Abortion- until when possible?

If women become pregnant unintentionally, they have the option of terminating the pregnancy through an abortion on. But until when is an abortion in Germany actually possible?

As in many other countries, abortion is also possible in Germany. However, only if the abortion is performed by a certain date.

Abortion: legal basis

If one takes it quite exactly Abortion in Germany actually illegal. Because abortion may only be performed at all under certain conditions. In these cases, abortion remains unpunished. The abortion of pregnancies is legally regulated by Section 218 of the German Criminal Code.

Until when abortion is possible depends on the reasons for the abortion.

Abortion: Until when possible in Germany?

Abortion for personal reasons

If a woman herself decides not to have her child, she must first participate in a Pregnancy conflict counseling participate certified with a consultation certificate. After the consultation, at least three days must pass before the pregnancy can be terminated. In addition, the consultation and the intervention must not be performed by the same doctor.

An abortion that is performed at the woman’s own request may be reported to the medical portal "Onmeda" According to the doctor, only up to the 14th week of pregnancy is possible. The abortion must be performed in the first week of pregnancy. Other sources often speak of the 12. week of pregnancy as a limit the talk. According to "Onmeda However, both statements mean the same point in time. Because in the first case, the beginning of pregnancy is marked with the first day of the last period, in the second case, only the day of fertilization is considered the beginning of pregnancy. There are about two weeks between these two events.

If the pregnancy is the result of a crime such as rape, an abortion is not illegal. However, it must also be paid for by the 14. Abortions can be performed in the first week of pregnancy.

Abortion for medical reasons

The reasons for terminating a pregnancy can also be of a medical nature – in this case the abortion is also exempt from punishment. Under certain circumstances, an abortion is then also still over the 14. week of pregnancy possible beyond. Such an abortion may be necessary if the life or physical and mental health of the pregnant woman is at risk.

If a pregnancy is still terminated after the 22. If the abortion is terminated in the second week of pregnancy, the fetus is killed before the actual procedure. Subsequently, the induction of labor and thus the expulsion of the dead fetus takes place.

Costs for an abortion

The costs of an abortion are between 300 and 800 Euro, depending on which method can be used for this. The health insurance company covers the costs only in the case of abortions for medical reasons, for example, if the mother’s health would be in danger if the pregnancy continued. In the case of pregnant women who cannot afford to have an abortion, the Cost absorption requested become. Income and financial circumstances must be disclosed when applying for an abortion – if the decision is positive, the state will cover the costs.

What methods are available for abortion?

There are different possibilities, to perform an abortion: Suction method, curettage and abortion pill. While the Abortion and the Suction is about surgical procedures that are performed under local or general anesthesia, abortion is performed with the Abortion pill induced by medication. Which method is used depends on the number of weeks of pregnancy in which the abortion is to be performed.

Summary of the editorial office

An abortion can have many reasons. No matter why women think about an abortion: It is important that they consider the decision well – and know the time limit regulations. Because in Germany abortions are only possible within a legally regulated time frame.

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