9 Romantic places in vienna

If you’re planning a nice day or evening for your sweetheart, you want a place where romance is in the air. After all, the right ambience makes it much easier to approach someone and if Cupid really exists, he can definitely be found here!

1. Stroll through the narrow streets of Vienna

Walk 1010 Inner City (c) STADTBEKANNT

When you stroll through the old town and find yourself between baroque houses and lovely illuminated alleys, the first kiss can’t be far away. Especially romantic are the paved paths here. We recommend the area around Domgasse, Blutgasse and further to Franziskanerplatz. You might as well visit the Kleines Cafe and do exactly what the couple in "Before Sunrise" did. If the first district seems too kitschy for you, you can take a similarly romantic (but a bit hipper) stroll through Spittelberg.

2. Cuddling in the Salettl Pavilion

Salettl Pavilion entrance (c) STADTBEKANNT

The Salettl is a little house in the 19. District. There are not many places here – so you have to move together. Doesn’t interfere with our plans at all, that’s why the Salettl is also on the list. But it’s not just the place at Salettl beautiful, but also the view that you from Salettl has. The way up to the top can be done with a walk. Perfect!

3. Making out in the boat in front of Villa Aurora

Villa Aurora (c) STADTBEKANNT

Similar to the Salettl, a trip to the Villa Aurora also turns out to be a good idea. This time we are in the 16. district, but again have a beautiful view of the city. Villa Aurora is a rustic old villa including restaurant and beautiful garden. But that’s not all, because if you want to go on a voyage of discovery, you’ll find an old boat that you can board with a bit of skill and a natural ice skating rink nearby. For the super romantic ones: in the garden of Villa Aurora there is also a tiny pavilion, which offers just enough space for 2 people and where you can have a romantic dinner.

Villa Aurora
Wilhelminen street 237
1160 Vienna

4. Candle Light Dinner at Concordia Schlossl

Concordia Castle clock (c) Janhunen stadtbekannt.at

Admittedly: Concordia Schlossl is located right next to the Central Cemetery and that may sound a bit off-putting to some. But if you see the Schlossl, you’ll forget everything else around you. The entrance area is already wonderfully dreamy and charmingly designed. A large statue of Jesus watches over visitors and you can almost hear the church bells ringing as you enter. By the way, you can also get married at Concordia Schlossel!

Concordia Castle
Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 283
1110 Vienna

5. Romantic walk in the park

Herderpark Nixchen (c) STADTBEKANNT Zohmann

Vienna’s parks have so much to offer! One should simply go for a romantic walk much more often. The Stadtpark, for example, has a lot to offer (from here you can quickly get back to the city if you have more plans) or the Turkenschanzpark. The park is very idyllic with its many branching paths and natural greenery. If you are lucky, you can also feed ducks and finally sit down for a hot cocoa in the Meierei Diglas at Turkenschanzpark.

6. Philosophize about life with a view


If you like to fill your date with content, you might come up trumps with a visit to the library? But don’t worry, you don’t have to bury yourself in books, just head to the roof of the municipal library at Urban-Loritz-Platz. From there you have a wonderful view over Vienna, you can drink a glass of wine in the cafe upstairs and have a nice conversation.

7. Ice skating at the Rathausplatz

Viennese Christmas Market City Hall Square Ice Skating (c) STADTBEKANNT

Still a classic. In the middle of the city and illuminated by a thousand lights is the ice room at the town hall square. The only drawback: the Herzerlbaum is no longer available since the 2016/17 season. This is where lovers used to meet to let their love run free. Well, the skating route through the park is beautiful anyway. And if you want to get closer, just say you’re not good at skating yet and need each other’s hand for support. Pure romance!

Ice dream at the Rathausplatz
Town Hall
1010 Vienna

8. Stargazing at the Urania observatory

The oldest and most modern observatory in Vienna is located quite centrally on the Danube Canal and there are regular guided tours. Appropriately named "Star Date – Rendezvous with the Stars". These events do not only take place in the evening, but already at 10:00 a.m. (quasi after breakfast) you can take your date here. By the way, on Valentine’s Day there are extra dates!

Urania Observatory
Uraniastrasse 1, entrance tower staircase
1010 Vienna

9. Eating at Ramasuri

Nestroy statue (c) STADTBEKANNT

A really good restaurant that is not one of the tourist pseudo-secret tips is the Ramasuri. There you can dine in peace and comfort and be inspired by Nestroy. The statue of which is in fact on the romantic spot in front of the restaurant. As an alternative, there is also the Georgian cafe-restaurant Ansari just around the corner!

Prater Street 19
1020 Vienna

We wish you hours in love at the most romantic places in Vienna and an unforgettable (first?) Kiss!

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