Banana updo do it yourself

An updo banana looks elegant and is perfect for festive occasions. But it can also be worn in business to the elegant, simple business look. The hair banana has become a real classic among updos. It is not so complicated to make an updo banana yourself. It always looks neat and can be a good alternative to a ponytail. For festive occasions like the wedding, the hairstyle can still be decorated with small flowers or glittering clips. The updo banana is also called French twist. It is suitable for any hair type, whether the hair is straight or curly, thick or thin.

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How does the banana updo look like?

In the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", film legend Audrey Hepburn made the updo banana famous. The elegant hairstyle is has become a real classic and also known as a French twist. To its wearer the hair banana gives elegance, charm and grace.

Depending on the length of the hair there is for the banana updo different variations. Women with very long, full hair can wear the banana almost over the entire back of the head and braid the remaining hair into a braid, which is then pinned to the banana.

For a banana the hair must be not always be really long. With shorter hair banana is smaller and then worn on the lower back of the head. For a casual, sporty look, the banana can be pinned a little loosely.

For the wedding or other festive occasions can be the banana look a little playful. This succeeds if the hair is not twisted too strictly. For the business look the banana is rather strictly pinned up.

In any case the hairstyle visually lengthens the neck. Because of its shape it got its name, because it looks like a banana. The hair is twisted into a roll, which is rolled up on one side and pinned down.

Aids for the hair banana

Banana updo with braided pigtail

Who wants to style a hair banana, gets along with few tools. A Hairbrush and a toupee comb are needed. It can also be useful to use a barrette to part the hair. In addition, depending on the hair length 10 to 15 hair clips are needed.

The hairstyle can still fixed with hairspray, so that it holds better. This is especially useful for fine hair and for short hair. If you want to make a banana for the wedding itself, you can still use a pretty hair clip or small flowers and decorate the hairstyle.

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Step by step instructions for the hair banana

In order to make the hair more manageable and easier to style, it should already be be washed one day before. The instructions show that it is quite simple to do an updo banana.

The following steps help to make the hair banana itself:

  1. Step

Hair brush well or comb through with a coarse comb to make them nice and smooth. On the preferred side of the head a side parting is drawn with the comb. Fine hair is toupeed strand by strand, so that the hair looks fuller. The hair gets more volume.

  1. Step

In the next step the hair fixed with hair clips, so that they hold better and the hairstyle fits better. The combed and put aside hair is slightly crossed at the back of the head and pinned with some hair clips.

The position of the hairstyle is determined in this step. About the still visible hair clips the hairstyle is twisted in. The hair clips are then no longer visible.

  1. Step

This step is the most difficult, because the hair is now twisted in. As with a ponytail, the hair is taken in hand. Towards the hair clips they are twisted in. Use the remaining hair clips to fix the banana so that it can no longer come loose.

  1. Step

In this step the banana gets its finish. The tips still peeping out of the hairstyle will be twisted into a snail and pinned with hair clips. With hairspray it can be fixed, so that the individual hairs no longer come loose.

For the banana there are still different more beauty ideas. For this there are still various instructions on the Internet. The right instructions for long hair are also included.

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