30 Reasons why your sister is the greatest gift your parents will ever give you

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Sure, sometimes the sparks really fly among sisters, too. But this is part of it. In the end, anyone who has one will admit that they couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. Here come 30 reasons, Why sisters make life so damn much nicer:

  1. A sister is always honest.
  2. While everyone else is already annoyed by a topic, you can still tell her about it.
  3. She helps with important decisions without thinking of her own benefit.
  4. Forget something? No problem! She lends it to you.
  5. Something very embarrassing happened to you? She will laugh with you about it and still keep it to herself.
  6. You can call her at four o’clock in the morning without worrying that she will be angry.
  7. She knows you like no other and knows why you are the way you are. That welds together.
  8. You don’t have to look far for a godmother for your kids.
  9. With no one else, you can make peace after a quarrel so quickly and easily again.
  10. You can always tell funny childhood memories and laugh it off. ? Your sister will understand better than any best friend why you feel the way you do right now.
  11. No matter how far apart you live and how infrequently you talk on the phone, when you see each other it’s as if you’ve never been apart.
  12. You have two closets at once.
  13. Because you can tease her so beautifully and know exactly how to do it best.
  14. Because you’re so fundamentally different and yet so familiar.
  15. If you ever need a kidney, you know who to ask.
  16. She always has your best interests at heart. Really.
  17. Friends come and go. But your sister stays. Forever.
  18. Big sisters pave a lot of ways for you.
  19. They shape us and we shape them.
  20. You need someone to bitch about the annoying relatives at the family gathering? Voilà!
  21. She dares to criticize you and she is allowed to do so.
  22. Her parents are annoying? With her you can talk for hours.
  23. You never have to explain your complicated family situation to her, she knows the score.
  24. No matter what you want to know, she’ll tell you – honestly and directly.
  25. With her, you have someone to talk to even when you are 90 and old and wizened in a rocking chair.
  26. You need money, a babysitter or advice? She will do everything to help you.
  27. Because she knew and liked you before you were cool.
  28. It’s just so damn uncomplicated with her.
  29. She saved you from the only child fate.

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