7 Reasons why a man would never cheat on the woman he really loves

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Forget the reasons why men cheat. Here are the reasons why good men do NOT cheat!

  1. · A real man talks about his feelings
  2. · A real man respects women
  3. · A real man respects himself
  4. · A real man does not need to sleep with many women to prove something to himself
  5. · A real man would never knowingly hurt the woman he loves
  6. · A real man knows what he wants
  7. · A real man has the courage to end the wrong relationship

Millions of men in the world have not only never cheated on their wives. Millions of men in general have never even cheated on one of their partners in their entire lives. And that’s not because these men are the unicorns among men, but simply because they have made the decision to be faithful.

Yes, many men cheat because they are missing something in the relationship. But they could have just clearly communicated to their partners what they were missing and worked on the relationship or drawn a line under it. But instead, they have made a conscious decision to cheat. So it’s time we finally stopped blaming women for affairs.

After an affair, they suddenly say that the woman didn’t pay enough attention to her partner, bored him in bed, didn’t listen to him – whatever – it’s all nonsense. And the proof of this are all the men who never cheated, even if there was a crisis in the relationship – and this happens even in the best relationships.

So I say clearly: A real man would never cheat on the woman he loves (and the same is true the other way around, of course)!). Here are my reasons for doing so – and they have absolutely nothing to do with the partner or the other woman.

A real man talks about his feelings

When there are problems in the relationship, it’s often the women who bring up the problem. By complaining, getting angry or sad – in any case, women make themselves known when something goes against their grain. Immature men don’t do that and prefer to bottle up their frustration. At least until they can’t take it anymore and it all comes bursting out of them. Then the resentment takes over and they start taking out their frustrations in other ways. Be it that they suddenly party like there is no tomorrow, or in the arms of another woman. This would not happen to a man who talks openly about his problems.

A real man respects women

Cheaters don’t just abuse the trust of their partners. They also lie and hide their affair – all actions that show these men do not respect their partner as a friend and confidant. In addition, affairs show that he also does not respect the other woman, as she is only used to satisfy some selfish needs of the stranger. A decent guy treats all people respectfully and has no need to lie and cheat.

A real man respects himself

Even if he knew that no one would ever find out, a real man wouldn’t cheat on his wife. He has promised his fidelity and he keeps his word.

In addition, a real man values his reputation and knows that sooner or later affairs will come to light, because we all have a conscience. He knows that those around him would see him with different eyes after they find out that he is cheating on his wife. If a man has no inhibitions about cheating and hurting the person he supposedly loves, why should he treat people he feels less or nothing for well?

A real man does not need to sleep with many women to prove something to himself

Some men consider women as trophies they can collect. They consider it an achievement to sleep with as many women as possible. A real man does not need this. He doesn’t need to get his validation from any women and sleep with many to feel like a man. He is also so sure of his manhood.

A real man would never consciously hurt the woman he loves

A real man would never consciously hurt a woman or any other human being. But this is especially true for the woman at his side. Once a man has found the woman he can’t imagine his life without, he would do anything to make her happy. He wouldn’t risk losing this woman for a few fleeting moments with someone else.

A real man knows what he wants

A real man knows what really makes him happy and remembers it when he gets into a situation where he finds another woman attractive. And these situations happen very rarely because he is much too busy pursuing his goals. He needs to build his career, be there for his family and put a smile on the face of the woman in his life. This makes him really happy and he knows that in the end there is nothing more important.

A real man has the courage to end the wrong relationship

When a real man is tempted to cheat on his partner, he realizes that the relationship probably has no meaning anymore or something is going hugely wrong and acts accordingly. Even if it means he has to end the relationship. He is not interested in a relationship out of convenience, nor is he afraid of being alone.

The act of cheating is not an accident. It is not something we accidentally stumble into and then suddenly it is too late. You get to know each other, you make interest clear, and only then do you cross the threshold into an affair – so plenty of time to put an end to it – and a real man will do just that too.

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