9 Tips for a romantic paris trip

The classic, a romantic kiss under the Eiffel Tower, must of course never be missing. But the French capital has much more to offer for newly in love – not for nothing it is called the "City of Love"… We show you 9 great tips for a romantic Paris trip!

Start the romantic Paris trip with a picnic

A picnic with Baguette, cheese and wine should not be missing on any Paris trip. If you also like it a bit romantic, you can find a place around the Fontaine de Medicis in the Jardin du Luxembourg or in the Parc Monceau with view to the Arc de Triomphe search. So the romantic Paris trip starts just right!

But it can also be more romantic! The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is clear the most romantic park in town. Somewhat outside of the center there is a See, to its Island a Suspension bridge Leads. On this island, at a height of 30 meters, is the Sybil Temple, modeled after the temple of the same name in Rome. From the top of the hill you also have a great View of the distant Sacre Coeur Basilica.

A few meters further on, in an old mine, there is a Grotto, into the one multi-tiered waterfall comes to mind. A Disused railroad line and many exotic trees and plants round off the park visit.

Sunset on the Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts has always been very popular. From Louvre from which one can wonderfully between trees walk to the other side of the Seine. During a short break on one of the benches worth a View of the Île de la Cite and the Pont Neuf. It becomes especially romantic in the evening when the sun sets between the roofs of Paris.

Insider tip for your romantic Paris trip : As special token of love is to be seen Love lock on the lattice fence of the bridge to fix. Throw the key into the Seine afterwards and the eternal love there is (almost) nothing standing in the way!

"I love you" in all the languages of the world

Very close to the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, at the foot of Montmartre, there is a small park. This is comparatively uninviting, but a view of the "Mur des je t’aime". In 311 languages is immortalized on this wall since 1992 the phrase "I love you immortalized.

In Norwegian it’s "Jeg elsker deg", in Croatian "Volim te" and in French of course "Je t’aime". The ideal place for a token of love!

Erotic hustle and bustle around the Moulin Rouge

If you’re looking for a little break from the romance, take a little detour westward. Only a few streets away is the notorious vaudeville theater Moulin Rouge. Perhaps a bit too much for a romantic date, but along the Boulevard de Clichy are many bars and cafes, from which you can see the colorful hustle and bustle in the Pigalle entertainment district can observe. A special experience for any romantic Paris trip.

evening cruise on the Seine during a romantic Paris trip

Above all on warm summer evenings a boat trip on the Seine is certainly a pleasant experience. For two in the refreshing breeze sit, drinking a glass of champagne and see Paris from a different perspective – what could be better??

Bateaux Parisiens offers Round trips from € 12,- the landing stages are located at the Eiffel Tower and at the cathedral Notre Dame. In addition to the one-hour tours, there are also packages that include an Dinner on the ship or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower include.

Stroll between the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty

Sounds difficult at first, but it is not. On the Île aux Cygnes, the Swan Island, there is a smaller Copy of the Statue of Liberty in New York. This looks to her big sister in the west. But of course a romantic Paris trip would be nothing without an even more beautiful walk along the waterfront.

Just to the east of it, that is, behind the statue, the nearby Eiffel Tower rises into the sky. Along the island leads a narrow path lined with trees. Continuing along the banks of the Seine, after a few minutes you arrive directly at the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower at sunrise

Again, a somewhat different, but no less beautiful view, is offered in a place where you would hardly expect it. If one travels with the Metro line 6, you can see the Eiffel Tower from a few meters high.

The sight between the stations Passy and Bir-Hakeim is particularly worthwhile at sunrise, however, at this time of day in the subway is quite busy. A little quieter late at night, when the Eiffel Tower is brightly illuminated.

Visit the Musee de la Vie Romantique

Since the middle of the 19. Century not much seems to have changed in the Museum of romantic life. Even today you can stroll Works of art and everyday objects from the time of the then inhabitant of the house, Ary Scheffer. In addition, an exciting insight into the life of the writer George Sand win, which is a varied love life led and among other things with Frederic Chopin, a boat trip on the was.

Besides these permanent parts of the exhibition, there is also a changing part, which always has something to do with Romanticism and usually also with Paris to do. After you have explored the museum, you should still have a view into the garden throw. There served tea in the warm summer months. The perfect ending for a romantic Paris trip – not true?

Stay in a special hotel

We find: If already a romantic Paris trip is planned, then a stylish hotel may not be missing, or? After all, what could be nicer than waking up next to your loved one in the morning, enjoying the view over the city and having breakfast brought to your bedside? So during your love vacation in Paris, treat yourself to a special romantic hotel that you will remember forever.

Clearly: Beautiful hotels in Paris are not exactly cheap, but in view of the current bargain flights (from Vienna you fly already from 79 euros to Paris) you can shift the travel budget quasi – simply save on the flights and spend a little more on the hotel. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Our tips for romantic hotels in Paris:

You can find even more inspiration for a romantic getaway for two here:

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