8 Truths: when girls say that, what they really mean is .

Are Girl really mean this complicated? Admittedly, sometimes guys really do not know, what girls really mean, when they say the following sentences!

Girls are masters in cleaning different things "through the flower" to say. This can lead to a misunderstanding or two – welcome to the world of girl language! Shutterstock

Girl language

Often girls say "Yes" or "OK" when they "No" and vice versa Or do we?? Not so easy at all Girl talk to decode them and react accordingly. Guys know the nagging issue all too well: girls beat around the bush (a little) every now and then. So what do we girls really mean? When can boys tell if a Girls pissed Is? For some, deciphering the Girls codes Harder to debunk than fake news! Here are the 8 most important things, the girls REALLY mean when they say the following sentences!

What girls say and what they actually mean

You say: "I have nothing to wear"!"
You say: "Okay, I have a lot of clothes. But I want exactly THE dress I don’t own yet!"

You say, "I’ll be done in 5 minutes!"
you mean: "Okay. something like this. possibly. in half an hour . "

They say, "No, honey, I’m not mad."
You mean: "Maybe not mad, but I’m still not happy with what you just said/did"."

They say, "That’s nice."
You mean: "Phew, how do I tell her/him now that I actually don’t like her/him at all?."

They say: "I don’t care about Valentine’s Day."
They mean: "But of course I don’t mind if you surprise me anyway."

You say: "Ok, we don’t need to give each other anything for Christmas."
They say, "Of course I have a present! I still want to make you a joy."

They say: "Of course you can go out for a drink with your ex! No problem!"
They mean: "I’ll be HORRIBLY uncomfortable the whole time you’re out drinking with him or her."

you say: "I am not jealous."
You mean: "Okay, but maybe a little bit, a tiny little bit!"

"OK" sometimes it is not ok

Even if it sounds quite strange: girls sometimes just want to challenge the boy’s attention. Even though we girls often "OK" we still think that the boy should subconsciously realize that he doesn’t mean it at all "ok" for us is. So dear boys, better check again and pay real attention and "read between the lines". Because sometimes you can tell by the tone of the girl’s voice if she really means what she’s saying or if she’s maybe sour is. And to all the girls out there: Don’t make it so hard for the guys and help them out a little bit when they are stand on the hose! If something bothers you, you should also address it directly. No one really benefits from you arguing over a misunderstanding and jeopardizing your relationship or friendship because of it, or?

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