60+6 Great halloween sayings for young and old alike

Little witches, ghosts and vampires parade around the houses – and Halloween sayings help them hunt for candy. We have the most beautiful sayings for Halloween for children and adults for "trick or treat", to send or the WhatsApp status.

There are all sorts of Halloween sayings for young and old alike. They come around again every year for the spooky holiday.

What Halloween is

Halloween is derived from the English "All Hallows Evening" and refers to our Halloween night today. Behind the custom as we know it today, there is a long history.

Halloween in the past: history and tradition

Halloween in the past and today

The celebration of Halloween is originally a Celtic tradition and probably already 2.500 years old. The Celts, who lived in central Europe, believed at the time that on this evening the dead would come back to earth to visit their loved ones.

They carried lights to guide the way for the ghosts. Back then, the festival was called "Samhain" (the Gaelic word for "November"). The culture of the Celts died out, but their celebration survived, as the Irish adopted the custom.

But they were afraid of the dead. For this reason, they dressed up in scary masks to keep the ghosts away and scare them away. In the Middle Ages, the tradition then changed into a Christian custom and was fixed on the evening before All Saints’ Day.

Catholic Irish migrated in the 19th century. The first Halloween celebrations were introduced to the USA and Canada in the nineteenth century. This is how the tradition became fully established and carried over to Europe in the 1990s. It mixed there with native customs, in Germany, for example, with turnip ghosts and wedding lights (hollowed-out pumpkins).

Halloween today: trick or treat

For Halloween, kids go trick-or-treating dressed up and ring doorbells in their neighborhoods. With the saying "trick or treat" (meaning "give us candy or we’ll trick you").") they ask for candy and at the same time threaten to play a prank if there is no candy.

Popular variants when there is no candy in the house are: Wrapping the house with toilet paper or pelting it with eggs. Many households buy extra candy for Halloween to please the wandering kids and prevent them from being pranked.

Ideas for a suitable Halloween costume

There are the most different disguises for Halloween. In the USA, the festival is celebrated almost like our carnival and there are costumes in all shapes and colors.

In Germany they tend to focus on the creepy motifs. So our Halloween celebration is still very similar to the Irish, who dressed up scary to drive away the evil spirits.

Not only children, also adults dress up for Halloween. There are numerous events and theme parties on the occasion of this day, to which costumes are worn. We have listed a few suitable disguises for you, which are very suitable for a Halloween party or a trick-or-treat party.

  • Vampire
  • Witch
  • Mummy
  • Ghost
  • Pumpkin
  • Skeleton
  • Grim Reaper
  • Spider
  • Zombie
  • Scarecrow
  • Devil
  • bat
  • Horror clown
  • Any costume in scary (for example, horror doll, undead Little Red Riding Hood, zombie princess, crashed pilot, zombie policeman and so on)
  • Character from a horror movie (for example Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Chuckie the killer doll, the killer from Scream and so on)

In addition to a costume, for many Halloween includes decorating the house spooky. For this purpose, for example, spider webs are hung and skeletons are set up. However, the most important decoration is the Halloween pumpkin. Here you can find tips and templates for carving pumpkins.

When is Halloween

Halloween is always celebrated on the night before All Saints Day, which is the night of 31. October to the 1. November. For the Celts, who have been practicing this custom since 2.500 years ago, this day was the end of the year. Summer officially said goodbye and welcomed winter.

Halloween sayings for young and old

60 Halloween sayings + 6 Halloween poems

You can use the following Halloween sayings in many ways. We have created categories so that you can better find what you are looking for.

Among them you will find scary Halloween sayings in German and English as well as movie quotes for adults, Halloween sayings for kids as well as short Halloween sayings and WhatsApp sayings for big and small. We even have six short poems for you afterwards.

Use the Halloween sayings for example as a new WhatsApp status. You can suggest them to your kids as a change to the classic saying "trick or treat" or write them on invitation cards for a Halloween party.

Halloween sayings for kids

Halloween sayings for children

The following sayings are especially suitable for children. They rhyme and are written in an easy to understand way. So the children can memorize the sayings very well and recite them loudly on their roams in the neighborhood.

It’s nice to have a change from the classic trick-or-treating. This way the kids can not only stand out from other groups, but also recite a new saying every year. So it will never be boring. The sayings are cute and funny, but not too naughty, so they don’t lessen the chances of a good candy haul.

  1. We are little ghosts
    and have a master.
    The commanded us,
    To get candy.
  2. We came here on the broom
    for us witches it is not difficult at all
    When we get some candy,
    then you will see us flying!
  3. I am the pumpkin ghost,
    from far away.
    I am hungry, even very,
    so give me something to snack on!
  4. All the ghosts are awake today,
    all witches on the roof,
    Monsters creeping around the house,
    so give out some candy fast!
  5. Ring, ring, row,
    the ghost is coming over today.
    Will you beware,
    Put some candy in the bags!
  6. Tonight is Halloween night
    Monsters roam the streets.
    Put something sweet in here,
    Then they’ll finally stop screaming!
  7. Ghosts call hu and ha!
    Is there anyone here?
    If someone wants to scare us away?
    We don’t want to bother you anymore?
    Then get for the ghost child
    Candy and away we go!
  8. Boo here comes the bone man.
    Look at the ghosts too.
    Want to have your peace,
    Give them some sweet gifts!
  9. The voodoo man is at the door
    and conjure up evil things.
    If you leave him candy in front of the door,
    he’ll do it somewhere else!
  10. Spider leg and broomstick,
    this witch doesn’t want much.
    Just a little bit on the hand,
    The witch ran away!
  11. 1 and 2 and 3
    Ghosts come all!
    4 and 5 and 6
    Now we call the wicked witch!
    7, 8, 9 and 10
    Give me candy and you’ll see us go!
  12. We haunt your house today
    and make a lot of noise.
    Will you give us candy,
    it’s over quickly!
  13. We are the ghosts
    and knock on the windows,
    ringing the doorbell,
    that all feel fear!
    So give us something to nibble on,
    So we’ll keep on fluttering!
  14. We are the little ghosts
    And like to play with paste,
    we also like to play with mud,
    ♪ And make a fool of yourself ♪.
    Do you want us to get out of here,
    # You’ve got to give out the candy #!
  15. This skeleton is not cheerful and not nice,
    He’s too skinny and he’d like to be fat.
    Give him sweet things,
    Then he can finally laugh again!

Short Halloween sayings

Short Halloween sayings are especially good for reciting or sending out. There is not much text to remember and the phrases often rhyme.

With the help of the melody and the small number of words, these sayings can be remembered quickly even by the youngest children. Besides, all the short sayings are always suitable for the WhatsApp status.

Surprise your friends and send them a voicemail with a short Halloween saying.

When the children have recited their candy hunt spell and got something, there is a nice saying for afterwards: "We thank you, you are free now, we move on with shouting!". Finally, when you get something, you should also say thank you.

  1. If you give us some candy, we’ll move on to the neighbor’s house.
  2. We are ghosts and we like to eat paste. If you don’t give me something sticky sweet, I’ll probably stay here longer.
  3. Tonight is Halloween night.
    Ghosts and witches are all awake.
  4. Ghosts are haunting the house,
    Just give out some candy quick!
  5. I’m a little pumpkin kid
    and want some candy – go, go!
  6. Sweet here,
    then we are not annoying anymore.
  7. Give us something, otherwise the house will be haunted!
  8. Caramel candy and gummy bear,
    If you give us some, you’ll never see us again.
  9. I saw a black cat,
    she guards ‘n candy treasure.
  10. A squishy pumpkin, I don’t want it.
    You better give me candy in all colors!
  11. For Halloween dress up as a monster. I’m Cookie Monster and I want keeeeks!
  12. Zig, zag, zuck, give yourself a jolt.
    Give me some candy, the best kind, please!
  13. Snail slime and cat droppings,
    I only want bacon!
  14. I warn you, I’ll count to four.
    If you don’t have any treats, we’ll give you toilet paper!
  15. Werewolves, vampires and witches unite once today. They help us hunt our prey, we won’t get a chance like this again so soon.
  16. Ri-ra-rutsch,
    my good behavior is gone today!
    So give me everything that’s tasty,
    Otherwise you’ll have bad luck, that’s for sure!

Scary Halloween sayings for adults

This saying category is more for adults. The selected Halloween sayings either leave a weird, queasy feeling or are just a bit too serious for the fun kids have on Halloween.

We have selected some movie quotes for you, which are taken from scary movies (e.g.B. Psycho, Shining). When your friends read these quotes, it probably takes them back to when they saw the movie and they remember how it made them feel.

Not everyone is creeped out by creepy sayings, some of your contacts will leave them untouched too. But at the end of the day, it’s all about having something appropriate for Halloween that you can send or post as your WhatsApp status.

Unless you have the exact intention to confuse your friends with the meaning of the quote, when quoting a movie, you should always add where it comes from, otherwise probably no one will understand it.

  1. Dark ways world lost,
    evil angels only chosen,
    where a mirage called night,
    high on a black throne watches.
    (Quote from E.A. Poe]
  2. Witches, devils and ghosts are moving from house to house today. Be sure they’ll look in your windows, too, leaving none unturned.
  3. Tony is the little boy in my mouth.
    (From: The Shining)
  4. I come from my grave cause I’m hungry. Is it bones or blood? Candy would be good too.
  5. What does a witch do with her life… when she can’t do witchcraft anymore??
    (Bibi Blocksberg)
  6. Tonight on this night
    Let’s flee from shapes and the dead.
    So take good care,
    they are all harbingers of doom.
  7. One, two, Freddy’s coming over.
    Three, four, he’s at the door.
    Five, six, now the witch is coming for you.
    Seven, eight, it’s almost midnight.
    Nine, ten, we want to go to sleep now.
    (From: Nightmare on Elm Street)
  8. Creepy, haunted and frightened,
    there are ghosts licking their fingers at you tonight.
  9. A look around the world proves that horror is nothing but reality.
    (Quote from Alfred Hitchcock)
  10. I know what you did last summer.
  11. I see dead people.
    (From: The Sixth Sense)
  12. What is in the package?
    (From: Seven)
  13. No, mother is harmless. She’s… she’s… she’s as harmless as those stuffed birds.
    (From: Psycho)
  14. Dress up for Halloween, but your mask will eventually come off.
  15. I am like a boggart. If you’re not careful, I’ll be your worst nightmare.

WhatsApp Halloween sayings

Many people not only love to dress up and dress appropriately for holidays, they also have a penchant for adjusting their WhatsApp statuses to seasons and holidays.

Whether it’s a snowman emoji at Christmas or a cool saying in the summer, we like to change our status when something new is dawning. It’s just the same on Halloween. That’s why we’ve put together some great sayings for you that are perfect for the spookiest of holidays.

  1. Got some candy?
  2. When ghosts roam the streets, then it must be Halloween tonight.
  3. Spider’s foot and toad’s leg, tonight no one stays alone. We walk the streets together.
  4. Temporarily unavailable. I’m on a candy hunt.
  5. If you buy us some candy, we’ll move on to the neighbor’s house.
  6. Happy Halloween!
  7. Let’s parade through the streets, for tonight is Halloween!
  8. Ghosts scream, witches laugh, give us candy, otherwise it will crash.
  9. Trick or treat!
  10. I’m the ghost next door. Give us candy or you’re done for!
  11. Have a spooktacular good time.
  12. Wild spirits are going around today, here and there and all around. And they won’t give peace until they get some candy!
  13. Trick or Treat. I like it sweet.
    Give me something good to eat.
  14. Today is the Halloween night, ghosts, witches – all are awake.
  15. The horror creeps from house to house today and rings all people out.

Halloween poems

To a sophisticated Halloween celebration may not be missing between sayings, disguises and decorations of course also the Halloween poems. They are suitable for invitations to a Halloween party or just as a nice greeting to a friend or acquaintance via SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail and Co.

Since the poems all rhyme and aren’t too complex, kids are sure to have fun reciting them too. For the foreign language talents among the children we have even poem in English.

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