A dog from abroad

Dogs can be purchased from a breeder. Or you take over a dog from the animal shelter. There is a third option: you adopt a dog from abroad. Many a street dog has found a home in this way.

Are dogs from abroad problem dogs?

If you adopt a street dog from abroad, it probably has led a different life than a four-legged friend bought from a breeder. Expect that such a dog has its own head and will show it to you. This is the only way he could survive on the street and take care of himself.

Due to his independence he has survived until today. Other species may not have made it. A kind of natural selection. Also assume that this dog has a good hunting instinct. He probably needed it too. Accept the peculiarities of this dog. Do not consider him a problem dog.

Not a dog for impatient dog owners

It may take some time for the dog from abroad to get used to its new life. Maybe he will never make it completely. Invest some patience in it accordingly. Maybe it takes a little longer for the adopted dog and the dog owner to become a team.

Many things will seem unfamiliar to him. The life in the apartment, the walk with leash. Some of these dogs are afraid of fast movements. Others fear strangers. Corresponding experiences in the previous life have shaped them.

Dogs from abroad are not breed dogs

To be more precise: they rarely are. If you want a breed dog, then the breeder is certainly the better contact person. A dog from the street does not carry a pedigree with it.

It can happen to you that the puppy as an adult dog once looks quite different than you may have suspected at first impression. Perhaps he will also be significantly larger than the supposedly identified race would lead one to expect? Be prepared for your import to be a surprise bag.

Deal with the country of origin

Your new dog will not be able to tell you in detail what his previous life was like. However, you can do your own research to find out what the existence of the imported furry nose might have meant in the country in question.

What are the strengths of the animal? What fears? In some regions, barking at the dog is expressly encouraged. This is to protect a territory. Deal with it if your dog barks a lot? How do the neighbors react to it? Good preparation can help a lot.

Which dog from abroad suits me?

You also do not move into a shared apartment with a person you do not like. At least, not if you can choose it. You may have the opportunity to get to know the dog before it moves in with you?

A short trip to Eastern Europe is usually still included in the budget for the new dog. Get to know the four-legged friend on the spot. You can then get a feel for whether the adoption will really help the animal in the end or not.

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