be hoppy enough for us!

Where to drink/buy your beer?

In selected bars and restaurants, as well as more and more in the retail trade. You can also order our beers free of shipping costs in our webshop.

For all Mit Vergnugen readers we have prepared a discount code! With the codeSBQEKNKC" you get until 31.05.2019 10 Euro discount on your order in the online store of Crew Republic. Minimum order is 30 euros. To the health!

4. Munich Brew Mafia

Dario, Alex and Niklas are united by their great love for beer. The first two have learned and studied the craft of brewing – Niklas is actually a historian, but since beer has a long history anyway, it fits well. With their unusual creations, they are often on the borderline of the Reinheitsgebot, but they don’t have the Mafia in their name for nothing!

How long have you been around?

What beer are you known for?

Our most famous beer is our Don Limone, a fruity fresh Pils with Citra hops

Which beer do you like best yourselves??

We do not have a "favorite beer" per se. It always depends on the mood and situation. Basically we try everything of course. The main thing is always that the beer is well made.

Where can you drink/buy your beer?

You can drink our beer in Tap House, in the wonderful Bistro Ambar or in Cafe Ruffini. You can buy our beer for example at Harrys Getranke Eck, Biervana or Getrankeoase, just to name a few.

5. Broy

When we held our first Broy in our hands, our first thought was: WTF! Canned beer? That was in 2017, when the guys from Broy unceremoniously hijacked the former Fox in Turkenstrabe and had a pop-up bar going there for a while. In the meantime, their mission is to bring you the freshest beer ever, which is why you can only order Broy products directly from them!

Since when do you exist?

We brewed for a few years in the kitchen and garage at home before we started in the spring of 2016 in the current form.

What beer are you guys known for?

Initially, our Pale Ale was very well received and our Helles in the small, white can has also been remembered by many people. From this spring on, our monthly changing special brews will probably convince beer fans.

Which beer do you like best??

Our Wit – a Belgian wheat beer – always finds happy customers in our brewery.

Where to drink/buy your beer?

We sell exclusively in direct sales. Only in this way our beer always arrives fresh and in the best condition to the customers. So you can buy our beer on site for self-collection, in selected gastronomy and of course online – shipped free of shipping costs from the brewery to your doorstep. In May we will also open our own brewery bar with fresh tank beer in the Westend.

6. Isarkindl

Once upon a time there were four young students from Munich and Freising, who had a dream. They wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to Bavarian beer culture. It worked out great, because since 2016 you can get hold of four different creations of Isarkindl at the kiosk of your confidence.

Since when do you exist?

We have been on the market since April 2016. However, we have been working on Isarkindl since the end of 2014.

What beer are you known for?

Our best-known beer is – how could it be otherwise in Munich – the "Helle". Connoisseurs also appreciate our wheat beer in particular!

What is your favorite beer to drink??

With the own beers it changes every now and then. At the moment I like to drink our Marzen, the Schmankerl.

Where to drink/buy your beer?

We can be found in Munich and surroundings in over a hundred beverage stores, supermarkets and kiosks. Now, at the beginning of the Isar season, the kiosk at the Reichenbachbrucke is especially recommended.

7. Hopfenhacker

In the heart of Haidhausen, between Rosenheimer Platz and Ostabhnhof, are the Hopfenhacker at home. Werner Schuegraf, Andrea Stemmer and Johann ottl brew beer here that should be good for carft beer fans and traditionalists alike. They succeed very well with their broad assortment and partly courageous beers, Try it out!

Since when do you exist?

Founded in 2014 initially as a garage brewery. In July 2016 we then moved to Haidhausen.

What beer are you known for?

The most popular is our Munich Marzen, the Red Munich.

Which beer do you yourselves prefer to drink??

Unfortunately, we can not make a concrete statement because it depends on the time of day and the mood – each beer at its time.

Where can you drink/buy your beer?

In selected beverage stores such as the Bierothek on Reichenbachstrasse or Biervana on Kurfurstenplatz. Also in a few bars, including the Rennsalon, Heinrich Matters and Ambar Bistro. Every Friday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. you can also drop by our brewery in Haidhausen, taste it and take it home with you.

8. Hopfmeister

Graphic designer and beer sommelier – well, if that’s not a successful combination for a modern beer brand. Marc Gallo does not have a permanent brewery, but brews his Hopfmeister beers at various locations in and around Munich. From the unfiltered pale, to the Golden Pale Ale, to the exotic white, there is something for every taste!

Since when do you exist?

What beer are you known for?

We have a wide range, including Franz Josef (unfiltered pale), Surfers Ale (golden pale ale), Gipfelgluck (exotic white) and Irish Road Trip (India pale ale).

Which beer do you like best??

A different one for every situation. Currently "Der Helle and "Servus Sissi

Where can you drink/buy your beer?

You can buy the beer in different stores like the Biervana or in the Pachmayr store in Theresienstrabe, or also at the Kafer. Locally you can drink Hopfmeister for example in the Cole& Porter or at Patolli.

9. Giesinger Brewery

Yes, okay. Giesinger Brau is the largest of the small breweries, but as pioneers they have also paved the way for all the small ones. From a garage project, Giesinger Brau has grown into an established name and developed into a brewery that no longer needs to hide behind the really big names. Founder Steffen Marx likes to think big. And who knows, maybe in a few years we will be sitting in a Giesinger Brau Wiesnzelt!

Since when do you exist?

Since 2006 – started in a double garage in Untergiesing. Since 2014 high up at the Giesinger Bergl!

What beer are you known for?

Definitely for the Untergiesinger enlightenment.

Which beer do you like best??

The Munich Dark.

Where can you drink/buy your beer?

Of course in the Giesinger Braustuberl and in selected restaurants and beverage markets, which ones you can see on our map.

10. House friend

Everyone needs a Hausfreund. A Spezl, who is always there for you and with whom everything is twice as much fun. This is how the beer from the small brewery "Hausfreund" should be its. There is still real craft at the start!

Since when do you exist?

Our Helles named "Moritz has been around since the beginning of 2017. But we really started in 2018. There are our "David, an IPA and "Rolf", Added our Imperial Stout

What beer are you known for?

Our best-selling beer is our Moritz, a refreshing light beer with a subtle hop breeze, and our "Tom" a refreshing Pale Ale brewed only with German hops. Our highest rated beer is our "MEGA" a mega-bright wheat doppelbock, which was created in cooperation with the hop platform proHops.

Which beer do you like best??

The beauty of craft beer is its variability, so you can match the beer to the moment and vice versa. Thus, it is very difficult to speak of a favorite beer, because even if there is, this one changes very often. It does not always have to be our own beer, we also enjoy very often and with pleasure the different beers of other brewers.

Where can one drink/buy your beer?

At the moment we are represented in the Munich area. Our plan for 2019, however, is to distribute Hausfreund beyond this area.

11. Hoppebrau

Yes, we admit it. Hoppebrau dances a bit out of line because of its location, as the brewery is located in Waakirchen, north of Lake Tegernsee. But does not change the fact that they brew good beer and on the 24. April 2019 open their new brewery, including beer garden and pub. The way to the Tegernsee is worth twice as much!

Since when do you exist?

For which beer are you known?

Our craft beers, the Wuide Hehna and the Wuiden Hund, but also for our exceptionally good wheat beer and Helles.

What beer do you yourselves prefer to drink?

Always depends on the situation. In summer, for barbecues or at the Isar, definitely the light and refreshing Wuide Hehna.

Where to drink/buy your beer?

Buy for example in the beverage oasis, in the Biervana or the Isarquelle beverage market. You can drink locally, for example, at Restaurant Bapas, at Gianluca’s Ambar Bistro in Giesing and at the new kiosk Fraulein Muller at Englischer Garten.

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