73-Year-old woman has twins – but then comes the blow of fate

The 73-year-old mother with her 80-year-old husband are sitting on a couch. Behind them is the medical staff of Ahalya IVF

In India, a 73-year-old woman became the mother of twins. In Germany, however, this type of fertilization would not have been legal.

Update from 8. September 2019, 15.45 h: The birth of the two twins in India is still making headlines, but as is now becoming known, the couple’s happiest day also seems to have had negative repercussions. As Indian media unanimously report, the 80-year-old father of the babies conceived through artificial insemination suffered a stroke just one day after the birth of the two. He is since then in a hospital. More details are not known about his state of health.

First time mother at the age of 58: in the ZDF show "Markus Lanz" an author reports about her experience. The moderator is not enthusiastic about this.

Mother is 73, father 80! World record birth in India – "A medical miracle"

Original article from 8. September 2019, 11.34:00: Munich/India – In Germany it is customary around the 30. Year of life to become pregnant for the first time. From the age of 35, a pregnancy can already be classified as a so-called high-risk pregnancy. But a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can significantly reduce this risk, and so with today’s methods it is quite possible to have an absolutely normal course of pregnancy even at the age of 40 years.

But doctors from India have now succeeded in doing the seemingly impossible. An Indian couple, married for 57 years, tried to have a child without success until now. But at the age of 73, the time had finally come for Erramatti Mangayamma. The happy mother even gave birth to twins.

Video: Mother gives birth to twins at over 70 years old

73-year-old Indian woman gives birth to twins: But in Germany this would be illegal

The couple opted for so-called in vitro fertilization (IVF) after learning that a neighbor had become a mother through the method at the age of 55, Tonight News reports. In this type of artificial insemination, eggs are fertilized outside the body and inserted into the uterus after a few days.

Unfulfilled desire to have children: many German couples seek help abroad

Many German couples therefore turn to foreign doctors with their desire to have a child, because in France, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain and Austria, for example, egg donation is permitted. In Germany, the woman who gives birth to the child has the full status of a mother. Egg donation abroad is not a criminal offense.

73-year-old woman becomes a mother in India – new world record?

Due to the advanced age of the expectant mother, the 73-year-old spent the entire pregnancy under observation at the Ahalya IVF clinic in the southern Indian city of Guntur. For Umashankar Sanakkayala, the attending physician, it is clear that this is a "medical miracle – an achievement of modern medicine". The children were doing well and the mother’s age was also checked: "We checked her school certificate. It is authentic and includes her date of birth – the 1. July 1946."Thus one might find Mangayamma soon in the Guinness book of the world records.

73-year-old woman in India gives birth to twins

73-year-old mother from India: Will an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records follow??

Because the previous world record for the oldest mother was set on 29. December 2006 posted. Spain’s Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara was 66 years and 358 days old at the time of birth, according to Guinness World Records. Besides possible health problems, pregnancy at such an advanced age is also ethically dubious. The example of the Spanish woman proves it. For Carmen Bousada, who was unmarried, died just three years after giving birth to her twins.

In the case of the Indian twins, the pregnancy of the 73-year-old mother is also ethically problematic. In India, the average life expectancy is just under 69 years old. While the mother of the twins already exceeds this age by four years, the age of the father is already eleven years above average.

While in vitro fertilization is a controversial topic, when it comes to human trafficking, everything is clear: illegal worldwide. A U.S. woman was stopped at an airport because a child was hidden in her luggage. Now the woman must stand her ground in court.

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Also a small miracle: this woman lost 60 kilograms and now surprises with her new model appearance. Now the former "fat Josi" is pregnant.

Pregnant at the age of 14 – this is the other extreme of pregnancy. But this heavily pregnant woman made it anything but easy for the doctors and the police.

Pregnancy is for many the highest of feelings. But a couple shamelessly exploited this and invented a baby to rip off friends.

New service: Statutory health insurance companies will cover blood tests for Down syndrome in the future. Criticism hails for this.

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