Arrogance: 6 characteristics& 4 tips for dealing with arrogance (+self-test)

Arrogance is probably a quality that no one attributes to themselves, but is often attributed to a person by others. How exactly arrogance manifests itself and how you can deal with arrogant people, you will learn below.

Everyone knows arrogant people: they feel superior, look down on others and speak disparagingly about their fellow human beings. They probably do not describe themselves as arrogant, but probably consider themselves self-confident and intelligent. What else constitutes arrogance and how you can deal with such behavior, we explain below.

What arrogance is

What arrogance is

Arrogant people are usually those who think they are better than others. They do not see their fellow men as equals, but meet them condescending. On other people they seem haughty, arrogant, vain and conceited. They belittle other people and make them feel inferior. But just as great an effect as arrogant people have on others, they also affect the state of the haughty person. Because this is dependent on the consideration of others to perceive themselves as better.

That their self-assessment is unrealistic, usually notice only their peers. They themselves have often lost the ground under their feet in their self-perception. She interprets negative reactions and criticism as envy and jealousy. This deprives them of the opportunity to work on themselves and their behavior and to reflect on their actions.

Also therefore the saying "Pride comes before the fall" already often proven true. Since arrogant people do not strive for improvement and make many enemies with their behavior, their arrogance can become dangerous for them. Your lack of self-reflection and her Arrogance ensure that their fellow men virtually wish their case and attribute to them many other negative qualities such as laziness, but also insecurity.

And just the latter applies to many arrogant people. Their arrogance often serves Self-protection, because actually their arrogance is subject to a pronounced inferiority complex. Their over-emphasized self-confident appearance often testifies to just the opposite, namely a lack of self-confidence and a wounded self-esteem. Arrogance is therefore only one Facade, Who maintain arrogant people with the help of a lack of self-reflection. While their peers quickly see through the behavior, they can deceive themselves exceedingly well and sometimes hide behind their arrogance for years.

Arrogance is not a modern phenomenon. It has always existed. Countless intellectuals have studied it and recorded their thoughts on pride. So that you can get an even better picture of arrogance, we have suitable Quotes collected for you that aptly describe this trait.

1. "Some roosters believe that the sun rises because of them."
(Theodor Fontane)

2. "Where vanity begins, reason ends."
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

3. "Arrogance is the caricature of pride."
(Ernst Freiherr von Feuchtersleben)

4. "Enough knows no one, too much so some."
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

5. "A proud person demands the extraordinary from himself. A haughty person ascribes it to themselves."
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

6. "Fame is a poison that humans can only tolerate in small doses."
(Honore de Balzac)

7. "People are not always what they seem, but rarely something better."
(Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

8. "For one’s work one must seek approval, but never applause."
(Charles-Louis de Montesquieu)

9. "Arrogance is a deficiency disease of the soul."
(German proverb)

10. "The empty hose blows up the wind, the empty head the arrogance."
(Matthias Claudius)

Characteristics of arrogance

characteristics of pride

You can recognize arrogant people by countless characteristics and behaviors, all of which attract negative attention. Gives you a person bad feeling, it is quite possible that this person thinks he is better and is arrogant. So that you can meet these people accordingly and you can recognize their arrogance as such, we have collected common characteristics that apply to arrogant people.

Being overconfident

Arrogance often manifests itself in an overconfident demeanor, which arrogant people use to cover up their lack of self-worth. However, this appearance unconsciously serves as a Protective function. Because their charisma first makes them appear confident and self-assured to others, they offer less surface for attack. Their fellow human beings sometimes dare to criticize less and look up to them.

Ignore advice

Arrogance also results in placing little value on the opinions of others to the outside world. Arrogant people dismiss even well-meant advice and constructive criticism as not justified. They are not able to criticize. If they let criticism get too close to them, they would break down from it and question their whole personality, since their self-confidence is only a facade that easily collapses in on itself.


In order to present themselves in a better light, arrogant people often devalue their fellow human beings. They do this not only with their appearance, but also clearly with their words. For blasphemy is the specialty of the arrogant man. He takes every opportunity to talk condescendingly about others and to condemn. Although he himself is incapable of criticism, he has no problem judging others. Especially this behavior makes him unpopular with many.

Always want to be right

Arrogant people not only ignore advice, they also always want to make assert their own opinion. In discussions they must always have the last word. Devaluing the opinions of others, even if objectively they would make more sense. They don’t want to admit defeat, however, as that would in turn be to the detriment of their lack of self-esteem.

Like to be the center of attention

Arrogant people like to be the center of attention

Arrogance always seeks the Affirmation other. That’s why haughty people love to be the center of attention. This is their way of trying to boost their self-esteem. In order to push themselves into the center of attention, they often use any means necessary. In this way, however, they tend to make themselves unpopular instead of gaining recognition. When they notice this, they try to make up for it by drawing even more attention to themselves. This creates a vicious circle, which the arrogant person often only recognizes too late.

Think they are special

Characteristic for arrogance is that arrogant people are very convinced of themselves. On the surface they have a particularly positive self-image, but subliminally they are often very insecure, usually without even noticing it themselves. With this attitude you protect yourself from Offending, belittling others and giving less value to others’ opinions. In this way, they protect themselves from verbal attacks and can simply dismiss them as envy and jealousy.

Sometimes it is not so easy to recognize whether someone is arrogant or just shy self-confident or even shy Is. A very self-confident person does not necessarily have to be arrogant just because he talks openly about himself and his experiences. Also, a person doesn’t inevitably have to think he or she is better than everyone if he or she doesn’t speak to everyone with. You may also simply be shy or introverted.

What is true of others may also be the case with you. You may seem arrogant to others, even though you are simply shy or extremely outgoing. With our test you can find out if you seem arrogant or.

1. You have already heard from several people that they think you are arrogant.
2. You must have an opinion on everything and also express it.
3. You find it difficult to admit mistakes.
4. You think you are irreplaceable on the job.
5. New acquisitions you always have to show off.
6. In group projects you think you are the smartest one.
7. You do not listen to others properly.
8. You always have to improve other people.
9. If you express praise, it is only about yourself.
10. You pay attention to an upright posture and always carry your chin a little higher than others.

If many of the statements apply to you, it is quite possible that you come across as arrogant to some people and perhaps even a little bit arrogant. Then you should definitely start to reflect And to rethink your behavior. Tips for self-reflection can be found here. Ask yourself if your behavior might not stem from a lack of self-esteem. The important thing is that you honestly to you are. You can find out how to increase your self-esteem here. If you take the step of working on yourself, you’ve already made a significant difference from your possible arrogance and you’ll come across as much more likeable.

Dealing with arrogance: Here’s how

Dealing with arrogance: Here’s how

If you have to deal with arrogant people in your private or professional life, it can be nerve-wracking. Constructive work is often not possible with them, as they insist on their opinion and reject suggestions for improvement from the outset. It can often be difficult not to lose your patience. We explain how you can deal with arrogance.

Remain calm

It is important that you remain calm in any case – no matter how arrogantly and condescendingly you are treated. Anger and accusations will not help in this case. This only reinforces the arrogant person in his behavior and in his opinion of being better than you are. Instead of getting angry at his behavior, you’d be better off telling him off with Pity because behind his arrogance probably lies insecurity and a lack of self-esteem. Stay simple Friendly and ignore stupid comments. How to stop goading him.

Do not be intimidated

Under no circumstances should you be intimidated by his behavior. In doing so, you are doing exactly what the arrogant person wants to do – which is to belittle others and put himself forward. This is how you encourage him in a very special way. He feels superior and loses even more touch with reality. His arrogant behavior increases. Instead of allowing yourself to be impressed by his appearance, you should self-confident and steadfast appear. This is how you make an impression on the arrogant person and escape the role of victim.

Evade blasphemies

Do not blaspheme with the arrogant

Arrogant people tend to blaspheme behind others’ backs. But to be able to do this, they need people who are willing to get involved and take part in it. Even if you yourself are afraid that you will become the focus of the blasphemies, if you yourself do not participate, you should definitely avoid it. Because that’s how you empower Characteristics of arrogance and soon you are no better than the arrogant one himself. You probably can’t avoid people talking about you anyway. Because the arrogant often don’t care about the feelings of their fellow human beings.

Avoid arrogant fellows

If you have the opportunity, you should rather avoid arrogant people. You often can’t help them and better wait until they fail at their misbehavior and realize it by themselves. In this way, you make life much easier for yourself and elude their negative influence.

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