2 Euro commemorative coins or 2 euro commemorative coins what is the correct denomination?

2 Euro commemorative coin or 2 Euro commemorative coin … the reverse of the coin gives it away ..

Again and again I notice that customers ask in emails or in telephone calls for 2 euro commemorative coins. For this reason I would like to devote myself to this topic today in my blog post. One today (22.8.2017) performed search on google.de after the search term 2 Euro commemorative coins lists 93100 results, the search for 2 Euro commemorative coins on the other hand lists 221000 Text on.

Number of results for 2 Euro commemorative coins Google search for 2 Euro commemorative coins

Assuming swarm intelligence, one must assume that the designation 2 euro commemorative coins is the correct spelling for the two euro collecting area.

2 Euro commemorative coins? 2 Euro commemorative coins! What says the EU?

Believe it or not, even the technical terms of numismatics are clearly regulated under European law. Of course, every collector is free to choose the title of his collection. However, when it comes to the European Union’s specifications, there is only one correct term: 2 Euro commemorative coins. (to be read at the following link)

The regulation lists the following technical terms:


For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions apply:


"Circulation coins" means euro coins intended for circulation, the denominations and technical specifications of which are defined in Regulation (EC) No. 975/98 are defined.


"Commemorative coins" are circulation coins, which according to Article 1h of Regulation (EC) No. 975/98 to be issued to commemorate a specific event.


"Collector coins" are euro coins that are not issued for circulation but are intended for collectors.

Why is not called 2 euro commemorative coins?

The 2 euro coins with motifs intended to commemorate a specific event are minted in large numbers for circulation and thus fall under point 2 of the above listing.

From this list we can also see that the denomination 2 Euro collector coin would also be incorrect, since the two euro coins were definitely issued for circulation. You can see that with us in Germany also at the numerous two euro commemorative coins that you often get as change.

Unique answer: 2 euro commemorative coins !

As you can see, the above question can be answered unambiguously. The correct technical term for what is probably the most popular field of collecting is 2 Euro commemorative coins.

2 Euro Grace Kelly – one of the most expensive 2 Euro commemorative coins

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