Attract skilled workers, retain employees, increase employee satisfaction

Üover 60 percent of professionals in Germany work in small and medium-sized companies. 80 percent of companies are having a hard time finding suitable skilled workers. Entrepreneurs are therefore faced with major challenges. We show how you can attract employees and retain them in your company for the long term, and introduce entrepreneurs who are succeeding in doing just that.

Three million skilled workers needed by 2030

The German economy will be short of around 1.8 million workers by 2020, including 1.2 million with vocational qualifications and a good 500.000 university graduates. By 2030, there could be as many as three million- according to the alarming figures of the renowned Basel research institute Prognos.

to attract qualified employees, to retain them in the long term and to keep them fit – according to the researchers in their study all of this is enormously important in times of a shortage of skilled workers: But in the meantime, the shortage of skilled workers is the main concern of German companies. Particularly concerned are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)78 percent of them see it as difficult to very difficult to recruit skilled workers. The shortage of skilled workers is already leading to notable Loss of sales, according to the researchers in their study.

Shortage of skilled workers is the main concern of German entrepreneurs

Attract skilled workers, retain employees, increase employee satisfaction


80 percent of entrepreneurs find it "difficult or "very difficult, find suitable skilled workers (Source: statista/EY: Mittelstandsbarometer Deutschland January 2018)

Demographic change is the main cause of the shortage of skilled workers

The main reasons for the shortage of skilled workers are the demographic change and the associated increasing Üaging society: By 2040, the number of people capable of working will have fallen by around one-tenth. The baby boomers are gradually disappearing from the workforce. In addition, young people are less likely to be interested in traditional apprenticeships. Staffing levels are therefore becoming increasingly thin, particularly in SMEs. Employees are overworked and therefore more often sick.

To avoid bottlenecks, it is important for companies to find good employees and retain them over the long term. For example, by also expanding their team through motivate additional benefits and thereby bind them to the company in a targeted manner.

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Many companies already use a company pension plan to increase their attractiveness as an employer and to attract, retain and keep employees fit. We present them to you.

Money alone does not make people happy

Employees today want more than just a fat salary. They want to be involved, want to get behind values and culture of their employer be able to stand. In the following we have decisive success factors which employers can use to increase their own attractiveness, attract the best people to their company, promote employee satisfaction and thus strengthen their own competitive position.

attracting employees: Skilled workers want to be inspired

Fewer and fewer skilled workers are being courted by more and more companies. That’s why it’s important to actively and successfully woo them.

The Advantages of a medium-sized employer are obvious: Flat hierarchies, large Design space and the possibility, to take on responsibility quickly, are just a few examples. You should always point out these advantages. Applicants also want to know what makes your company so special for its employees: Are you a good team?? Work with the latest technologies? Whatever distinguishes you and sets you apart from others- make it clear: in job ads, Brochures, On your Website, at Trade fair appearances etc. This gives your company a face to the outside world and thus becomes an employer brand.

Attractive employers find good people: highlight what makes you special!

Attract and retain employees by offering additional employee benefits

Strengthen your image as an attractive employer by offering real added value, for example with R+V solutions for your employees. In this way, you show that you value the work of your employees and assume social responsibility:

Also actively offering capital-forming benefits is well received by employees.

Further strengthen your image as an attractive employer by offering real added value, for example with the R+V solutions for your employees . This is how you show that you value your employees’ work and take social responsibility:

Get advice

As an experienced corporate insurer, we will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right solutions tailor-made solutions For your company and your employees. Our experts look forward to getting to know you.

On the way to an employer brand: How to become unmistakable

To attract the best, you need to show potential employees what makes your company so special. These suggestions and questions will help you define your own employer brand.

  • Communicate your own strengths: What makes you attractive as an employer? What it is like to work in your company? What differentiates your company from the competition? What additional offers can you make to your employees?
  • Define target groups and media: Who do you want to reach? ÜWhich channels are the best to reach your future employees??
  • Think long-term: A single campaign or ad placement is not enough to build a sustainable employer brand. It is better to select channels according to a clear strategy and to play them with high-quality content in the long term.
  • Turn your employees into brand ambassadors: Satisfied employees are the best advertisement for your company. Let them have their say, z. B. on your website or on social media channels.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization: Who on smartphone& Co. If your company is not visible as an employer, it will disappear from the radar of its target group and also risks negative image effects.

The key to employee retention is employee satisfaction.

Create the right area of responsibility and career prospects

Employees who feel connected to your company are more engaged at work and achieve better results. What’s more, employees who switch Identify with their tasks and the clear professional development prospects have, rarely the employer.

A key to greater employee loyalty is therefore employee satisfaction- both with regard to current tasks and conditions and with a view to future development opportunities. You can use the levers described below to bind employees to your company in the long term.

Retain employees through corporate culture: create a good working atmosphere

If employees enjoy coming to work, the working atmosphere is obviously right. Among entrepreneurs, therefore, the Corporate culture as the number one retention tool. It is crucial that the core corporate values are internalized by the entire team and exemplified by the managers. Get therefore- depending on the size of the company the entire team or selected employees to a table. ÜConsider this together:

  • What values are particularly important to us?
  • What principles guide our actions??
  • What we want to achieve together?
  • What we stand for?

You then record your answers in writing and pass them on to the entire team. As of this moment, the Mission statement then as a binding code of conduct for everyone.

Retain employees through freedom: Ensure a good work-life balance

The reconcile their professional and private lives, is increasingly important to working people. Companies can adapt to this with family benefits such as flexible working hours, arranging childcare or offering time off to care for relatives. Time off for so-called sabbaticals is also gaining in popularity.

As an attractive employer, you can score points, for example, if you offer your employees these options for flexible working hours:

  • Working time accounts or annual working hours: Working time accounts are used to accumulate overtime or absences and compensate for them at a later date. The annual working time is based on an agreement on the hours to be worked each year.
  • Part-time work and job sharing: Part-time work offers many flexibility options such as half-day work, work on individual fixed days per week, work and free time in blocks, optional working time and much more. Two part-time employees can also share one position.
  • Flexitime or trust-based working hours: Flexitime models distinguish between core working hours with compulsory attendance and flexitime periods within which the start and end of work can be freely determined.
  • Telecommuting or home office: Depending on the requirements of the job in question, some of the tasks can be performed from the home office. This helps young families in particular to achieve a better work-life balance.

Inspire employees through flexible working time models

With the lifetime working time account (LAZ) with guarantee from R+V Versicherung, flexible working time models are very easy to achieve. Find out now. Our experts will be happy to help you with a personal discussion available.

Retain employees through lifelong learning: create continuing education opportunities

Successful further training imparted Appreciation and motivates and retains employees in the long term. The calculation is simple: those who feel valued also value their employer. The results of a survey conducted by the German University for Continuing Education clearly show that more than one in two employees (54 percent) specifically selects a company based on whether continuing education is possible. The demands of those just starting their careers are particularly high: 60 percent of employees under the age of 35 pay particular attention to the training opportunities on offer when choosing a job.

Retaining employees through company pension plans

You may not be able to pay as high a salary as a major corporation. But: You can convince your employees with a modern compensation system by offering them a company pension plan, company health insurance or a lifetime work account.

With the company pension plan for example, part of the salary is saved for a company pension at a later date. Another advantage: Taxes and social security contributions do not have to be paid on this part of the salary. The employee benefits from this, because he saves taxes and provides for his old age. Employers can top up these benefits to gain an additional advantage in the competition for skilled workers. As a result of the Company Pension Strengthening Act (BRSG), which came into force on 1. January 2018 came into force, small and medium-sized companies in particular are being given new incentives to promote company pension schemes for their employees.

Offer a modern compensation system

Offer a modern compensation system with the R+V solutions for your employees and communicate the resulting Employee added value also in your job advertisements and on your website. More informationabout R+V solutions for your employees:

As an experienced company insurer, we will be happy to advise you and work with you to find tailor-made solutions for your company and your employees.

Keeping employees fit through company health management

When employees are doing well, the company does well too. Or to put it another way: if someone is absent due to illness, this also increases the workload. Pressure and stress for the rest of the staff increase- this results in decreasing productivity and even new cases of illness. Companies would therefore do well to promote the health of their employees. More about "Keeping employees fit read our advice article:

Company health management: this is where you can start

  • Create a healthy working environment: This includes z. B. ergonomic workplaces, sports facilities and a balanced diet.
  • Prevent stress in the workplace: Avoid overstraining, pay attention to break times, show understanding for your employees, lead by example.
  • Benefit R+V Versicherung’s lifetime working time account to make working hours in your company more flexible.
  • Offer offer their employees company health insurance. If one of your employees falls ill, he should get the best possible care.

Success stories: These entrepreneurs are successfully tackling the shortage of skilled workers

Attract employees: Salzland Druck, printing service provider from Saxony-Anhalt, 70 employees

Salzland Druck from Strabfurt is an owner-managed family business with a typical medium-sized structure. customers come from industry, agencies, specialized publishing houses and the public sector.

Christian Heinrich, Managing Director (center): „Our industry is undergoing major changes. We have highly complex work processes and need skilled workers with high technical know-how. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to find employees these days. When it comes to recruiting employees, we actively use the company pension plan and the company health plan. In my opinion, young people today place a lot of emphasis on these issues. This is a win-win situation and increases the bond between employee and company. With R+V, we have a very good partner at our side.“

Retaining employees: Argon Dental, manufacturer of dental implants from Rhineland-Palatinate, 30 employees

Founded in 1999 by Richard Donaca as a family business, Argon Dental is a manufacturer and supplier of dental implants. The company is headquartered in Bingen am Rhein, but sales are now worldwide.

Richard Donaca, owner (third from left): „My employees are very valuable to me many experts, engineers and technicians. All entrepreneurs have the problem of how to bind their employees more to the company. That’s what it’s all about. When you offer supplemental health insurance or supplemental retirement insurance, the employee feels like he or she is getting a bond with the company. So this is a very good investment and it was a very good decision to make these additional benefits for my employees through R+V."

Keeping employees fit: Edelstahl Rosswag, open-die forge from Baden-Wurttemberg, 170 employees

The Rosswag company, founded in 1911, is a classic family business based in Pfinztal, Germany. Rosswag is the largest open-die forge in southern Germany and has expertise and experience in processing more than 400 different materials.

Alexander Essig, Managing Director (right): „Work used to be much more physical, now there is more psychological pressure. Everything is getting faster, everything has to be done immediately. Physical fitness must match. And that is why the company health management is also very important. This is not money lost, but money well invested. If the employee gets sick, he must also get the best care. This also means offering a company health insurance plan. R+V didn’t just sell us a product, but a solution. We are a family business: We don’t think in quarters, but in generations. I need insurance that is there today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And I need reliability. With this insurance, we have achieved the best possible protection for our employees. That is simply also a good feeling.“

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