If you are interested in studying law, you can find information on how to apply here. If you still have questions about the study process or content, please contact our team at "richtig einsteigen"."

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The application

Where to apply?

Study places for the subject of law (state examination) are subject to admission restrictions (so-called. "Numerus Slausus").

Attention: The "Numerus Clausus is not something that the faculty decides on its own, but only shows which Abitur grade the most recently admitted student holds.

The application for a study place is done online at the Foundation for University Admission ( .

If you have any particular questions regarding the study site or. For further information on the application process at Bielefeld University, please consult the pages and staff of the Student Secretariat.

When to apply?

One can not at any time apply for a place at university. For this there is a fixed application period:

The deadlines end

at 15.07. for a winter semester
or. at 15.01. for a summer semester

The exact phases and dates can be found at under "Phases and dates".


Special conditions apply to applicants with foreign certificate of education
Likewise, special features apply to study with professional qualification (sog. "Studying without a high school diploma").

For the deadlines applicable there, please refer to the homepage of Bielefeld University.

How to apply?

You have to register online with the Foundation for University Admission ( apply.

The allocation takes place in the sog. "Dialogue-oriented service procedure" and is completed in several steps (phases and dates).

ATTENTION Important information:

  • Always apply only with the final and not preliminary Abitur grade!
  • The page offers a lot of information – read it seriously.
  • Often the information is "hidden" in the info boxes ("i")
  • The e-mails from could also end up in the spam folder of your e-mail inbox, please check it!
  • You can find more detailed information and important tips on this topic on the pages of the Student Administration Office.

The "getting to know day

Bielefeld- a city at your second glance!

For many first-year students, the study of law is a difficult subject to grasp. The reason for this is certainly the fact that there is no comparable subject at school that can even begin to represent the contents of the study program. In addition to the content as the "great unknown," which primarily addresses the question "Why law??", the question "Where to study law??" quite relevant. The "getting to know you" day, which is the "right way in".The "Foundation for University Admission" (hochschulstart), which was set up by the law faculty’s admissions team, is intended to provide prospective students with specific information about Bielefeld as a place to study – especially if they have received several offers of admission and are still in the process of deciding on a specific place to study. In addition to the universally applicable content of law studies (which mainly concerns the course of studies and the state examination), the variety of additional offers of this study program at Bielefeld University is emphasized (such as the international qualification offers, as well as the on-site teaching with tutorials throughout the basic studies), as well as the life in the East-Westphalian metropolis of Bielefeld is presented. The aim of the "Kennenlerntag" is to give prospective students a good basis for deciding on Bielefeld as a place to study.

Current day of getting to know the company

12. February 2020 in H14 of the UHG

Start: 10 a.m

The Faculty of Law will be hosting a job fair on 12. February 2020 a day of getting to know each other in H14 of the main university building. Start time: 10 a.m.

On this day the course of law studies at the University of Bielefeld is presented. In addition, information about the faculty’s special offers for entering and graduating from the program is provided. In addition, various additional qualifications that you can acquire during your studies are presented.

In the taster lecture of Prof. Dr. Schwab you get to know a lecturer and get an impression of a course.

All prospective students who have applied for a law course at Bielefeld University will be invited separately by e-mail.

It would be nice if you could then register at getting to know [email protected] would apply.

After the application

The admission offer

The first step towards Bielefeld University

In the course of the procedure, you may receive a sog. Offer of admission of Bielefeld University.

If you accept this, you will soon receive a Admission notice. This is available for download as a PDF in any case.

Important notice:

If necessary, a few days may pass between acceptance of the offer of admission and sending of the letter of admission.

The admission letter

(c) Bielefeld University

In the admission notice, the further procedure and the deadline for enrollment are indicated.

Important note:

They are individual enrollment deadlines, which must be respected in any case.

Failure to meet the enrollment deadline will result in the irrevocable loss of the place at.

The enrollment

(c) Bielefeld University

After receiving the letter of admission, you have the opportunity to enroll within the deadline set by Bielefeld University. After expiration of this period the admission loses its validity.

The enrollment, incl. The transfer of the tuition fee, is a mandatory requirement for the start of studies.

After enrollment you will receive the invitation to the first semester week and then your studies can begin.

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