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You want to apply for a job at Amazon? The company is now offering tips on how best to do so.

Applicants in a queue: application tips for those interested in Amazon /

How to apply successfully to Amazon? What is better to watch out for and what mistakes should be avoided as far as possible in order to prevail against competing applicants?? – Two Amazon experts have now provided answers to these questions: Miriam Walchshausl, who works in Munich as a recruiting manager for Amazon, answered common questions for interested parties here. There are also more tips in a video by DJ Cabeen, who also works for Amazon as a recruiter, but in the U.S.

The golden tip: show who you are

Whether it’s Amazon or another company: In a job application, companies want to know who’s applying. That’s why interested parties should always focus on showing who they are, what they can do, what experience they’ve gained and how they’ve grown.

Amazon itself writes: "At Amazon, we are interested in applications, above all, how you have been able to develop yourself, previous projects, your colleagues or fellow students so far. In the resume, we want to know more about your professional milestones and you as a person." Only in this way can companies and not least Amazon also assess whether applicants fit into the team or not.

Tips on resume and documents

Around the Resume Amazon expert Walchshausl recommends the following:

  • Common templates Are okay and help build.
  • The focus is on the Content: Through it you can stand out from other applicants.
  • On squiggly Design elements you should waive. A Photo but feel free to include.
  • Unlike other employers, Amazon points out that applicants should be Neither a Cover letter nor references must include. "You provide us with the most essential information by filling out your applicant:inside profile online," it says. It is possible, however, to link to your own LinkedIn profile.

Amazon wants to know from applicants what skills they have. Here’s how to best present them, according to Amazon:

  • A short list of the most important skills or. "Skills" is an advantage.
  • Separate the skills best after Basic requirement the relevant job you are applying for, and additional qualifications.
  • As a minimum, the resume should show the required skills for the job.

The Amazon expert then still has a personal tip:

  • Self is the applicant! – "I always recommend using a Application itself to write and only get help with the correction," comments the expert.
  • In addition, it is important, authentic to be. In short: Amazon has no desire for cliched formulations. Rather, applicants should show how they stand out from the crowd.

We have also summarized the entire process of an Amazon application in Germany in a separate guidebook.

Help in video format

As mentioned earlier, Amazon’s personal specialist DJ Cabeen also has some tips and tricks up his sleeve, which he shares in a video: In it, he not only addresses formal and substantive aspects of an application, but also uses examples to explain what’s important to him.

Note: The video is also in English, but can be watched with German subtitles!

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