7 Ways to earn money online as a mom

The Internet is a blatant invention of the last century. It has given mankind so many opportunities (but certainly also challenges). Almost every order, movie, book and many contacts are just a click away.

Besides online shopping and entertainment, the Internet also offers many opportunities to earn money.

In the past I was only interested in this to a limited extent. I enjoyed working personally with other people. In principle, this has not changed. Except I became a mother.

If you’re a mom too, you’ve probably also noticed that our kids turn our lives upside down quite a bit!

The word planning suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Scheduling a date means that you now have to manage not only your life but also your child’s care, meals, etc. you have to calculate. So many factors play a role at once: Do I have a daycare place for my child?? And do I want to hand it in at all? Is the daycare center even open at certain times? And if not, who can look after the child??

Finally you have everything organized and then the child gets sick after all. Or you have hardly slept for four nights and are just completely exhausted. You want to get out of the house on time, but a full diaper or a tantrum gets in the way. ..

You probably know all this, I don’t need to tell you how difficult it is sometimes.

You now have less time to work, but actually higher costs. Because a child needs, even if you are very minimalist, food, clothing, a little space and so on.

Not only once did I ask myself how I, as a mother, can earn money in a way that is suitable for my family.

I’ve done a lot of research and testing, and since I’m sure I’m not the only mother who feels this way, I’ve put together a few ideas for you. I am deliberately focusing here on things that you don’t need special training for. Depending on your experience and talents, there are certainly many other possibilities.

How can you make money online as a mom?

1. On text exchanges and platforms

If you have a good feeling for language and good spelling, there are now many platforms where you can write texts on the side for a few euros. Usually, you first submit a sample text and if everything is in order, you can choose the most suitable ones from the available assignments.

The best known platform is probably Textbroker, but there are also a few more.

The good thing is that you can decide for yourself when you want to do something and how much and you don’t need anything but a laptop and internet. You don’t need your own website or anything else.

2. With transcriptions

Similar to texts, there are also platforms where you can transcribe (i.e. write down) audios into texts. You also have to send in a sample assignment and if you are accepted you can call in and say when and how much time you have.

Besides a laptop, a foot pedal for the microphone is helpful here, and it’s good if you can write really fast and almost flawlessly.

3. With affiliate marketing

This is very popular with many moms and influencers. You promote products and get a commission for each sale. Many of these affiliate links can be found z.B. in blogs or on Instagram.

The requirements here can vary greatly depending on the company. Often a social media channel is enough for an application. But sometimes you need a website or a certain number of followers or page views per month. Sometimes you have to generate a certain number of sales in a certain time before you can continue. Here you should definitely not be afraid to show up.

4. As a virtual assistant

Here, too, there are now platforms where you can offer your services. As a virtual assistant, you usually have a specific focus with which you support your clients. Some focus on social media marketing, some edit videos, text or supervise z.B. Customers via email.

If you already have experience in the office or marketing, this is a good prerequisite to be able to become active here.

5. With platforms like Fiverr

You can offer almost anything you want on Fiverr. You determine yourself what you offer at what price and how many customers you want to accept at a time at maximum.

There are almost no limits to your imagination. You can offer to edit videos, design logos, correct texts for mistakes or teach yoga online.

It is an advantage if you speak good English. At least Fiverr is an American site and most clients here are international.

6. With Network Marketing

Network Marketing works similar to Affiliate Marketing. You recommend products and get a commission on each sale. However, in this case, you can also build a team of partners, which creates more commission opportunities. Besides, if you are interested in social contacts, it is simply more fun to work together in a team and to support each other.

Network marketing is often (not always) about products that need some explanation. So it’s great if you become an expert for your products and can present them to your prospects with heart and soul.

Personally, I am a networker for the company Ringana and I really enjoy it.

7. With an online course

Online courses are becoming more and more common. However, there is usually a lot of time and often money behind an online course. Running your own platform can be very time-consuming and costly. With providers like Udemy you can easily try it out and put your course online. Udemy does the marketing and customer care and you simply get a monthly invoice.

As a busy mom to try out, it’s great if you have expertise in a certain field, can explain well and aren’t afraid of videos.

Making money online is simple, but not easy

As you can see, there really are some ways to increase your budget online and according to your capacities.

Usually you need a business registration and should discuss the activity with your employer in advance or. get approved. As a copywriter / author it is sometimes enough to simply register a freelance activity at the tax office.

Many of the opportunities presented here are still growing markets. However, especially since the Corona era, the competition has become much greater.

Especially with platforms like Fiverr, Udemy and Textbroker, the amounts earned are often very low compared to the time you put in. That’s why I think it’s important to see for yourself what you really find easy and enjoy doing.

When you have gained your first experience, you may be able to detach yourself from these platforms (or start without them) and have the prospect of higher earnings. However, you usually have to take care of everything yourself – customer acquisition, invoicing, etc..

I personally am a big fan of network marketing. With time, you can build up a real customer base and a network that supports you. The income increases thus as a rule always further.

And we moms are always in contact with someone anyway. With other parents, in the daycare center or playgroup, on the playground or elsewhere. These are good opportunities to advance your network business.

So now it’s up to you to make something out of your possibilities and your knowledge.

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