All about permanent makeup: what it is, how to do and care for it, eliminating

The word "permanent" in plain text looks like -. "What lasted a long time" It becomes clear why makeup that does not wash off and does not fade for a long time, called permanent. it is possible to adjust some of the features to the facial mask deficiencies due to its properties.

Permanent makeup (tattooing): what is the

Everyone knows that tattooing is the basis of technology – what is the? By tattooing, the skin refers to the introduction of the coloring agent (pigment), which is a fast-moving needle.

Permanent (permentalny) make-up – permanent make-up on the face of the individual elements.

To lecture on permanent makeup as a whole face, tattoo also shows something specific. Tattooing can be done in any part of the skin. Makeup – only on the face.

Pigment of the upper layers of the skin enters, causes a reaction of an organism. Appropriate means "trying to deal" with a foreign substance. In the first few days after the procedure, it may appear that the pigment has weakened, as it should be. After some time, usually 3-4 weeks, salvage work in the body to an end. Color "manifest" and stays that way for a few months or years. This is the moment when it is possible to hold the first correction, edge sharpness, and check whether it is right for everything that is not necessary.

Types of permanent make-up

The procedure is performed in different areas of the face.

Permanent tattooing of lips

Saturation of the color lip surface, leveling or concrete circuit.

Note! You can see at the lips do fuller, voluminous or vice versa to visually reduce.

Transparent mikropigmentirovaniya process takes 40-45 minutes, and the entire process from 1.5 to 3:

  • The loop – is performed along the contour of the lips, smoothes it, making a crisp, helps "Higher" the corners of the mouth.
  • With running – creates the appearance of enlarged lips, "fill" them, the pigment is injected a little above the natural contour.
  • The full content – color to cover the entire surface of the lips, this technology can get the effect of permanent lipstick. When these color solutions adapted completeness. Master is usually advised to choose a more natural shades, which can be coated with any color lipstick and gets the desired effect.

Regardless of the technology implementation, attracts first master circuit cosmetic pencil. The customer appreciates. Then it is decided what kind of permanent make-up lips used. Applied anesthesia. After this procedure is performed tattooing.

Important! If the lip is swollen, it may mean that the onset of swelling – the normal condition after injury to the skin. Usually swelling subsides for 3-4 days.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • ready at any time neat make-up;
  • the ability to disguise the lip surface defects and even align the scars;
  • You can adjust the volume of itself.

The disadvantage is that the skin on the lips is very sensitive, and completely painless procedure can not be called. Suffering all the same necessary. Swelling of the lips are not only unpleasant, they cause discomfort that must coexist for some time. There is also the probability of activation of the herpes virus.

Eyebrow brow

Permanent makeup eyebrows are divided by the actual tattoo and microbleyding. Techniques similar in meaning, but differ in execution. Microbleyding performed scoop of the variety of needles, by hand and tattooing device in which a needle and moves quickly.

Color filling forms beautiful eyebrow contour and texture. Disguises imperfections.

Technicians perform tattooing eyebrows:

  • the most popular – powdery. Pigment application procedure feather. Eyebrows looks very natural. Attracted by the speed and relative ease;
  • Watercolor – similar to the powdery method of application and simplicity of execution. Unlike all other techniques, the contour in the sketch is not delineated. Eyebrow after the procedure has a natural appearance;
  • Hair – a complex technique. Master must have a high qualification and sense of style. Instrument pulled hair, each separately;
  • shotirovanie – drawn on the skin after the complete removal of natural hair dyes hair. It does not look very attractive, but it may be the only alternative in some cases (diseases);
  • Shielding technique or soft shades – almost imperceptible allows to fill the gaps between the hairs. The pigment is applied evenly, very close to the surface;
  • Bio henna tattoo – henna eyebrows by injection under the skin scratching movements. It is considered gentle. Resistance only six weeks, but does not require healing. The skin is practically not injured. Contraindications – an allergy to henna.

Note! Before the procedure tattoo cleaned eyebrows and degrease the skin. Be sure to mark and created a sketch. Selected and agreed with the customer the length, width and shape of eyebrows, technique. After the procedure attendant tool is applied, gives recommendations.

  • hides the defects,
  • forms beautiful contour,
  • Making a forehead marked and groomed.
  • Injury to the skin,
  • may be allergic to the color,
  • Edema,
  • Infection.

Permanent tattoo eye: it

Permanent makiyad eye – this eyeliner tattoo or arrows above and (or) lower eyelids:

  • Mezhresnichny method – the pigment applied to the skin between the cilia form a line. It looks impressive. Leaves naturalness does not take out the eyes. It makes the eyes look more open.
  • Arrows – the color introduced into the eyelid, taking the upper (or lower) to the ciliary row. The width of the arrows, their length and shape determined with each customer individually.
  • Arrow with running – Suitable for age and age those who has expressed facial wrinkles.
  • Shadows – the category of the art of permanent makeup. Different color decisions and transitions. For those who need (by profession or for any other reason) in the presence of an evening makeup all the time.

The positive fact is that with the eye makeup look impressive and in places such as swimming pool, beach or sauna. With a permanent no need to worry about the potekshuyu mascara or cosmetic pen sharpened in time. eyeliner lifted corners of the eyes, provided the visibility of Froh.

Permanent tattoo eyes

The negative side – the possible complications due to injury to the skin, if you are sensitive or incompetent assistant.

Important! Choosing permanent makeup equipment for the eyes and for another part of the face, it should be self-evident that the effect remains for a long time (months or even years). Therefore thumbnails to generate the desired image, you should take into account the anatomical features and the morphology of the face.

This procedure allows you to emphasize the dignity of mask defects.

Permanent makeup concealer effect

Concealer is designed to mask or damage the shortcomings of the skin, align the tone. With permanent makeup it is possible to get rid of bruises under the eyes. It uses tools such as a brush corrector, only in a few thinnest needles. Master picks up the tone, based on the data of the natural complexion. Drives a color in the lower eyelid gradually, layer by layer. Between the layers used an anesthetic. Advantages: no feeling of heaviness of the eyelids, there is no need to use foundation. Do not look bruises rested, glowing, healthy.

Disadvantages: difficult to choose the most natural tone. In case of failure there is an unnatural color around the eyes. The risks are the same as with conventional tattooing. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure several times.

Regardless of the chosen type of tattoo on any part of the face from time to time required to correct the work performed. The first correction is made in a month, when the brown go. The second and the following performed if necessary.

Skin care after permanent make-up

Note! Immediately after the procedure is observed swelling of the lips, eyebrows, eyelids.

In order not to worsen the condition, it is recommended to take a vacation or work from home for 4-6 days after tattooing on his face. If this is not possible – As a reminder:

  • with edema: maximum avoid contact with water, it should apply a dry cold compresses, drinking through a straw;
  • ; From the cold wind and stirs, use sunglasses, creams – to protect the face from direct sunlight in summer, winter
  • not rip off the crust with a pigment: lips are freed from some crusts on the fifth day;
  • used as an antiseptic "furatsilinom" or other recommended means;
  • soften the skin dries vaseline or special ointments, apply with panthenol a thin layer of eyebrow creams recommended;
  • not to visit bath, sauna, solarium, swimming pool;
  • refrain from applying the constitution;
  • when tattooing on the lips it makes sense to drink tablets of herpes to prevent the development of the virus.

Important! to take care of the skin with a permanent need during the entire period. Complete healing usually takes 7-9 days.

The removal of permanent makeup

Laser removal permanent make-up

Applying any type of permanent makeup, you must take into account the depth that is injected a dye, pin sharp line drawing, uniform coloring. All supplies must be sterile and disposable. The room where the procedure is performed must be hygienically clean.

Under these conditions and are qualified master permanent makeup – effective, virtually painless. Side effects are not very common. The stability of the long-term, long-term.

Note! Complications occur when pigment deposition technologies violated under the skin. If the correction process doesn’t work, the only way to get rid of makeup more permanently is – laser.

Removal of tattoos laser procedure takes place in a few sessions, five or six, depending on many factors. The first result is noticeable almost immediately. It is painless and safe. The laser penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, eliminating shadows on the eyelids, mastering even with warm colors, while green and beige colors are displayed with difficulty.

In this regard, the need to remove the tattoo from their lips recommended to use a chemical method – application remuvera. We need 3-5 treatments. The process is similar to application permanently. The future of healing and rehabilitation is the same.

Note! Laser removal remain lip possible. If properly configured, it does not penetrate the beam and the healthy layers of the skin are not damaged, affects only the pigment. It does not leave scars.

Before you make a final decision to do permanent makeup or tattoo any part of the face – you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of interior and professional who will do it. Qualifications and experience masters are of the utmost importance in achieving positive, sustainable, expected result.

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