5 Ways to create your own homepage

Websites have long since become accessible to the general public, because their development no longer requires such a large investment of time and money. There are many ways to create your own homepage from scratch. But which exactly?

Having your own website can be like a business card for your company and is almost essential nowadays.

You need a website to get started in online business, or your existing homepage is hopelessly outdated? One can confidently say: Nothing stands in the way of your project! To be more precise: almost nothing, if you define your goals correctly from the beginning. Your future website must first of all meet your needs and possibilities. Therefore, you should think about exact answers to these questions before taking concrete steps:

  • Are you a beginner or advanced user?
  • What is the orientation of your website?
  • What type of website would best fit your business model?
  • What is the available budget for your own homepage?
  • What exactly do you want: to prove something to yourself, or to earn money in the long run??

Depending on your conditions, you can choose this or that option. What is available to you nowadays?

1. Have your individual website created by a web design agency

If you need a unique website, then it is worth to hire an agency for it. Professionals will create a website with your wishes in mind. Of course it is important to be able to communicate your idea to a web designer.
To consider: Working with a web agency takes a lot of time and is the most expensive in this list. The final price depends on many factors, especially complexity and labor hours, and can range up to thousands of dollars. In any case, you have to expect costs in the three-digit range at least. Since changes can’t be made without programming, you may have to go back to the web designer again.

2. CMS templates

Content Management Systems (CMS) make creating a website fast and easy. It does not matter if you do not have any expertise. Websites created with CMS are characterized by enormous flexibility. You can customize the theme design for your own homepage yourself, without having to interfere with the source code. Functionalities of CMS can be extended by countless plugins, extensions and widgets. They are suitable for both small and large powerful websites. The price depends on the specific CMS. Among the most expensive are Magento themes for e-commerce, whose prices start at 150 euros. WordPress themes are the most cost-effective. These are available on average for 30 Euro. In addition, there are a lot of good themes on the Internet to try out for free.
To consider: Do you want to optimize your own website?. tailor the layout to your needs, you would not be able to do it as a layman without the help of a programmer.

With CMS systems such as WordPress, there are various templates for your website, without the need for programming skills.

3. Web templates

Use of prefabricated web templates or. HTML themes is another way to create your own homepage. You will get a working website with a predefined design. If you have special color preferences, the design is partially customizable. Programming skills are not required. The average price for web templates is 55 Euros. Web templates are often also available for free downloading.
To consider: There are no plugins for web templates. The extension with new functions resp. cardinal change of design requires HTML and CSS knowledge.

4. Homepage construction kit

The homepage construction kit is considered the easiest and possibly the best solution for beginners. The administration is much easier than with a CMS. With ready-made layout templates you can vary the design according to your taste. The biggest plus is that you don’t need any hosting. The providers usually also provide a domain, the storage space and an email address. Another advantage is the relatively low price – with an annual subscription, the cost is 5-10 euros per month.
To note: Homepage building kits are not suitable for large projects. functionalities and design customizability are strongly limited. Reprogramming would be impossible. Also, you take some risk because your business is in the hands of the provider.

5. Free platform

With some platforms like WordPress.com you can create your own blog or website absolutely free of charge. The platform helps you understand if blogging is your thing without much effort.
To note: WordPress.com and Co. Are good for small blog projects. Compared to self-hosted WordPress blogs, limited functionalities are not expandable through programming, because you do not have access to the source code.

At WordPress.com you can easily create your own blog or website even as a beginner.

Among the listed points, CMS solutions are by far the most popular thanks to their flexibility, open source code, as well as countless free themes. Note, however, that all templates – even free themes – should be downloaded from established companies. This way, you’ll make sure that there won’t be any problems due to poor quality afterwards. An important role is also played by customer support after the theme purchase.

One of the biggest template providers operating on the market for a long time is TemplateMonster. The company develops templates since 2002, so since "pre-WordPress times". In 2017, TemplateMonster became the largest marketplace offering a huge selection of CMS and web templates for various fields. Here you can find popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop u.a. at reasonable prices. Thanks to cashback bonuses and regular discounts, you save extra here.

Conclusion: Last but not least, it should be said that making the right choice is often half the battle. That’s why you should always keep your goals in mind and carefully weigh all pros and cons in advance.

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