1200 Calorie diet: does it make you lose weight?

In the 1200 calorie diet, the daily calorie intake is limited to about 1200 in order to lose weight. Differently than with many other parliamentary allowance with the concept three balanced meals per day are recommended, whereby hot hunger is to be prevented. It’s important to include mostly healthy foods in your diet plan. The Dit is to facilitate the entrance into a long-term nourishing conversion – by the clearly reduced calorie quantity one is practically forced to nourish oneself rather healthy, even if theoretically no food is forbidden.

Calorie reduction to lose weight

The 1200 calorie diet can be done for a few days and should ensure that we lose a few pounds at the start of a diet change, which strengthens the motivation. It is important not to go back to eating like before after the diet – otherwise you risk the yo-yo effect. Instead, it is useful to gradually increase calorie intake a little after the 1200 calorie diet – for example, by having an additional small snack every day in between meals. This way, the body gets used to it slowly and doesn’t react immediately with one kilo more after the other. In order to find the right balance, it makes sense to monitor your weight regularly.

Finally lose weight: What can I eat on the 1200 calorie diet?

In general, any food is allowed in the diet plan of this diet, but in order not to exceed the maximum amount of calories, healthy recipes are of course the better choice. The following applies: The fewer calories a food has, the larger the portion can be. It makes sense to have a daily mix of healthy carbohydrates (z. B. Through whole grain pasta and bread or quinoa), plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein (z. B. by eggs, fish, lean meat and dairy products) and healthy fats (z. B. Olive oil and nuts).

Alcohol, convenience foods and sweets should be avoided completely during the diet. After that, small amounts are allowed again. But the exception should not become the rule, otherwise the new desired weight can hardly be maintained, because kilo after kilo comes back. And then all the weight loss was for nothing.

Tips: Healthy recipes for the 1200 calorie diet

You now feel like starting a healthier diet with the 1200 calorie diet and want to lose a few kilos? Then we give you some ideas for delicious and healthy recipes! Here is an example of three meals in a day that fit the concept And together have just over 1200 calories:

In the morning

A combination of oatmeal, an almond drink, raspberries and pears provides a sweet kick in the morning. Delicious and quickly made: In ten minutes you have a healthy breakfast for just under 370 calories per serving!

At noon

Like from the Asian snack bar, only better: our fried noodles with pork marinated in teriyaki and spinach provide you with all the nutrients you need at lunchtime and taste just great. Equally wow: You’re only looking at around 440 calories for one serving.

In the evening

Fish is full of protein and should be on the menu at least twice a week. And it simply always goes – as our salmon medallion made from organic salmon fillet proves! Add a healthy side dish combination of Brussels sprouts, leeks and peas – and you have a perfect dinner with only 445 calories per serving.

Even more combination ideas and recipe suggestions you can find in our articles diet plan and low-calorie food.

Do not forget to drink

For men and women alike: we should drink at least two liters of water a day, and more if possible. But once an unsweetened tea is also allowed. In general, drinks are not included in our plans above. Soft drinks are best avoided altogether, since they are full of sugar and can torpedo weight loss. If you absolutely want to drink a juice, you should prepare a fruit spritzer with water.

Lose weight thanks to proper nutrition – and exercise!

Losing weight without exercise is possible, but laborious. To boost metabolism and build muscle, which we in turn need to burn more fat, exercise is actually essential. A combination of strength and endurance training on at least three days a week is the best way to go. Per Workout should be planned minimum 30 minutes time. Endurance can be increased by running or swimming, for example, and our muscles are happy with circuit or classic dumbbell workouts. Exercises with your own body weight are also effective.

1200 calorie diet – our conclusion

As a starting point for a healthier life, the diet can definitely be tested, because it automatically introduces us to healthy food. Since it’s only done for a few days and mainly healthy meals are on the diet, there’s no nutrient deficiency to be expected. In addition, due to the limited calorie intake, one or the other kilo will surely fall off – but a little discipline is essential here too. It is also important to do the diet really only for a short time and then increase the amount of calories step by step under control, so that the body does not slip into a starvation metabolism – in the long run, 1200 calories per day are simply too few for most people.

You want even more help to lose weight? Here we reveal our best weight loss tips, how to create a nutrition plan and how to lose weight without hunger. We also explain how the buttermilk diet works.

If you want to talk about diet and nutrition topics, we would also like to recommend our BRIGITTE Community to you!

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