“A joke!”wwm telephone joker complains about too easy 4.000-euro-question

A telephone joker already at the 4.000-Euro question? That is nevertheless a bad joke, thinks not only the called expert itself. But candidate Sebastian Fitzner can really use all the help he can get. Things go better for a paleontology student. She fails only at 125.000-Euro-Question.

"Do you have Netflix, Mr. Jauch??", candidate Sebastian Fitzner wants to know from the popular RTL presenter. The Berliner is a dubbing artist by profession and lends his voice to the Mafia series "House of Money" the figure Rio his voice. Fitzner himself proves in the current edition of "Who wants to be a millionaire??" But he doesn’t have much staying power and has to swallow for the first time at the 300-euro question.

"In contrast to clogs, shoes with soft flexible soles actually cost . Duckers, shirkers, quiet ones, or lickspittles?" Fitzner answers hastily: "Quitter!" Only when he notices the skeptical look of Gunther Jauch, he corrects himself and logs the correct solution "Leisetreter" a. "Sorry! Perhaps one should first read the question and then speak?", he admonishes himself. Jauch: "That would be an idea, but it went well once again."

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"Was that difficult now?" – "A joke!"

Fitzner, who has chosen the risky option with four jokers, continues to muddle his way through the questions. So he is only sure that Angela Merkel for a "new record in the Chancellor’s Office" (meaning the longest term of office after Helmut Kohl) in the end "just under eight months" missing. Only when the audience voted 99 percent on the correct answer "about a week and a half he types, he decides to change his mind.

In the 4.000 question, the voice actor is once again faced with a riddle and is forced to call his telephone joker, a math teacher. The units of measurement of the binary system are searched for. Gunther Jauch takes the precaution of apologizing to the telephone joker for the question, which for a math teacher is downright ludicrous. The Joker gives then also problem-free the correct answer (1 and 0) and wonders actually: "Was that difficult now?", Jauch wants to know. The telephone joker: "A joke!"

Board in front of his head when asked about bicycle helmets

Two further Joker sacrifices the voice actor with the 16.000-euro question, which reads: "What should be replaced every three to five years according to experts and manufacturing companies??" A: Darts B: Ski poles C: Bicycle helmet or D: Swimming wings? Fitzner is sure that bicycle helmets "definitely last longer" and tends in the direction of water wings. After he has drawn the 50:50 joker, however, only the ski poles and the bicycle helmet remain: "What does? I’ve probably had my helmet for ten years, the Berliner wonders and then passes the question on to a single audience joker.

He is absolutely sure: A bicycle helmet is the right answer. The man must know it, worked as a bicycle policeman in Munster. The candidate logs in the answer and wondered: "You never stop learning!" At 16.But when the voice-over artist finally gets to the end of the question for the first 000 euros, it’s over.

Things are going better for smart paleontologist Sarah Wieding, who, with wit and the help of a fruit schnapps 64.000 euros won. Dentistry student Marijana Lenz from Hanover wins 16,000 euros.000 euros, and at the end of the show, biology and chemistry teacher Petra Lehner also stands at this sum, but she can still raise it in the next edition.

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