200D leaks diesel

today we had an acquaintance, whose 200D according to him is leaking some diesel in the area of the pump in the direction of the pipes to the injectors.

Nu I have never had a Diesel under my fingers and at first glance I have not discovered any damp spot either.

Do you Dieselspeis have a hot tip where something could come out??

Dismantle the air filter box and have a closer look.

First tip would be the sealing rings of the pressure retaining valves, or crumbling return lines from the fuel injectors.

But so sweepingly that can be many things


Am from Munich and drive a 300 TDT.

Sell DBM/ Dibutylmaleinate, also called "Apple Spritzer called, softener for seals for 39 € / liter, ONLY pickup in Munich.


O-rings sounds pretty plausible according to the error description.

*clean neatly around the top
*Screw off the supply lines
*Mark the positions of the valves
*unscrew, replace O-rings (well greased)
*screw on again until mark tightly
*Inlet lines again on it
*start and do not wonder at first about the nailing ?

Question: is this correct? should the intake manifold still down or does it go like this?

Thanks and greetings!

clean properly on top yes cleanliness is important, no dirt should get into the esp
*Screw off the supply lines
*Screw off, replace O-rings (well greased) oiling with diesel etc...
*screw back on. 30 NM then loosen again, again 30 NM then loosen again 30 NM + 5 NM
*Inlet lines back on

The small copper washers should also be replaced and be careful that the springs do not come off when you unscrew valves.

You can get all these parts at Mercedes for less money ;)


<<< The whole parts getst also with Mercedes for less money

But not in Viton, or ?

Am from Munich and drive a 300 TDT.

Sell DBM/ dibutyl maleate, also "apple spritzer" called, softener for seals for 39 € / liter, ONLY pickup in Munich.

Babybenz 2.3

Exactly, there is with MB more favorably and as long as one drives no PoL, hold the again 20 years..

Buy absolutely also the copper sealing rings with and pay attention fastidiously to cleanliness and the correct tightening torques – had recently the pleasure that the engine shook after a change of the O-rings in the idle speed.


>>as long as you do not drive PoL,

What has the repair at the pressure retaining valves to do with PoL? I have the described sealing rings a few years ago also replaced because the cardboard in some layers just "crappy" wanted to start. If the car is run on diesel you puzzle first why the engine does not want right – the diesel evaporates well – you see u.U. nix, with PoL you get a visible trace. This is the difference.

Cleanliness is with the repair highest requirement. To remove and install the valves there is a special tool – manufacturer Hazet- like so many special tools from MB.

Over 4 Mio. People in Germany can not solder and screw properly.

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