A desk to build yourself

I told you recently that I want to build a new desk for myself and today I can finally show you the result.

The special thing about this table are definitely the great Hairpin Legs. I’ve been a fan of these slim steel legs for a long time, but unfortunately you could only order them from the US for ages and when I finally found them at Tide& Tand* found in Hamburg, I knew exactly what I wanted my new desk to look like.

The practical thing about the legs is that they are an important basic element and you can easily and quickly build or. simple and individual pieces of furniture.

A desk to build yourself

Desk easy to build yourself:

You need:

○ 4 Hairpin Legs
○ Glued wood panels
○ Screw clamps
○ cordless drill, wood screws
○ wood glue

Here’s how:

It’s best to have the 1.5cm thick wooden plate cut to size right away at the hardware store.
And they come in the following dimensions:
2 boards in 60cm x 120cm and 4 narrow boards in 60cm x 8cm
The rest is child’s play:

Material for DIY table

  • Place one of the large wooden boards (60cm x 120cm) on the floor and screw on the table legs on the back side. I did not put it completely in the corner, but measured a few centimeters inward, but that is a matter of taste and you can do that as you like it.

A desk to build yourself

  • When all four legs are screwed on, set up the table and place the four narrow boards (60cm x 8cm), which will later form the compartments, on edge as a test. When you are satisfied, mark the spots with pencil and apply the wood glue to the respective edges.

A desk to build yourself

  • Finally, give again wood glue on the narrow boards and put the second large wooden board flush on it. Before that, you can, if you like, also individualize the plate a bit by adding z.B. a hole for a vase, a pot, a cup for the pens etc. saws out.
  • While the glue dries, hold everything together with screw clamps. Important here: Clamp small pieces of wood between the screw clamps and the desk top so that there are no unsightly marks!
  • As a finish and so that you can enjoy the homemade table for a long time, you can seal the wooden boards waterproof with hard oil or glossy with clear varnish.

DIY desk with Hairpin Legs

A desk to build yourself

For the small drawer I cut 5mm thick plywood boards, simply glued the individual parts and finally, so that it also holds, nailed together with narrow small nails.

A desk to build yourself

A desk to build yourself

Where to find:
Hairpin Legs: Tide& Tand*
golden desk organizer: DIY
blue lamp: SELETTI (via Amazon)
Architect chair: flea market
Paper Lights: homemade by Astrid
Mini shelf: currently at Depot

By the way, many more great inspirations and what you can do with the Hairpin Legs, you can find here HERE. I find yes also especially the short legs for chests of drawers or sideboards really great. What do you think? Would this also be something for you?

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