5 Exotics in destiny 2 that every warlock for void 3.0 should have

In Destiny 2, after the introduction of stasis aspects and fragments, the new expansion Witch Queen also revises the first light class. The YouTuber Ehroar has therefore for emptiness 3.0 already presented his top 5 exotics which emptiness warlocks should definitely get.

When Witch Queen on 22. February 2022 starts, then comes with Void 3.0 Also, the first revamped light class comes into play and it has some really awesome ability updates with it right away

This void 3.0 aspects, hunters, titans, and warlocks will soon be using in Witch Queen:

  • Void hunters devilishly disappear into the void and the "Stylish Execution" aspect doubles the "silent assassin" options.
  • Sentinel Titans remain the frontline protectors and have the back of their team. Your empowered barricade with the overview aspect will slowly generate a void overshield that also protects nearby allies.
  • Empty-Warlocks become more threatening through the aspects and become Empty-3.0 vampires, who vampirically "suck" the energy out of their opponents, weakening them.

Void soon becomes a powerful element: With Void 3.0 So for their new Void ability, warlocks get an aspect that gives them the melee "pocket singularity".

A target-seeking, unstable void energy ball that explodes when it’s near an enemy. Perfect for ranged combat. Properly placed, you can use it to push enemies into the air and take advantage of their instability to take them out with a skillful headshot before they hit the ground again.

Equally exciting is that warlocks, through the aspect "Child of the Old Gods" will soon be able to create a black hole from the void.

With this ability, the warlock gets a powerful debuff tool through which Void runners can control an area and empower themselves. To do this, use your Rift to summon a black hole that floats next to you and waits for a target to appear.

It attacks enemies alone, draining their energy and weakening them. You get the energy back in the form of grenade or melee energy (if you use a Healing Rift) or health (if you use a Strengthening Rift). When you defeat enemies drained of energy by the Aspect, you get Rift Energy back.

Learn more about the new "Void 3" here.0″ Abilities:

Melee exotics may become really strong: Although nothing can be said about the gameplay yet, especially the two aspects for the Warlock’s melee and grenade ability seem to have the potential to be really strong in Season 16.

For this reason, YouTuber and content creator Ehroar compiles his best exotics in the latest video, which might be especially interesting for Void Warlocks in Witch Queen. Here is his ranking.

At this point you can find an external content from YouTube, which complements the article.

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Rank 5: Eye of another world – Headguard

The Exotic marks priority targets for you, so you can recognize them better. Most importantly, it improves the regeneration speed of the grenade, melee and rift abilities. It was therefore already for Stasis a popular exotic of Warlocks because it is not bound to any singeing (Solar, Arcus or Void).

The advantage for Void 3.0: Since the new aspects are heavy on melee and the rift, it might well be possible for void 3.0 be useful. It’s also handy that his abilities are purely passive. You equip it and basically don’t have to pay attention to anything else to fully use the exotic advantage.

Eye of another world.

Rank 4: Contraversal Hold – Armguard

The exotic warlock armguard grants the wearer resistance to incoming damage while charging his Void Grenade with Chaos Accelerator, Feed the Void, or Hand Supernova. When hit, loaded Void grenades also give back grenade energy. The Exotics is indispensable for many warlocks as a solid grenade-empty build.

The advantage for Void 3.0: This exotic’s ability is also highly passive and doesn’t need triggers. It is enough if you manage to do damage with your grenade. So should Void 3.0 is usable for one of the three grenades, you can look forward to a regular push-up of the grenade ability here as well.

Contraversal hold.

Rank 3: Mantle of Battle Harmony – Chest Protector

Mantle of Combat Harmony will recharge your most powerful ability, Super, much faster. Every kill you land with a weapon that matches your elemental focus automatically gives you some super energy.

The advantage for Void 3.0: So that the Exotic your better "Void 3.0" abilities, you need a Void Weapon and the Elemental Source mod "Source of Power". Together with the new aspects and fragments, this could result in strong synergies that will give you a lot of super energy.

Cloak of Combat Harmony

2nd place: Skull of the Terrible Ahamkara – Headguard

The Exotic provides extra damage resistance during Super, and Nova Bomb kills grant extra Super Energy as well. The Void Exotic was for a long time the best thing you could equip as a Warlock in Destiny 2. Thanks to him you got your super back almost 100%.

However, after a nerf in Season 15, its glory days were over for now. Bungie changed the limit of recovered energy to a maximum of 50%. Too little to keep the Warlocks excited about it.

The advantage for Void 3.0: With Void 3.0, however, the Exotic could get a boost again. Similar to what is already the case with Stasis, it could also work with aspects and fragments for Void 3.0 become possible to build a fast super build. 50% of your super ability you get from the exotic helmet and the rest could be pushed by the aspects and fragments.

Skull of the terrible Ahamkara (miut ornament).

Place 1: Nezarek’s sin – head protection

This Exotic relies fully on the void. All Void damage kills increase the reload rate of ability energy.

The advantage for void 3.0: Here it would virtually not matter which aspects and fragments you choose. The Exotic would improve the energy recharge rate of all abilities, including Super.

Nezarek’s sin

Something else to consider: For grenade skills, there is also another exotic, which is for emptiness 3.0 Warlocks could become helpful: The Brow of Truth.

The Exotic ensures that weapon death blows with a damage type corresponding to the equipped focus grants a damage bonus for grenades as well as grenade energy. And also nearby allies get greatly increased grenade regeneration for a short period of time. So depending on what the new aspects and fragments bring, this is another good option for the Warlock.

Lost sectors are the best source of targeted farming: If you don’t have one of these exotics yet, we recommend you to play the daily rotating lost sectors.

The big advantage here is that you can farm more specifically for special exotics. The sectors offer you for this in the rotation a daily change between arm, leg, chest and head protection. Which sectors are active in each case, you can see either on the overview map or via the website bray.retrieve tech.

Alternatively, you can rely on your luck and play a dawn on Grandmaster or Frontrunner. There you will also be rewarded with an Exotic, only that you have no influence on what kind it will be. Here, however, especially the armor values are often better, even if the run costs you more time.

This is also currently interesting in Destiny 2:

When can the new Void 3.0 aspects and fragments can be played? With the release of "The Witch Queen", on 22. February 2022, players will be able to earn the new aspects and fragments, and Void 3 will be released.0 in the fight against Savathun and her "Radiant Brood". Arcus and Solar would then follow over the course of 2022, over the course of each Season, and receive enhancements as well.

Of course, it’s always a personal decision which Exotic players end up going for in their personal playstyle. Nevertheless, the Void Exotics shown by Ehroar and the possible combinations, which with Void 3.0 are to be expected, really varied.

Are you looking forward to Void 3.0? Do you agree that warlocks have a great chance to benefit from the reworked Void element?? Or do you think the other two classes have much more potential? Which exotics do you think will become relevant again soon? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.

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