6 Tips to sell well on vinted + sponsorship

I told you how to sell well on The Good Corner in another article. Today I’m attacking the other famous selling site: Printed.
After being a compulsive buyer on this platform, I also put a few items up for sale and it went like hotcakes. Here are my tips:

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1. Choose the right time to go online

Things are moving very quickly at Vinted. To make sure your ads are visible and not miserably smothered by other ads, it’s necessary to put your ads online at the time people connect. I looked at the number of "Vinted" searches on Google over the last 90 days, and the spikes in connections usually occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and on days when there are significant temperature fluctuations: For example, when it’s suddenly hot, people suddenly need to buy summer clothes.

Therefore, it is preferable to place the ads online:

  • in the evening (between 21 and 22:30)
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays
  • On days when there are significant temperature fluctuations

Ads are validated instantly, so unlike The Good Corner, there are no complicated calculations to make.

Once the ad is online, you will be very busy in the first hour. Stay connected and download the Vinted app on your smartphone to stay on the ball. If you are offered a price reduction, wait a day before accepting it. Do not go for the first negotiation.

2. Upload vertical photos

In the Vinted app and on the results pages, the photos are displayed vertically. If you upload horizontal photos, the photo will be cropped and the center of the photo will be shown (which may not be the most flattering part of your subject). So take only vertical photos, then it is easier.

  • Try, Shoot during the day, in natural light. Background should be white if possible (this can be your wall). We want to avoid that the buyer returns the item because of a color that does not match well with the color of the photo.
  • You are allowed to post up to 20 pictures, so take lots of pictures!
  • The main photo is the most important. It must be the most beautiful, and it must be as flattering as possible. If you still have an official photo of your product, feel free to add it to the main photo.
  • For clothes, it is absolutely necessary to take a photo of the label (to prove that it is the right size and brand) and if possible, the label with the composition of the garment.
  • If possible, iron your clothes before taking the photo.
  • And do not put it on your dirty carpet, rug or parquet floor, because the buyer will ask questions about the cleanliness of your item.
  • If the item is worn, feel free to zoom in and put your finger next to it to show the size of the wear.

3. Choose the title and description carefully

When listing an item for sale, be sure to include the category of the item, brand, colors, etc. select. As a result, most sellers forget to include this basic information in the Title and description of the ad to be registered. The only thing is that the more information you put in the title and description, the more likely you are to be "found" when an internet user does a search.

For example, for this shoulder bag of a brand that no one knows, I still have the brand, color and type (shoulder bag) of my ad here. Instead of marking "beautiful bag" at all, it is better to be more descriptive by marking "Sac Bandoulière Noir Sacha" like I did. I could have been more accurate by marking "Sacha Black Shoulder Bag with Magnetic Clasp". For the fact that it is a magnetic closure is a great advantage: it is a very safe system, and you do not need 3 cables to open your bag.

You may notice that I have pumped as much product information as possible from the official website.
Measurements are always very important to mention, especially if I don’t post a picture of the bag being worn. I would also state why I am reselling it.

If you don’t want to post pictures of the clothes you’re wearing (and I understand that, because there are some perverts who hang out on Vinted just to check out the girls), you can simply state that you’ve gained weight and not comment on the clothes anymore. Simple and effective.

If I were selling the dress pictured below, I would describe it as completely as possible, something like this. This dress is quite old (2013), bought from an almost unknown brand, but it is super pretty and there are not many offers for it. I think I can sell it for 25€-30€.

Title : Blue flared dress with yumi dots and white beltDescription
: Very nice summer dress from the brand Yumi.
Sleeveless dress. Skater dress, flared from the belt, vintage style. Goes up to the knees.
Size : 36, waist correct.
Chest : 85cm.
Waist: 65cmLength:
95cmComposition :

Dress fully lined with blue cotton fabric.
Color: Blue with white dots.
Very little worn. In excellent condition.
The dress was washed before sale.
I am reselling it because it has become too big for me.
Price new: 160€Use
the hashtag #tdm5c to see my other sales .

Discount available for group purchases.
Possibility of hand delivery in Rouen to avoid costs.

If you are selling high-tech products, don’t hesitate to indicate that you have the invoice have, and that you can send them as private message. Send proof of invoice(while hiding some sensitive data like z.B. your name, the serial number of your item) only to people who do not sell the same products as you do. If you z. B. AirPods and the person also sells AirPods, they can ask you for your invoice to put in their ad and scam others. For iPhone or iPad IMEI numbers, don’t give them away! Bad people can use your IMEI number to file a police report (theft report) and you risk having your phone locked overnight without knowing why. These are certainly extreme cases, but there are so many freaks that you have to be careful.

You will notice that at the end of the ad I put a Hashtag I have added , so sellers click on it and all my for sale be able to find items And encourage them to search all my items for sale. There are some that create hashtags by size, that’s super clever #tdm5ctail36 #tdm5ctail34 for example.

Having views on my inventory gives me "points" of visibility. This way my items will be more visible. This is part of Vinted’s algorithm: the more views and people you bookmark, the more visibility your ads will have when buyers do a search.

You can also Hashtags of similar brands use to attract buyers who are interested in these brands. If you z. B. sell a sessun dress, it’s worth adding hashtags for #sezane #maje #kooples that are about the same Price and have style.

4. Set the right price

Apparently on Vinted you can’t see which items have already sold and how much they sold for.

To get a Benchmark to make, I suggest you look at the items already sold on Le Bon Coin + eBay and see what price they went for (I talked about it here).
On Vinted you can find the items that are similar to your item and see if they make it to sell in a few days. If they don’t, maybe it’s because the price is not so interesting or there is a problem with the ads.

If you want to sell an item for 20€ and 3 other sellers offer the same thing for 3€, it is sure that your item will not sell so easily.

I offer for sale old Airpods. I still have a scan of the invoice to prove its authenticity.
They cost 170€ new and will never be on sale. As a spare part the case costs 55€ and each Airpod 75€ (new).

I put 59€ as resale price, already because it is psychological. 59€ is better than 60€(see my ad here
)And most importantly, I know that the new replacement case is already selling for 55€ at Apple. My box is in excellent condition. The Airpods work fine, but the autonomy is reduced due to battery wear. I have seen some other abusive ads: disgusting case with a left airpod, for sale for 55€. Fake airpods are sold for 25€.

So my price seems to be quite right.

Then many winemakers Contacted me privately and offered to lower the price to €40. That way, if it doesn’t sell in a few days, I can eventually bring it down to 50€ and it will go very quickly. But I waited a few days. Many people have tried to negotiate, and then it only takes one buyer to make it go away for 59€.

It costs nothing to add a new ad. If you decide to lower the price, you may be able to create a new ad to take advantage of a temporary boost by being "new ad". Or you can change the price directly in the existing ad and everyone you bookmark will get a notification of the price change.

5. Offer a discount to interested buyers

If someone bookmarks your item, you may receive a notification. You can then contact them privately to make an offer. Even if you lower the price by 1€, it won’t be received badly, it’s a well-known technique on Vinted. This is an added incentive to get the buyer to buy.

However, a buyer who makes an offer too quickly may pressure the buyer to negotiate further. Do this if you are desperate to get rid of it. Otherwise, it’s like texting: wait a few hours or even a day before offering a discount.

6. Participate in the forum to gain visibility

Go to the "Forum" part of Vinted, there are many little games where you can gain views on your inventory. If you have views on your inventory, you get bonus "points". It’s part of Vinted’s algorithm: the more views and people you bookmark, the more visibility your ads will have when buyers do a search.

There are also buyers who search for specific things and ask for help on the forum: Visit the forum regularly to get visibility. But that’s just an extra push. I am sure that the right title and description are worth much more than these little games that are held in the forums.

I hope that if you follow these tips, you will make great sales on Vinted& Note that Sellers don’t pay fees. Buyers pay for delivery& Fees. As long as you don’t pay the fees for upgrading your items/inventory, it’s a win-win situation for you.

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