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She is 25 years old and was born with a heart-lung defect

Corona means life-threatening danger for them: Anke Trebing gives the risk group a face

Wants to give the at-risk group a face: Anke Trebing from Baunatal reports about her illness on Instagram and Facebook

Anke Trebing was born with a heart-lung defect. This makes her a member of the coronavirus risk group.

  • The coronavirus continues to spread in the Kassel region
  • Anke Tebing has a heart-lung defect and thus belongs to the corona risk group
  • In social networks she draws attention to the danger

Kassel – Anke Trebing holds a sign into the camera: "I am the risk group.“ The woman from Baunatal was born with a heart-lung defect. The Coronavirus can quickly become life-threatening for her.

Corona in Kassel: Not only seniors belong to the risk group

Due to her chronic illness, the 25-year-old has a higher risk of a severe course of disease should she become infected with the corona virus. In the social networks she makes these days with others on it attentively. They all want to give the at-risk group a face.

"It makes me angry when some think that the coronavirus can only be a danger for older people," she says. "You don’t just stay at home for grandma and grandpa – everyone should take the call seriously and stay at home."

Corona in Kassel: high-risk patients with chronic disease

Many at-risk patients don’t see their disease, even if it affects them throughout their lives. Anke Trebing doesn’t want any "extra sausage" either: "If necessary, I’ll say of my own accord that I need a break."She deals openly with her illness in everyday life, and has also been doing so on social networks for a few months now: "I simply want to draw attention to it. Chronic diseases are not a taboo subject."

When you meet Anke Trebing on the street, you see a young woman full of life. The chronic illness affects her, even though she herself says she leads a relatively normal life: Full-time job, hobbies and a shared apartment with her boyfriend. "Those who don’t know me and don’t see my scars don’t notice my illness," the 25-year-old says.

Corona in Kassel: Anke Trebing has a congenital heart defect

Because of her congenital heart defect, she has had several open-heart surgeries. The error was corrected, but she is not healthy. "I can live with it and I am also much older than they predicted when I was born," Anke Trebing explains. In addition to her heart defect, she has pulmonary hypertension. That leads to a reduced lung volume.

"I don’t have the ability to breathe in and out as much air as I should be able to. Therefore I am very short of breath and must catch my breath more often."This makes endurance sports impossible for her. She was also unable to ride a bicycle for a long time. Last year, after much deliberation, she decided to buy an e-bike. "There are always funny looks why a 25-year-old rides an e-bike, but for me it’s a great option that gives me a lot of freedom again."

Corona in Kassel: Staying at home to protect people

Anke Trebing is now already the third week at home. Her employer gave the administrative assistant time off because of her severe disability. Normally she does sports like yoga and dancing several times a week. That is now eliminated. The risk of infection is too great.

Her boyfriend is still working. "But he has no contact with other people," says Anke Trebing. "He avoids any contact to protect me." Shopping and trips to the pharmacy are taken care of by Trebing’s parents, who live in Edermunde.

The 25-year-old has also only seen her friends digitally for weeks. "Sometimes we do a video call."She is particularly pleased when she finds postcards or letters in her mailbox in addition to numerous calls and messages. "Especially in these times, when communication is predominantly digital, that’s something very special again." At her place of work, the native of Edermunder calls once a week. "It’s also just nice to hear familiar voices these days," she says.

Corona in Kassel: Stay at home and still enjoy the weather

How does Anke Trebing currently in everyday life? "Sometimes I allow myself to go for a bike ride or a walk in the morning," she says. However, only in the fields near the home. But even there, she said, she had to be careful: "On weekends, when the weather is good, I can not leave the house, then there is too much going on."Fortunately, Anke Trebing can do her yoga sessions online. She’s also using time at home to write her book, which is due out in the fall.

Through her social media accounts, Anke Trebing has a lot of contact with other sufferers these days. "The response is enormous. Mainly because, after all, I don’t write about trendy topics such as fashion or furnishings. Chronic illness is not a topic that speaks directly to everyone, especially young people." In addition to asking for tips and advice, Trebing also receives many compliments on Instagram and Facebook for being so open about her disease. "In the meantime, I already have to take at least half an hour every day to answer everything," she says. "But it makes time at home a whole lot nicer."

Contact: Anke Trebing is on Facebook at Anke’s heart to find. Her Instagram account is called: ankes_heart

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