Angel dreams: will angels visit you while you sleep?

From a young age we are taught to believe that our dreams are not real. They are just something that happens in our own minds. As a result, we tend to believe that our dreams have no impact on our lives when we are awake.

But when it comes to the divine world, this may not always be the case. In fact, angels can visit us in our dreams. You can even call them to visit you while you sleep. How cool is that?

Essentially, dreams are the brain’s unique way of processing the information it gathers. Many of the images you see in your sleep are as real as the nose on your face because you have already consciously experienced them.

But things we experience in our subconscious can also influence our dreams. If you dream of being visited by an angel, this could be as real as anything you have experienced in your awakened state.

Why do angels appear in dreams?

Angels can appear in dreams for a variety of reasons. You may have invited angels to share insights or guidance. This is often the case if you meditate before going to bed or use crystals near your bed (or tuck them under your pillow) to channel angelic energies.

At other times, angels may appear when you were afraid of or agonizing over a particular decision, suffering from extreme stress or mental exhaustion, or feeling sad or depressed.

Sleep is a great time to connect with angels. Most people are more receptive to receiving angelic messages when they are asleep than when they are awake. The reason? While you sleep, your subconscious mind is more open to new information. In contrast, your conscious mind may be guilty of dismissing this information too quickly, especially if it doesn’t grab your attention or seem important enough at that moment.

Interestingly, it’s not always so easy to interpret dream messages from angels – although you’d better be prepared to receive them. They are not as clear or simple as a well-written email or text. Instead, they are more like a coded message masked with a secret code that must be cracked.

Angel dreams may involve seeing a specific symbol, significant place, or vivid image that is so meaningful that you will likely remember it when you wake up. Every dream is open to interpretation. But rest assured: If you are visited by angels in your dreams, you will interpret their message correctly and in the way they intended.

Everyone can invite angels into their dreams

You don’t have to wait for angels to spontaneously appear in your dreams. If you are at a crossroads in life or just need clarity and guidance to move forward, you can always invite angels into your dreams.

It is important to remember that angels abide by the spiritual laws of the universe, including the law of free will. This law states that each of us is free to choose what we want to create in our lives. Angels will not interfere directly in our lives, that is, unless we ask or our lives are in imminent danger before our time.

If you want the angels to visit you in your dreams, you need to send them an invitation. You wouldn’t crash a party you weren’t invited to, or? It is similar with the angels. They will not bump into your life unless you ask them to do so. You have to invite them if you want to receive their guidance.

How to make the angels visit you in your dreams?

A good place to start is to begin a daily meditation practice right before you go to bed. Manifest your desire to connect with an angel. Do you have a particular angel you would like to communicate with? Your guardian angel? An Archangel? You can set an intention to connect with the angel you desire in your dream. Or you can make a more general request for the appropriate angel to come forward to guide you.

Write your manifestations and intentions in a dream journal or say them out loud. I am a fan of doing both. I especially enjoy saying manifestations out loud. Why use the? I can feel the vibrations of the words as I speak, creating a positive energetic shift within me. I can also feel angelic energies surrounding me as I say the words. But do what you feel comfortable with – both ways work equally well!

How to set an intention

How does an intention sound? Worried about doing something wrong? Well, good news: It’s not a math problem. There is no right or wrong way to set an intention.

Start thinking about what you need help or guidance with. Let’s say you need help deciding what career to pursue. You can say something like:

Angel, please come to me in my dreams. Please show me what path to take professionally. Thank you.

Or maybe you need help communicating in your relationship. You can call upon a specific angel to guide you. It may sound like this:

Archangel Gabriel, please visit me in my dreams and show me how my husband and I can communicate better. Thank You.

Setting your intention does not have to be complicated or deliberate. Make it simple and from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

Set your intention before you go to bed. Why choose the? For your intention should be the last thing on your mind when you fall asleep. To reinforce your intention, you express gratitude. Think of one or two things in your life that you are grateful for. Angels are attracted to the high energetic frequencies of gratitude, and this practice will help encourage visits from your angel while you sleep (and when you are awake!).

Adding certain crystals to your bedroom can also help create the right energy balance to invite angels into your space. Celestite, selenite, angel phantom quartz and angelite are commonly placed on nightstands or under pillows for this purpose. How to choose which crystal? Choose what speaks to you. If you are attracted or drawn to a particular crystal, this is the one for you!

Keep a notebook next to your bed. When you wake up from your dreams, immediately write down anything that stands out. Deciphering angel signs and messages can take some time. Any details you can record and remember for later will be very helpful in understanding what your angels are trying to tell you.

Connect with angels while you sleep

When you dream, you are not in a clear state to establish two-way communication with your visiting angels. This is why it is important to set your intention before you go to sleep – you have "sent" your request to the Universe that you are ready (and receptive!)

This can be the frustrating part for many. You crave a deep dialogue with your angel and want to ask questions to gain understanding. But angelic messages are not always communicated as conventional "conversations".

You see, your angel is from the spirit world, not the mortal world. Although they can take on some human characteristics, they are essentially made of divine energy and light and do not always communicate in the same way that we humans do. They often speak to us through imagery, symbolism and other celestial references.

The most important thing you can do is to be open minded. Be open to what they reveal to you and the messages they send. The angelic message conveyed in your dream may not make sense at first. And that is perfectly all right! Hold on to it. During your week, you will likely receive more hints and clues from the angels to help guide you.

Remember that solving a problem is not always a quick fix. Sometimes it is more of a journey. In time, it will make more sense and you can apply what you learn to your conscious life.

Make the most of your angel visits

Many who have been visited by angels like to keep a dream journal next to their bed to document their "conversations" for later translation. Writing these ideas down while they are fresh is important, as we often forget most of our dreams within minutes of waking up.

Above all, be patient when trying to connect with angels in your dreams. You may not receive a visit on your first invitation. Don’t worry or be disappointed. It may take some time to open these lines of divine communication. With practice you will succeed.

Remember, if your angels have a message to share, they can only share it if you are willing to receive and act on the information you are experiencing. Take comfort in knowing that your Divine time is coming.

Has an angel visited you in your dreams? Let me know in the comments!

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