3 Ways how to approach him

Does it really still have to be the man who makes the first move? No, because women can do it too. Let’s leave the outdated behavior patterns behind and plunge into pleasure. Because, just between you and me, appealing to a man is more fun than you might think. After all, flirting works just as well the other way around!

So far, so good. But how best to address it?

It may seem difficult because you probably haven’t had any experience with it yet. Maybe you are even a little afraid of it. But one thing is clear: you don’t have to. For first you should realize that it can’t be anything more than a "no". He could be taken, not in the mood for flirting right now or just not interested. And these are all things that ok Are. You also don’t jump into every flirtation that comes your way. So men are allowed to do that as well and who knows, maybe the next man you approach will be, the right one its.

Don’t be intimidated by first impressions

You find the object of your desire very interesting, but its charisma unsettled you. At first glance, he doesn’t strike you as the kind of person who likes to talk to strangers. He seems disinterested, untouchable and almost a little annoyed. Actually you wanted to get to know him, but that seems almost impossible now. But is it really so hard to engage him in a conversation?

Don’t have to. Because just because he gives you the impression that he doesn’t feel like it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Maybe he is even himself shy, reserved and therefore seems untouchable. You should get to know him first before you form an image of him. An image that you may find hard to get rid of again. So it’s best to talk to him and get to know him well. But how do you start the conversation?

Here are 3 ways, how to approach him:

1. Flirt with your eyes

If you let your eyes speak for you, you’ll learn more than you might expect. Because that way, without actually having talked to him yet, you can find out if he’s a good person interested is.

But not only that. You already see through flirting with your eyes, what kind of person he probably is. If he flirts right back, smiles and beams, then he is confident and interested. If he blushes, giggles insecurely, and is obviously thinking about coming to you, then he’s shy. A piece of information you might have without knowing what his mood sounds like. Or what it’s called.

So if you see him, then start Eye contact. Don’t stare at him all the time, but look away now and then. But do not forget that he should always be your target in the end. Smile and show him that you are interested. And it won’t take long he will give you a sign how he finds you. An easy way that works as a good conversation starter. Because, if he is also interested, nothing will stand in the way of a good conversation.

2. Go over and ask him something noncommittal

You make the first step and immediately show how sure you are of yourself. You bring yourself into his field of vision and all his attention is on you at this moment. A moment you should seize!

Ask him what comes to mind. This can be a simple question about how he’s doing or something more fancy. The only thing that matters is that you approached him at all. If you are still unsure, then wrap it up even more indirectly: Ask him something. Maybe if he knows what time it is or if he has seen your girlfriend. This may make it even easier for you to engage him in conversation – if you both feel like it.

3. Show him openly that you are interested

Very important: Do exactly what you want. Be open, honest and tell him what you think. What have you got to lose, or? There can’t be more than one rejection. And there’s nothing wrong with that either.

If you don’t want to beat around the bush, speak your every thought Openly from. You think he is good looking? Tell him. You haven’t found anyone as interesting as him in a long time? Something that will surely please him. He may feel put off, but that doesn’t have to put you off. You are just being honest and not expecting anything. Only a conversation would make you happy. But just the fact that you made him happy by your openness already makes you happy.

So dare, try something new and never forget: Self is the woman!

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