6 Ingenious tips that will make you shave less often

Slowly the temperatures are getting warmer again. So ladies, quickly free the legs from the small, annoying stubble hairs. At least that was our thought. But when we were greeted with the words "as soon as it gets nicer, everyone wants an appointment right away" during a visit to the waxing studio the other day, we decided not to wait two weeks, but rather to reach for the tried and true razor ourselves again. O.k., sounds annoying, this shaving every two days, BUT with these tips you have to shave much less often than before:

Well, are you also tired to shave every two days? We have real secret tips with which your shave lasts much longer!

1. The be-all and end-all for a long lasting shave is a scrub.

Why? Because exfoliating before shaving not only removes dead skin cells that might prevent the blade from gliding as close to the skin as possible, but even gets rid of ingrown hairs so the razor really does get every little hair. So body scrubs are an absolute must for long-lasting smooth legs.

2. Whether in the shower or at the sink, shaving should not be the first item on the agenda.

Why? Because the skin has some time to acclimatize in the morning. In the warm steam under the shower or also in the heated bath the pores can open then in peace. The razor comes so still a tiny bit deeper and the hairs are also softer by the heat.

3. It does not matter which razor you use as long as the blades are replaced regularly.

Sounds illogical, because then why get an expensive one? Is however actually so. It is not about which razor you shave with, but whether the blade is sharp. Because only a sharp blade can really cut precisely. Blunt blades are more likely to break off the hair.

4. Shaving cream feels nice, but shaving oil is better.

Because the foam keeps the razor slightly at a distance from the skin, while a shaving oil allows the blades to glide directly over the skin. This means the hairs are cut a little deeper. De facto a little more time until the next shave.

5. Put the blade in a hot water bath for a few minutes before shaving.

Because this heats the steel blade, it cuts and glides better. The hairs are shaved off directly on the surface of the skin and also sclerotized. So it lasts longer until they grow back.

6. Always shave against the direction of growth.

Because shaving against the direction of growth means cutting the hairs closer to the hair root. So they grow back slower and the skin feels smoother.

Your legs don’t look shaved at the end, but rather as if you are suffering from a skin allergy? Then these tips will surely help you& Tricks against shaving pimples.

(Text: Michelle Hartmann)

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