8 Ways to celebrate christmas in 2020

This year everything is different. We will show ways how you can still have a nice Christmas with your family or friends.

Christmas is just around the corner, but the corona pandemic is still going on. So it is time to get creative and Finding ways to still have a nice Christmas with family or friends to be able to spend. The federal government is understandably discouraging large gatherings and family celebrations at this time. But this does not mean that Christmas has to fall completely into the water! We talked to moms and gathered a few ideas on how 2020 can still give you the most memorable and safe Christmas possible with grandparents, friends and other loved ones. Here are their tips.

1. Make a virtual Christmas party

For many families, for example, cooking together is a favorite Christmas tradition. Thanks to a variety of video apps, the big cookout can still happen this year. "My family and I live very far from each other," says mother of two Ingrid. "Usually, my mother, sister and I get together to try out new recipes together. Instead of meeting in person, this time we’ll do it via Zoom – each at his own home."

2. Organize a Christmas picnic

Outdoor meetings are considered less risky than indoor ones, especially if spacing rules are followed and masks are worn. Here’s why you might consider moving your Christmas dinner outside. "We want to get together with my sister and have a Christmas picnic," said Brittney, a mother of three. "Each of us brings our own blanket and food, so that the distance is guaranteed, but we are still together."

An outdoor Christmas dinner can also be organized with tables in the house driveway or backyard. Of course, the feasibility of this option depends heavily on the weather. Outdoor heaters can be a good option when temperatures are low, or you can make a cozy campfire if you can, taking into account the clearance rules.

3. Host a Christmas happy hour

Even if you decide not to have Christmas dinner together, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice socializing. Mom-of-two Claudia has decided to host a virtual appetizer hour via video chat for Christmas. "We have already sent out invitations to grandparents, siblings and other family members," she says. "Everyone mixes a drink, dials in at the agreed time and then we toast each other virtually. It’s not the same as meeting in person, but we just make the most of it and are grateful to at least be able to see each other this way and spend time together."

4. Meet Santa online

This year is also not the ideal year for visits to Santa Claus. But how about he just drops by via Zoom or FaceTime? "My dad dresses up as Santa and video chats my kids on Christmas Eve," reports Amy, a mother of three. "For the kids, it’s a nice opportunity to see Santa Claus, and my dad is also happy to be able to give his grandchildren this special experience." If you don’t have a relative who wants to step into this special role, you can also book online virtual visits from professional Santas.

5. Form a small Christmas community

If you have access to coronatests and the ability to pre-quarantine, it may be possible to form a Christmas community of sorts with a few relatives who have followed the hygiene rules closely. Caolan, a mother of two, says her family intends to get tested for the virus and quarantine themselves before they all stay with their mother for an extended period of time. "We’re going to spend at least a week together," Caolan said. Home office and homeschooling options, for example, can allow families to cocoon together at the holidays. However, be sure to consult your family physician with any health and safety questions before implementing this plan.

6. Deliver meals to family& friends

While many people are staying home this year, not everyone has the time or ability to prepare their own holiday meal. Sally, a mother of one, reports that she plans to bring Christmas dinner over to some of her family members and friends because of this. "I love hosting holiday dinners," she explains. "And I was especially worried about my older relatives, who won’t have a real Christmas without this big family gathering. So I set out to cook a few favorite dishes, portion them out and leave the food baskets outside their doors."

If your loved one doesn’t need a full meal, a dessert, bottle of wine or hot cocoa might also be a good option to spread some joy over the holidays. And if you live too far away, you can also have a meal or dessert delivered.

7. Plan a holiday movie party

"We love watching movies together, so we’re going to keep that tradition alive with a Christmas movie party on Netflix," reports mom of two Sarah. You can use a watch party app to stream movies and shows on Netflix, Disney+ or similar platforms. With a watch party, you can start a movie at the same time as your group, chat throughout the movie, and even take coordinated bathroom or snack breaks.

8. Move the gift exchange outside

If your family lives nearby, you can also join them for a joint gift-giving session in the backyard or front yard of your home or. the apartment. At least, that’s what mother-of-two Meghan plans to do with her family. "We’ll wear our masks and keep at least six feet away while we unwrap the presents," she explains. "My husband will even put up a Christmas tree for the occasion. I wouldn’t feel comfortable celebrating all together without masks and distance, which is why we decided against having a holiday meal together. But this form of gift-giving is at least something we can do together," Meghan said.

An outdoor gift exchange also works well for Secret Santa. Here, each family member gives gifts to only one other person randomly assigned to them. For young children, you might even consider a scavenger hunt where the little ones have to search for hidden gifts outside.

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