Baby cradle test – for quiet hours of your baby – comparison of the best baby cradles 2022

A baby cradle is available as a classic wooden model with a canopy or in a modern design, such as from BabyBjorn. make sure that the mattresses are not too soft and comply with DIN standards. In a baby mattress test by Stiftung Warentest, several mattresses failed because of a safety risk for the baby. Our excellent consumer portal has also rated it positively when paints and materials are certified as free of harmful substances. On the basis of customer reviews we have checked how practical the baby cradles are. It is important that they can be easily moved like a bassinet.

I am 32 years young, a mother of 2 children (3 months and 5 years) and at home in Leverkusen, Germany.
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Baby cradle best list 2022 – The best baby cradles in the test& Comparison

Last updated on: 13.01.2022

I am 32 years young, mother of 2 children (3 months and 5 years) and in Leverkusen at home.
My shopping guides in which I share my product testing experiences with you can be found in the categories Baby& Baby Cradle Test Child and household.

What is a baby cradle?

The traditional baby cradle is, so to speak, the classic in the freshly furnished nursery or also in the parents’ bedroom. Due to the special design, the cradle is easy to vibrate, but not too violent.

When rocking, the baby feels almost like in the womb. This gentle movement was already relied on by baby cribs used several centuries ago.

With the classic cradles is the bed or. the basket with the sleeping mattress for the child on a frame, which is equipped with wide, round runners at the head and foot end.

On it becomes the cradle with only one hand movement nudged, so that it moves back and forth for a while. Meanwhile, however, the modern baby cradles can do much more.

How does a baby cradle work?

The How the baby cradles work is based on the simple design with curved runners. Without effort, the cradle is set in the desired rocking motion. This rocking cradle makes the baby feel secure and quickly falls asleep.

The different types of baby cradles from various tests are characterized by modern elements or nostalgic decorations. Regardless of the design, babies feel safe and secure when sleeping in the cradle. Unlike the large crib, it is much tighter in the cradle.

Especially in the first weeks this means a better protection of the baby. The transition from the womb to the big world can be managed more gently with the right cradle. In the beginning, newborns sleep a lot, so the choice of sleeping place plays an essential role.

The little ones need a lot of peace and security, at the same time, gentle, continuous movement provides a natural rhythm. For this reason, some mothers carry their babies directly on the body to always be able to soothe them.

For the Mother’s back Is the cradle a real salvation, moreover, it can also find some peace for once itself. The baby cradle thus takes over the soporific rocking, whether it is in the parents’ room, in the nursery or in the living area.

Compared to the bassinet, Which are also popular, the baby cradles tested in a test often have a lower weight. If they are also mounted on casters, it is especially easy to move them around.

advantages& Areas of application

The Comparison test winner of the baby cradles and even the cheaper ones convince with their practical rocking function as well as other advantages. Depending on the room layout and one’s own safety thinking, the cradle can be placed in the child’s room or positioned in the parents’ bedroom in the first weeks after birth.

The way to the cradle should not be too far, so that you can quickly take care of the child if it cries in an emergency. In relation to the normal crib, the cradle is much smaller, but this is exactly what gives the newborn a sense of security, especially in the early days.

The baby cradle can be used as a sleeping place for the night but also as a comfortable rest for the daytime. Often there are two places to sleep in the home: first, the slightly larger crib, and secondly, the cradle, which is always pushed to where you are at the moment. That is why the baby cradles with wheels are particularly in demand. Typically, these rollers have a locking function, so that the cradle does not roll away involuntarily.

The Feeling of confinement gives the baby a lot of security, Which reminds a little of the womb. In addition, the rocking, which is a great relief for parents. Even if the baby cradle cannot replace the direct body contact, it facilitates the soothing rocking and gradually puts the child to sleep.

Natural materials like wicker or wood are the favorites in the construction of baby cradles. Supplemented with a decorative fabric canopy and warm bedding, the cradle not only fulfills a functional purpose, but it also looks pretty.

What types of baby cradles are there?

The classic rocking cradle, which is also called skid cradle, stands on semicircular skids directly on the floor. With a slight movement of the hand, the baby cradle is made to swing, and the baby is gently rocked to sleep. In general, the runners are not absolutely round in the middle. This does not allow a fluid rocking motion, but this braking form provides a little more security. After all, the baby should not roll back and forth during rocking. Often the rocking cradles have wheels that can be folded out. This makes it easy to move it to the next room. When the cradle is in the desired place, you fold the rollers up again.

Advantages of the swinging cradle in a test

  • easy to reposition,
  • simple construction,
  • can partly be used as an extra bed,
  • pleasantly gentle rocking,
  • uncomplicated handling.

Disadvantages of the rocking cradle in a test

  • often without additional function,
  • because of the small form usable only for the first half year.

With the Pendulum cradle it is a construction in which the basket is attached to a hanger. Swinging cradles are not on skids, but typically on lockable casters. These provide the flexibility and at the same time safety of the cradle. The movement of this cradle is due to the type of suspension, which is located at the two ends. Often a locking function is integrated, which secures the cradle basket.

Advantages of the pendulum cradle in a test

  • Flexibility or. Mobility,
  • pleasant rocking motion,
  • Often with height adjustment.

Disadvantages of the swing cradle in a test

  • Assembly a bit more difficult,
  • higher total weight.

The Suspended cradle can be attached directly to the ceiling of the child’s room. This ceiling mounting does not allow you to easily change the position in the home. Such a cradle rocks in all directions, but due to its sophisticated design, the rocking motion is not too intense. In any case, the use of sturdy pull ropes, dowels and springs should ensure that the hanging cradle does not come loose. Special mounting options allow, for example, fixation under the stairs or outside on the climbing frame. In the apartment itself, however, there is usually only one fixed place for the hanging cradle. Often the springs, which are part of the mounting system, allow an additional rocking up and down of the hanging cradle.

Advantages of the hanging cradle in a test

  • additional up and down movement due to the spring,
  • Adjustable height of the cradle,
  • partly also to be used outside.

Disadvantages of the hanging cradle in a test

  • unchangeable suspension on the ceiling of the room,
  • Hook mounting required.

This is how the baby cradles were tested in the 2022 test

  • The material

In one Baby cradle test 2022 it has been found that the majority of cribs and cradles are made of wood. This natural material has been tested for its stability and durability. However, one should also check the workmanship. Splinters should not appear as well as harmful dyes. The corresponding quality seals provide information about the quality of the materials used as well as the safe handling of the material.

  • The dimensions

The size of the baby cradle is about the dimensions of the frame on the one hand, and the lying surface on the other hand. The larger cradles are not necessarily the better ones, because often these mobile cribs are to be moved around. Especially in apartments with small rooms and/or narrow doors, the somewhat smaller baby cradles are therefore popular. In addition, a narrow lying surface can give the child a lot of security. While there should not be too little space, a certain tightness reminds the baby of the time spent in the womb.

  • The age recommendation

Often one finds in the product description of the cradles an age recommendation of the manufacturer. In general, baby cradles are suitable for children up to six months of age. If you want to know more precisely, you should refer to the weight specifications. Since children develop differently even in the first few months, careful consideration should be given to whether the cradle is also suitable for a fast-growing baby who weighs a little more even at five months of age.

  • The rollers

Often, the inexpensive baby cradles are plastic rollers that are difficult to turn when you want to move the furniture into the next room. The comparative winners of the baby cradles, on the other hand, are equipped with more robust casters that do not bend away and are easier to move around.

  • The locking function

The baby cradles with wheels often have a locking function. This ensures that the cradle does not start moving if you tap it too hard or if the baby itself rocks a little harder. The tilting of the cradle can also be prevented by this locking function.

  • Features and scope of delivery

Some Baby cradles from a test 2022 are available as a complete set. For parents, this means buying the complete equipment for the cradle in a package right away. In general, the mattress, pillow and blanket belong to it, often also the nest and bedding. Depending on the type of cradle, a canopy with a canopy pole may also be included in the scope of delivery.

When it comes to the equipment, you should definitely consider the Check quality, to ensure that the various items meet the strict guidelines of the testing institutes. This is especially true for the mattresses and covers, which should create a hygienic environment. In addition, the mattresses of the cradle should not be too thin and should be tested for breathability.

What to look for when buying a baby cradle?

Who uses Baby cradle who chooses a cradle, may initially be concerned mainly with the appearance, which should fit into the nursery. The design should be individual and friendly. However, many tests of baby cradles showed that safety plays a much more important role. This is why it is essential for buyers to check the stability of the cradle. Furthermore, the possibilities of use of this sleeping facility are to be considered. Some baby cradles can be used, for example, as a kind of extra bed.

The Selection of the baby cradle also depends on the available space in the home and the budget. At the same time, parents-to-be should be aware that their child needs maximum comfort. In the right cradle with a high-quality, thick mattress, the baby lies especially cozy and warm.

The cradle with its complete equipment should not contain Risk of injury represent. This means not only that the construction of the cradle itself should not have sharp edges, but also that the mattress cover and other textiles should not slip.

The main function of the baby cradle is the rhythmic rocking movement, which as a gentle stimulation promotes sleep. Here, buyers have a choice between the traditional skid cradles and models with suspensions.

Depending on whether the child sleeps in its own room or is frequently moved to another room, it is worth to buy the cradle in addition to the crib or to use it as the only sleeping place for the newborn baby. The hanging cradle can also be the optimal choice for certain needs.

When the cradle is equipped with a grid, then the distance between them should be Bars should be at least 4.5 and maximum 6.5 cm. This reduces the risk of little feet getting trapped or the head slipping between the bars.

Brief information about leading manufacturers

  • To the internationally renowned brands of baby cradles count BabyBjorn, Alvi and Koko. The companies Easy Baby and Roba also have beautiful cradles ready to complete the nursery.
  • Of course, there are also in the well-known furniture stores various baby cradles, which can be selected to match the other furniture for the toddler. Koko, Julius Zollner and other companies also present high-class and comfortable baby cradles.

Internet vs. Specialized trade: Where do I buy my baby cradle best??

About the Different types of baby cradles you can find a lot of information and testimonials on the Internet. Furniture stores and specialized retailers also inform customers about the various cradles and explain the respective advantages and also the limitations that are present in some baby cradles.

The Details of safety features Are often easier to follow in written form. That is why buyers like to research on the Internet, where detailed descriptions can be found. For this, you have direct contact with the competent sales staff in the store. However, online stores for the baby’s first equipment often offer a telephone, mail or chat service, where prospective buyers can ask their questions.

A few clicks immediately narrow down the search, so that one can set one’s budget range from the outset and also narrow down the type of baby cradle to be built. Through the sorting function you can find your baby cradle comparison test winner within a short time. The price comparison is also done quickly, so you can start the order right away.

Things to know& Guide

The Baby cradles from a test provide the child lying in it a pleasant, cozy feeling, because the rocking provides a lot of relaxation. The baby has it nice and cozy and the parents also benefit from the comfort.

The history of the baby cradle

It is difficult to trace when the first cradle was built. In any case, baby cradles were already used in ancient times, some of which were already moved on rollers. Pictures from the Middle Ages show skid cradles in which the tightly wrapped babies lay. Partly ribbons led over the edge of the cradle, so that the children could not fall out.

Even the earlier wooden baby cradles were often decorated by paintings and carvings. Often the drawings were symbols that emphasized religious beliefs. Other images were supposed to serve as a kind of protection against evil demons. Other pieces of furniture from the Middle Ages and the following centuries also bore similar decorations and signs. The rustic wooden cradles with floral motifs at the head end are still reminiscent of those days.

Around 1800, more and more people apparently spoke out against the constant rocking, so baby cradles and even rollaway cribs came into use less and less often. However, this happened only in the cities, while the cradle continued to be used in rural areas.

In the course of the 20. Century the rocking cradle gradually found its way back into children’s rooms. Especially since the 1980s, more and more people have been relying on the power of movement and, as a result, the different variants of carrying devices and cradles.

The Indians in South and Central America have long used so-called "cradleboards", the modern version of which is called a carrying cradle. In Asia, too, there were similar cradle boards or basket-like containers a long time ago.

In the today’s cradles the traditional elements are combined with the new findings concerning the sleeping habits and the natural development of the child.

The comfort of the numerous cradle models ultimately depends less on the design itself than on the nature of the mattress. Whether the sideways rocking is enough or whether the baby cradle should rock in all directions is something parents must decide for themselves.

Figures, data, facts about the baby cradle

In one Baby cradle test different designs were examined to find the commonalities and to take a closer look at the differences. Overarching elements were always the rocking function and mobility of the cradles.

The fact is that the typical baby cradles are assembled from the following components:

  • Underframe
  • Basket
  • Mattress
  • if necessary. Bed canopy
  • and nest.

Often consisted Base in tests made of resistant wood or metal and had rollers. These make it easier to move the baby cradle. The basket is often actually a wickerwork, but sometimes it is made of wooden lattice bars. To minimize the risk of injury to the child, the inside is usually lined with fabric.

The Nest and the bedding can complete the baby cradle, but many parents prefer to use a baby sleeping bag. This stays close to the body and can not slip, as would be the case with a comforter. So the child can not suffocate in his sleep.

Among the important Features of the baby cradle is the simple construction and the stable material. In the product data sheet you can also learn more about the additional extras, for example, the lockable rollers or a vibration function.

The lying surface of the Cradle should be at least 36 x 72 cm in size, whereby the average is about 40 x 80 to 90 cm lies. Outside varies the size of the baby cradles, which can often be a meter or longer. The height depends on whether there is a canopy or not.

In the statistics it becomes clear, that the newborns initially sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day. They do seem to be awake often, but overall sleep time adds up to this high number of hours. Therefore, it is important that the little ones can take their favorite sleeping position. This means for them a smooth transition into the big world, because so they feel many hours a day nice and safe, even if they are not just carried in the arms.

  • Where to place the baby cradle?

In the beginning, the baby cradles are often placed in the parents’ bedroom and are only moved into the children’s room after a few weeks. In the parents’ bedroom you have the child right next to you. This is very convenient when the mother breastfeeds the baby. In addition, the baby perceives the breathing of the parents, which has a positive effect on the well-being, even if this happens unconsciously. At the same time, parents can immediately hear if their child is breathing evenly or is uncomfortable.

The cradle should not be placed too close to the wall, so that it does not bump anywhere when rocking. It is best to move it to the same place in the evening, even if it has been moved from one room to another during the day.

  • Can the cradle be converted into a baby bed at night?

Up to a certain size, the child can also sleep in the cradle at night. The locking function prevents the cradle from rolling away when placed next to the parent’s bed or in the child’s bedroom. Otherwise, there is no need to make any changes to the baby cradle when it is used as a crib.

  • Is the baby cradle built appropriately for the child?

In order for the cradle to withstand the weight and movement, the base should be robustly processed. The overall construction and fasteners should not have sharp edges or protruding screws, so that the child can not injure themselves. Appropriate quality seals, for example the GS mark, inform buyers about the safety of the piece of furniture.

  • Will the crying child be quiet if I rock him in the cradle?

The rocking motion soothes the baby, but it is often better to hold the baby in your arms and pet him or her for comfort. Direct body contact cannot be replaced by any rocking function. When you have cradled the baby in your arms for a while, you carefully place him in the cradle, which is then moved slightly further. This gentle transition makes it easy for the baby and parents to relax and get back into the sleepy mood.

  • Can I build a baby cradle myself?

In the past, it was standard for the young father to make the cradle himself. Today, of course, this is still possible. The construction plan of a classic cradle with runners is relatively simple to rework. This can be painted individually. When assembling and treating the wooden elements, you should pay attention to the solidity of the material and the use of non-toxic agents. On the Internet there are a few helpful guides and professional tips on this subject.

  • Up to what age can the baby lie in the cradle?

Due to their size, the baby cradles from all the tests are suitable for children who are no more than six to eight months old, depending on their growth. At this stage, the babies are big enough to lie in a crib. Baby cradle manufacturers also typically give a recommendation of up to six months of age. Sometimes, however, children grow so fast that it becomes too tight in the cradle already at the age of five months. The urge to move should also be taken into account in this consideration, because the more mobile the babies are, the smaller the lying surface appears to be.

  • What is the optimal environment for a healthy sleep of the baby?

Dangers like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can’t be completely eliminated, but there are still a few useful tips for optimizing the sleep environment. So the room temperature should be between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. Pillows, blankets and even cuddly toys do not belong in the cradle. Instead, one uses a sleeping bag to be on the safe side. This prevents the textiles from covering the baby’s face and possibly hindering breathing.

  • What should the base be like?

The base or. Mattress in the cradle should be relatively firm and thick. A certain air permeability favors the climatic properties and ensures that the body sweat is well drained. Accordingly, the child feels comfortable in the cradle.

  • Which is better: the baby cradle or the baby crib??

As a test of baby cradles shows, these pieces of furniture are very mobile, especially if they have casters. The baby crib, on the other hand, remains in place and cannot be temporarily placed in the living room or in the parents’ room. Another characteristic feature of the baby cradle is the rocking function, which sometimes also allows a slight rocking. This constant, calming movement soothes babies more quickly and also helps them fall asleep better.

The baby cradles take up less space than the cribs due to their compact form. However, the cribs can be used for a longer period of time. While the cradle must be replaced when the child is about six months old, the beds can continue to be used and sometimes even converted to serve as a sleeping place for several years as well.

  • Are there also larger cradles for children who grow quickly?

Most baby cradles in tests had a A maximum lying surface of 90 cm and are therefore suitable for babies who are about half a year old. Some children grow relatively quickly, however, so that they reach the frame of the cradle as early as five months of age. For these a somewhat larger baby cradle is necessary. From various manufacturers you can also get rocking cradles with a little more lying surface, but at a length of about one meter is usually reached the upper limit. For larger babies, a crib is more suitable, which offers much more space without being too uncomfortable.

Useful accessories

Matching to a beautiful baby cradle there are also the appropriate accessories. With a complete set, you get the extras right with the crib. Depending on the scope of delivery may need. some parts are bought separately. Important accessories are the nest and the mattress. With a canopy and the necessary rod, the baby cradle turns into a particularly pretty little bed.

As an extension there are decorative textiles for the nursery, creating a cozy atmosphere. Sleeping bags and nests are also available directly for the cradle, and an extension can be added to turn it into a side bed right next to the parent’s bed. Very popular is also the bed canopy, which is available for many baby cradles. With the linkage provided for this purpose, it can be assembled in no time at all. Under this tent-like structure the baby lies like in a small cave. The canopy shields it a little from the ambient noise. This is especially important if the baby cradle is placed in the living room, where there are other family members who do not want to constantly talk to each other in whispers.

For Furnishing the baby cradle there are many other things, from bedding to cuddly blankets and friendly patterned curtains. A mobile that hangs from the ceiling provides a little variety. Colorful pictures are initially something for the parents, but after a while, the children are also enthusiastic about the colorful motifs of teddy bears, toy cars and / or flowers.

The Sleeping bags for children Are a child-friendly solution for babies up to six months old who sleep in the cradle. Unlike a comforter, the sleeping bag cannot be tucked away, so it will keep the baby warm for several hours. In addition, with the sleeping bag there is no risk of covering the baby’s face. This would possibly complicate breathing and therefore pose a risk to health. The sleeping bag should be perfectly matched to the size of the child.

Stabilizing storage pillows or rolled up towels on the edge of the mattress were often used in the past. Today, however, nests are usually designed in such a way that the child finds and maintains the optimal lying position even without additional elements.

With the various Accessories and parts one should be careful that here neither cords nor elastic bands or cords hang around. The baby could possibly get tangled in it, so these decorative elements must be kept out of reach. This applies both to the decoration of the canopy of the bed and other pretty parts, such as those attached to the edge of the nest.

The Choice of mattress is oriented exactly to the inside size of the cradle. There should be no gap between this frame and the base, so that the baby enjoys optimal protection. In addition, you should pull up the bed sheet stably, so that it does not come loose even when the child turns around.

For the Baby cradle for hanging you also need the right hooks and mounting accessories. Only if these components fit perfectly, the necessary safety for the child is guaranteed.

Alternatives to the bassinet

The Baby cradles from a test are very popular, but alternative bed furniture such as side beds or bassinets are also suitable for newborns. However, these baby cribs do not have a cradle function. The bassinet can be set up just as flexibly as the rolling cradle, while the larger crib or the extra bed always remain in their place.

The The classic baby cribs are available in the standard sizes 60 x 120 cm and 70 x 140 cm. Some of them have a floor that can be adjusted in height. This way, when the baby gets a little bigger, he can’t fall out, even if he’s already pulling himself up on the bars. With removable bars, such a bed can be used later, because the mobile and independent toddler can easily get out through the opening and no longer needs special protection. Other cribs can even be converted to become a junior bed.

The bassinet can be easily moved and is typically equipped with a wicker basket. This has a similar format to the baby cradle. In traditional style, bassinets look very cozy in any room, especially if the textiles are characterized by beautiful patterns. Just like the cradle, the popular bassinet is only suitable for the first six months of the child’s life.

A bassinet can be mounted directly to the parent’s bed, thus ensuring a correspondingly high degree of closeness. Whether the child should only be calmed down or whether it is already time for breastfeeding, with only a few movements the baby can be taken on the arm.

The travel cot for babies offers itself as mobile and if necessary. temporary solution to. As a particularly lightweight piece of furniture that can be folded, it convinces above all with its practical properties and fits easily into the trunk of the car.

The small baby bouncer Can’t really be called an alternative, yet it offers a certain amount of flexibility in your own home or when you’re visiting grandparents. These rockers have a harness system that keeps the baby securely in place, even if he or she moves around a little bit more. Generally, these baby rockers have not been designed as sleep furniture, but since they often have a variable backrest, they can be adjusted to the lying position.

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