22. Month – how your toddler develops

Your child has now been in the world for 22 months. Your little darling shows incredible energy and may already be quite beautiful Curious and strong-willed.

How your child develops at 22 months

One of the great pleasures for parents is watching their little one get more creative each month grows and learns. Every child has his or her own pace in this, so don’t worry if there’s a surge in 22. month may be absent. Soon there will be some new skills in addition, about which you will surely be amazed.

Language development at 22 months

Your child already understands much more than you may realize.

You might notice that it is Words repeated, it has picked up from your conversations.

Not only does the vocabulary itself increase, but also the complexity of languageAt this age, it is not uncommon for a child to use two-word sentences when speaking.

A child of 22 months sometimes even understands small, simple tasks that you give him. If you ask your little one to clean up a toy or sit down at the table, it is quite possible that he or she will do so.

Also, don’t be surprised if your little treasure often Take charge wants. This is perfectly normal and part of your little one’s development.

Exploring on tiptoe

As a toddler gets older, his curiosity grows and with it the Urge to move. Parents often notice that their child is already walking more independently and confidently at 22 months of age. Your little one may even be able to relate to his or her own Toes pose. If this is the case, it is now even more important to put away fragile or dangerous objects, as your little treasure may now be able to reach things that were previously out of reach. If he is not yet ready, there is no need to worry. As unique as each child is, so is his development.

How to support your baby at 22 months

When playing, when talking and also when talking about Safety you can give help to support your darling as best as possible.

Learning playfully

The best way to promote a child’s mental development at 22 months is through play. For this it can be helpful, get creative:

Dolls and stuffed animals: At this age, your sweetheart is already reproducing small scenarios from everyday life with them: The hair of the favorite doll is combed and the teddy is fed.

Building blocks or doll kitchens: Set up a few "little houses", cook an imaginary soup – and already the imagination of your little treasure is inspired. Please make sure that the building blocks are not too small. Otherwise there is a risk of swallowing.

Building a magical place: This usually requires nothing more than a few well-placed chairs and a blanket placed over them. You might build a spaceship to go to the moon, a camping tent, or a cave to hide a pirate’s treasure. There are no limits to the creativity of your imagination.

Jigsaw puzzles: Simple plug-in or wooden puzzles promote fine motor skills. Please make sure that the puzzle pieces are not too small. Otherwise there is a danger of swallowing.

Painting and CraftingWhen your child doodles a picture or kneads a figure at 22 months, it may not yet be clear what he or she is supposed to be doing. For the mental development of your little artist, this can still be very beneficial.

No matter what new skills your little one learns, encourage him or her with a little encouragement enthusiasm and words of praise. If you reward positive developments with attention and a joyful response, your little one will be even more eager to continue learning. Even the social skills are encouraged during play, especially when your sweetheart spends time with other children. You can go to the playground together, you can watch your darling during an Playgroup Sign up or date friends who have children the same age as yours. Then the little ones can play with each other while you exchange ideas with other parents over a cup of coffee or tea.

Safety must be learned

Your child is curious about his environment and a baby at 22 months is always more mobile and independent. Even if a toddler makes a push at 22 months, that doesn’t mean he or she can do everything yet: Although your little one is about as slow to learn the connection between Cause and effect children at this age are not yet consciously thinking about the possible consequences of their actions. That’s why it’s important to always support your little adventurer in his explorations, both indoors and outdoors to keep an eye on.

You should always keep your little treasure on Sources of danger point out. Use simple words.

Explain to him not to touch the stove or cooking pot because it’s hot, and to stay away from sockets and sharp objects keep away.

If the question about the "Why" Come on, keep the answer short and simple so that your little angel understands it: you can get hurt by it.

Remember that repeated warnings does not necessarily mean that your little one will follow through. You should always keep a watchful eye on a child of 22 months.

Encourage language development

The Understanding language and the joy of this increases from day to day at this age. This does not automatically mean that something is wrong if a 22-month-old child barely speaks. Like so many things, the Language development a very individual pace. While some children speak intelligible words at twelve months, others do not until they are two and a half years old. So don’t worry if your child speaks very little at 22 months old. But you can also promote language development by talking to your 22-month-old child.

If your sweetheart is already communicating, it’s best to listen carefully to him and react to.

Do you read telling stories you can ask him to say some words together while you are doing it. This may spur your little one on.

If your child asks for the same book over and over again at 22 months, this is actually beneficial, because children learn to through repetition best.

At Reading aloud can also show the individual character of your little treasure. While some children climb onto your lap and snuggle up, others find it more difficult to sit still for a whole book or even just a few pages.

If you have a little bundle of energy in your home, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be plugged in while you read to him.

Leave it up to your child to Pace to pretend for his development.

If you are still concerned that a developmental step is taking too long, talk to your pediatrician.

your child’s diet at 22 months

A varied and healthy diet is important to keep your baby on track Growth and the development support your 22-month-old child.

A strong urge to move on the part of your little darling could be due to its Energy reserves scratch – so it can’t hurt to always have a little snack on hand.

Even if your toddler has a Growth spurt it usually gets along well with three main meals and two snacks per day.

If your little darling ever has a skip meals or has a particularly big appetite, this is quite normal.

It’s best to offer him at every meal a Choice of nutritious foods an. This includes high-protein foods, dairy and whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.

Eating healthy from an early age

Setting the course for a healthy eating habits in later years are already being asked. With a few simple habits, you can create the basis for a relaxed relationship with food and a healthy lifestyle balanced diet at your 22 month old child.

Healthy choices: At 22 months, offer your child a variety of healthy foods at mealtimes and, if possible, let them decide for themselves what they want to eat and how much. Children rely on their natural sense of satiety.

Nothing sweet: There is usually no need to worry if a child barely touches his food or skips a meal completely. His natural hunger pangs will make themselves known in time. You should therefore not offer cookies or other snacks just to encourage your little darling to eat something. This could lead to him spurning healthy and nutritious food in the future.

Healthy snacks: Rather offer him a healthy snack a while later. Fruit, for example, or sugar-free dairy or whole-grain products are suitable for this purpose.

Motivate to move: Toddlers have a natural urge to move. Throwing a ball, dancing to music or simply playing catch – there are many ways to motivate your little treasure.

As simple as it may sound now, the implementation is possibly not. Some of the little ones are especially fussy eaters, while others eat whatever is put in front of them without grumbling. The more relaxed you as parents approach the topic of eating, the more relaxed your little treasure may be.

What to do for constipation?

Recognizing constipation is not always easy, as every child has a different rhythm when it comes to bowel movements. Some babies at 22 months can two or three days get by without doing a lot of business without it turning into constipation right away. However, the following signs could indicate constipation:

Your child has pain when doing the big business.

After several days without a bowel movement, feces are large, hard and dry.

There are blood deposits on the stool.

Your little one will try to empty his bowels for longer than ten minutes without success.

If constipation is suspected, try to help your little darling with the following measures:

Fiber: Foods like prunes, apricots, plums, broccoli and whole grains can help with digestion.

Fluids: Plenty of water and fruit juice without added sugar can help with constipation. Apple, pear or prune juice also contain sorbitol, a natural laxative.

If your little darling continues to have no bowel movements despite these measures, you should consult a doctor / physician. In some circumstances Medication Recommend that soften the stool again.

The daily routine of a child at 22 months

Your 22-month-old’s health

Sometimes a child can be obnoxious at 22 months of age. Because at the age of 22 months, your child feels a lot new Emotions, but usually does not yet know how to express it. It learns to do this by watching adults in its Environment observed – especially by mom and dad. As parents, you can therefore model for your child how to deal with his or her feelings.

Verbalize your feelings: Children learn a lot from their parents and often imitate their behavior. If you express your own emotions in a constructive way, your darling will learn to communicate his own feelings in the same way.

Share with each other: Occasionally make sure your little one notices when something is shared, whether it’s between adults or older siblings. You can also use words to indicate that mommy is sharing her chocolate with daddy. In this way, your toddler will learn through play that sharing is a beautiful thing.

Praise good behavior. When your child does something you like, pay conscious attention to it. By praising positive behavior, you build your little one’s self-confidence.

Its Control feelings, a child at 22 months, like so many other things, has yet to learn. The road ahead can sometimes be frustrating for kids and parents alike, but with love and patience, the Defiance phase soon over.

How your child sleeps at 22 months

A 22-month-old child needs about 11 to 14 hours Sleep and will generally not need more than one nap per day. But how are the phases of sleep regulated and what if your toddler at 22 months bad sleeps?

There are no ideal bedtime For the evening – when a child gets tired is a very individual matter. So pay attention to what time your little one’s eyes get heavy and set bedtime accordingly.

A Regulated daily routine is good for toddlers. Keep this bedtime consistent if possible.

Nevertheless, it can happen that your darling has other plans and does not want to hop into bed on time every night. As healthy and important as sleep is to a child, the world does not end when the Bedtime does not always go smoothly.

Nevertheless, continue to hold usual bedtime Don’t worry if your little angel occasionally goes to bed later than usual. After all, life is exciting for a young child at 22 months old!

special things such as a Overnight guest or a new toy can tempt your little one to stay up longer than usual in a more.

As little hustle and bustle as possible in the evening hours and Rituals for bedtime Like a relaxing bath or a bedtime story can help your little one calm down.

Your 22-month-old is having trouble falling asleep or not sleeping through the night? It does not have to stay that way. Just try to go back to the regular schedule the following day.

How your life changes

At 22 months, your child is no longer a baby. It wants to go to fresh air and together with you discovering the world. The more exploratory urge and energy your little darling shows, the more possibilities of your joint leisure activities open up.

New hobbies – alone or as a family

If your child is very affectionate, he or she may like to Time with grandparents, Spend time with your aunt, uncle or close friends. Use this time as a "parent break" to give your own hobbies to follow. A round of yoga, a cooking class or going to the movies together again, that’s now possible. But at 22 months, your child may be discovering new interests that you enjoy as well. Playing music together, Baking, playing ball or painting can become leisure activities for the whole family.

Beyond the playground and sandbox

The playground will certainly continue to be a popular place to go, but your little one will now also be able to enjoy larger playgrounds adventurous excursions Enjoy very much. These may also be a welcome change for parents.

There are many options away from the sandbox:

A visit to the zoo with Petting zoo.

The botanical garden with its colorful and exotic flora.

Joint exploratory walks in the Forest. You can observe small animals, discover plants or collect handicraft material.

A tour to a Children’s or youth farm, Where animals can be fed and eggs can be searched for.

taster excursions

By offering different activities If you try out some of the other activities, you may also be able to arouse your little explorer’s interest in them.

For example, are you dreaming of joint Bike rides with the whole family? Then a child trailer allows your child to take part in its first outings already at 22 months of age.

If you are horse lovers, your little darling can get rid of his shyness towards big animals. A visit to the petting zoo or the farm could be a good idea for the first baby Pony riding taster course GOING AHEAD.

Enthusiastic Mountaineer can already take a 22-month-old child on light hiking trips. For this purpose, an all-terrain buggy or a Kraxe – a baby carrier that is handled like a backpack in which your darling sits stably – is suitable.

The braver and more mobile your child is at 22 months, the more activities you can plan together.

Whether your child at 22 months is still very affectionate or is in the middle of a phase of defiance: It learns steadily and becomes more and more more independent and self-determined. So enjoy every moment you can spend with your little treasure. Playing, cuddling, romping and exploring together are priceless.

Checklist: Your 22-month-old toddler

Your little treasure will always more mobile and taller. It therefore makes sense to check once again whether all potential Sources of danger in the home are secured or out of reach.

Common Gardening is a perfect way to play in the fresh air and develop joy in nature.

Special Swimming lessons for toddlers are a good way to get your 22-month-old used to water. There are also Parent-child courses, that allow you to go in the water together with your child.

If you travel by bike a lot, maybe a Bicycle trailer or a Child seat Sense. Get advice, because not every 22-month-old has the same size or weight.

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