8 Tips to run faster

Run faster 8 tips for more speed while running

If you swear by relaxed runs or prefer to power out over long distances, you’re probably familiar with it: As soon as there is less time for the endurance unit, it often falls by the wayside. But this does not have to be.

Because you know, those who really want to, will find ways. Our suggestion: Just put in a quick workout on such days. Then you will soon experience your first speed rush – and at the next competition you can expect the great feeling of reaching the finish line before the others.

How to specifically increase your speed is explained in detail below. And for those who want to take a shortcut: With this training plan, you’ll soon be able to complete a 10-kilometer run in under 1 hour.

With this training plan you will soon make the 10 kilometers under 60 minutes

  • Training plan
  • 3 running sessions per week
  • 9 pages training plan
  • PDF available on all devices
  • Training plan
  • 3 running sessions per week
  • 9 pages of training plan
  • PDF available on all devices

If you run regularly, you also need new goals regularly to avoid stagnation and to celebrate new successes. If you can already run 10 kilometers without any problems, the question soon arises: How fast?? The magic mark is probably under an hour – this training plan will help you achieve it!

The 8-week plan includes three weekly running sessions, for which you need well-fitting shoes and clothes. A timer is also recommended – so you can better document your successes. The units are varied and have different pace and time targets. Are you ready to take on the task?

It’s mostly a matter of willpower to do the 10k in under an hour. Since you’re already here, it’s clear you have that one! With our plan and your power you will make it!

Athletics training plan

  • Training plan
  • Access to gym necessary
  • Training plan
  • Access to gym necessary
  • All workouts explained in detail
  • Exercises explained with videos
  • 52 page PDF, available on all devices

You want to get stronger, faster and more agile? Then we’ve got just the thing for you: a structured, varied athletic plan that will help you train and get fit on a whole level. In eight weeks, you’ll go through a variety of full-body exercises that will help you consistently increase your fitness level.

The workout plan was inspired by gymnastics and weightlifting exercises. The complexity increases week by week and brings you new, personal successes again and again. You will be trained in strength, strength endurance, stabilization as well as mobility and thus benefit from the diversity of the workouts.

With the training plan, skills like handstands, pull-ups and push-ups are no longer impossible for you. The only question remains: when do you start your way to becoming a top-fit athlete??

8 tips to run faster

  • Training plan
  • Only jump rope needed
  • Training plan
  • Only skipping rope needed
  • 8 exercises in picture and video
  • Technique tips included
  • 15 pages PDF, accessible on all devices

Maybe you remember jumping rope in school, which was certainly just for fun. But in the process, the gym can also keep you tremendously fit: With this 8-week training plan, you’ll succeed in cardio training with the rope and you can benefit from the positive effects on your body.

Even in low frequency the jumps require a high intensity – the result: In the long run your muscles will be defined and you will become athletic and slim. You will be prepared with 15 specific bodyweight exercises, so you don’t need any equipment except your skipping rope.

You can also discover the rope as a miracle cure for yourself: Start downloading this training plan now and define your muscles in an unusually effective way!

Weight Loss Workout Plan Burn Fat Fast

  • Training Plan
  • Only dumbbells needed
  • Training Plan
  • Only dumbbells required
  • 25 exercises in picture and video
  • 44 effective workouts
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Do you want to burn fat effectively and make your muscles more visible at the same time? Then this Fatburnig training plan is perfect for you! In eight weeks, you’ll complete 44 workouts that burn excess fat at a tremendous pace – getting rid of all those problem areas that have always bothered you.

Both beginners and advanced users will enjoy this workout plan: depending on your fitness level, the number of workouts and exercises varies – so you can choose freely. In addition, you will receive a detailed explanation of the optimal execution of the exercises. As equipment you only need two dumbbells, which you can also replace with filled water bottles!

Finally you have the chance to say goodbye to your unloved body fat: don’t wait any longer and start downloading this fat burning workout plan!

8 tips to run faster

  • Training plan
  • No equipment necessary
  • Training plan
  • No equipment necessary
  • 29 exercises in picture and video
  • 26 pages PDF, accessible on all devices

Tight arms and legs and a flat stomach are often considered sexy. In this 8-week muscle-building workout plan, you’ll learn to push your muscles to their limits. With the help of a total of 29 exercises you will independently ensure that others describe your muscles as sexy!

28 workouts are waiting for you, which are designed for a full-body workout. Each session is preceded by a warm-up to prepare you sufficiently for the hard workload. And the best is yet to come: You don’t need any equipment except your own body weight.

Sexy muscles require hard work – but: it’s worth it! Get this 8-week training plan to build muscle and start your first workout right away!

8 tips to run faster

  • Training and nutrition plan
  • No equipment necessary
  • Training and nutrition plan
  • No equipment needed
  • 30 exercises as picture and video
  • Many delicious fat-away recipes
  • 94 pages PDF, available on all devices

To achieve visible weight loss effects, a well thought-out training plan is not enough – it must be combined with an equally well thought-out nutrition plan. Fortunately, we have the solution: This 8-week combination plan combines the two elements and provides you with optimal conditions for your personal dream weight.

A total of 30 different fitness exercises await you, which you can perform without any equipment at all. You only need your own body weight! Don’t worry: We explain everything to you in detail and make it as easy as possible for you to get started – this way you will achieve motivating success in the beginning!

The second component of the Dream Team is a nutrition plan that will provide you with everything you need to lose weight: foods rich in protein and protein-rich foods. A variety of delicious fat-away recipes are waiting for you, where you can read the most important nutrients at any time. Enjoyment as a reward for hard work, how could it be better?

Only by combining training and nutrition will you achieve truly visible and tangible results on the way to your weight loss goal – take your happiness into your own hands start the download!

8 tips to run faster

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How can I run faster?

Okay, the bad news beforehand: It will not work just by magic and without a little more effort. But the effort is limited if you turn the right screws. Get faster without suffering with our 8 tips:

1. A clean running style saves energy

The formula for getting faster is simple: the better your running style, the more economical your movements – and that saves energy, so you can go one step faster. This is where the classic running ABC helps.

This includes exercises like hop run (push off with both legs, pull swing leg far up, take arm each in opposite direction), an-fersen (pull lower leg to butt alternately) and side jumps (jump sideways without rotation in the pelvis, strong torso) improves co-ordinative skills and is therefore the perfect warm-up for running style optimization.

3 running shoe tips for beginners

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2. Targeted strength training makes you fast

The front thigh is usually well trained in female runners. Because it pulls the leg forward while running and provides a good stride length. However, as soon as the foot touches down, the rear thigh takes over – and for many, that’s the weak point. And the greater the imbalance between front and back, the harder the weaker muscle has to work. It costs energy and slows you down.

Targeted training helps: A great exercise for the back thigh, for example, is a one-legged pelvic lift on an exercise ball. You are missing this tool? How to find a suitable fitness ball. In addition to evenly trained legs, trunk stability is also important for a clean movement sequence and efficient power transmission. With exercises like the forearm support or the side support it can be built up well.

3. Increase your stride rate

"Avoid too big steps", explains Henning Lenertz from the running magazine Runner’s World. By taking lots of short steps quickly, you almost automatically plant your foot with your midfoot, and that saves energy.

It’s also a way to reduce your time on the ground – the shorter your foot is on the ground, the faster you’ll move forward. "The optimal step frequency is between 160 and 180 steps per minute." To increase them, use the arms consciously: if they swing faster, the legs will join in as if by themselves.

4. Change the pace

The most effective tempo training is interval running, i.e. alternating between fast and slow over and over again on a given route. "To get faster, beginners can start with 5 to 10 intervals over 200 meters. For more advanced runners, 8 times 800 meters is more suitable", says Lenertz.

Of course, as the length of the run increases, so does the length of the breaks: for 200 meters, 30 to 60 seconds is enough depending on your training level; for 800 meters, you can walk or trot loosely for up to 3 minutes before starting another lap. Important: Keep your composure! Muscles fatigue quickly during interval training, so by the end of the session, the torso often hunches over or the arms begin to swing.

5. Play with the speed

Everyone who runs at least 3 times a week and can easily last an hour can play with the speed after warming up. The so-called driving game is a super alternative to rigid interval training. "In the driving game, you always set yourself new goals and alternate between slow endurance running and sprinting. That’s how you learn to judge your pace better," explains Lenertz.

Change pace 5 to 10 times. How far you run is up to you: to the next bench, to the fourth lamppost, to the next intersection. "The main thing is that you really keep up the pace to this goal."

6. Go to the speed limit in incline runs

Incremental runs get you out of the rut of endurance running and improve running economy. After the regular running session, push yourself to the limit in 3 to 5 crisp acceleration runs.

"You run loose and increase to maximum speed over a distance of about 100 meters. You’ll last another 2 to 3 seconds. Then go back the same distance, take a breath and then tackle the next increase."

Run faster!

7. Run up hills and stairs

Advanced runners can also shift their training to hilly terrain in order to work on their speed. "Look for an ascent of 100 to 200 meters – this can also be a staircase," advises the running expert. The only important thing is that the route is not too steep. You then power up again and again and go down again to catch your breath.

8. Recharge your energy batteries with carbs

Run sober? Nope! Because if you don’t have enough energy, you won’t be able to reach your full potential to train for speed. The solution: fast available carbohydrates. "To really step on the gas and make progress in your running workouts, replenish your glycogen stores beforehand", says Lenertz. A high carbohydrate snack like a banana or a raisin roll with honey will make you run faster immediately.

By the way, endurance sports and a low-carb diet don’t go together very well. That’s why many professional runners increase the carbohydrate content of their diet to 70 percent 3 days before a competition during so-called carbo-loading. Here’s what the optimal diet for runners looks like.

From now on, you don’t have to skip an endurance unit anymore. When you’re in a hurry, these 8 tips will get you ready for a quick run. Ready? Go to!

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