Bitcoin rate current& today: u.s. Key interest rate remains extremely low – for now

Bitcoin price currently US key interest rate remains extremely low for now – bitcoin at 36.600 dollars

Latest news and today's breaking news on the current bitcoin exchange rate at a glance. Source: REUTERS

Current news and the latest news from today on the current bitcoin rate at a glance.

After the low in May, many cryptocurrencies were on the rise again, including the oldest of them. But since mid-November, the bitcoin price has been falling. Currently, however, the crypto market is recovering slightly.

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On Thursday morning, a Bitcoin on the trading platform Bitstamp briefly cost around 36.600 dollars. Since reaching a new all-time high on 8. November 2021, the bitcoin price has been falling steadily and recently even repeatedly below the 32.500 dollar mark. But since then, the exchange rate has recovered slightly.

Alternative cyber currencies: Of gamblers, dreamers and would-be millionaires

Alternative cyber currency Of gamblers, dreamers and would-be millionaires

Experts saw one reason for the drop in the bitcoin price in the fear of rapidly rising interest rates in the U.S. Now known: The Fed is leaving the key U.S. interest rate untouched for now – but makes it clear that will change soon.

In recent months, the price fell quickly in itself depending on the news situation. As recently as July 2021, the price of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency had repeatedly fallen within a few weeks to just under 29.000 dollars fell, but then started the countermovement. Since the all-time high on 8. November 2021, however, the bitcoin records bitter losses of almost 50 percent.

Many analysts currently assume that the bitcoin price will nevertheless continue to rise in the long term. But investing in Bitcoin is considered risky among investors.

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Today’s latest news and news about the bitcoin and the current exchange rate

27. January 2022 – U.S. Federal Reserve leaves key interest rate unchanged for now

In view of the high inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve Fed wants to raise interest rates soon and then also steamroll its bloated balance sheet. It said after the monetary policy meeting, it will soon be appropriate to raise the key interest rate. For the time being, they still left it in the range of zero to 0.25 percent.

Concerns about rapidly rising interest rates had previously caused prices to fall in the markets. So also with Bitcoin and Co. However, the Fed’s decision, which has now been made, did not cause any more major price losses for the oldest cryptocurrency. The bitcoin price is recovering since the fall to 32.500 dollars further easily. Currently, according to analyst firm Coinmarketcap, the oldest cryptocurrency is trading at around 36.600 dollars (as of 11:30 a.m.).

Here they see the current Bitcoin rate in US dollars in real time. The value may therefore differ from the rates mentioned in the text.

26. January 2022 – IMF urges El Salvador to abandon bitcoin as a means of payment

International Monetary Fund (IMF) urges El Salvador to abandon bitcoin as legal tender again. El Salvador had been the first country in the world to give the cryptocurrency this status in September last year.

In a statement, the IMF board stressed that there are major risks associated with using bitcoin. These included, for example, risks to financial stability, financial integrity and consumer protection, as well as related contingent tax liabilities.

21. January 2022 – Russian central bank considers crypto ban

The Russian Central Bank may be considering a comprehensive ban on cryptocurrencies as they had all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme, undermined monetary policy and posed a risk to the Russian financial system, the central bank said in a recent report. "Potential financial stability risks associated with cryptocurrencies are much higher for emerging markets," the central bank writes in the report.

12. January 2022 – US inflation rate rises to seven percent – Bitcoin price recovers slightly

U.S. inflation rate continues to rise in December, now at seven percent. This is the highest value since the year 1982. With the announcement of the figures, the bitcoin price rises and approaches the 44.000 dollar mark. With this, the price has been recovering since the fall to 39.$800 more on Monday.

10. January 2022 – Bitcoin falls below 40.000 dollars

Bitcoin has been in a downtrend for about two months now, briefly falling below the 40.000 dollar mark. The last time the bitcoin price was below that was in September 2021.

Experts say one reason for the continued sell-off in cryptocurrency is fear of rapidly rising interest rates in the U.S. The Fed had recently hinted at rapid interest rate hikes. Investors are therefore pulling out of riskier assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. back. This depresses the prices on the crypto market.

In addition, there is the ongoing unrest in Kazakhstan. In the wake of the protests, the state-owned telecommunications company shut down the internet virtually across the country – presumably to prevent coverage of the unrest. This move has serious consequences for the crypto market – far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. As the country has now become one of the most important locations for global bitcoin mining.

13. December 2021 – Savings banks want to enable trading in cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin listed at 48.000 dollars

Earlier this week, Finance Forward, Finanz-Szene and Capital reported that savings banks will offer their customers as early as next year the Trading in cryptocurrencies Want to enable. According to the report, customers should be able to access digital currencies like bitcoin directly through their checking account. He added that the use of a dedicated crypto exchange, such as Coinbase, would then no longer be necessary.

"The interest in crypto assets is enormous, and the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe also sees this," the German Giro and Savings Banks Association (DSGV) said in response to a query.

7. December – Bitcoin gains and trades above 50.000 dollar

The bitcoin price rises on Tuesday night above the 50.000 dollar mark. Currently, according to data from the anlyse house Coinmarketcap, the bitcoin price is quoted at 51.066 dollars (As of 9:11 a.m.).

With this, the bitcoin continues to recover from the price plunge early Saturday. Over the weekend, the price had risen by around a fifth in less than an hour to just under 42.000, but then recovered somewhat by Sunday evening and is now up by around six percent on a 24-hour basis.

6. December – Hacker attack on BitMart

Crypto exchange BitMart may have been the victim of a hacker attack. Hackers have captured about $150 million in cryptocurrencies from BitMart wallets, Sheldon Xia, CEO of the crypto platform, announced via Twitter. "We have experienced a large-scale security breach related to one of our ETH hot wallets and one of our BSC hot wallets," Xia tweeted. The blockchain security company PeckShield Inc. Had revealed the hacker attack.

Currently, all BitMart payouts have been temporarily suspended, he said. Users of the crypto exchange are asked for patience.

The affected tokens included meme tokens such as Shiba Inu (SHIB) as well as the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), theblockcrypto with reference to PeckShield.

4. December – Bitcoin slips by a fifth

Bitcoin remains highly volatile after recently hitting a new record high of 68.744.03 dollars had risen, making it more expensive than ever in its history, it fell significantly over the weekend. On Saturday, bitcoin lost a fifth of its value at times. Market participants attributed it to profit-taking and macroeconomic concerns. The price of the oldest cryptocurrency gave down as much as 22 percent. Currently listed at 41.967.50 dollars.

3. December 2021 – Bitcoin holds steady at 57.000 dollars

In the past week, the Bitcoin had lost about 10 percent with the announcement of the new coronavirus variant Omikron. The price of the oldest and most important cryptocurrency subsequently fell briefly to below 54.000 dollars, but was able to recover quickly from this and has now been moving for five days between the 57.000 dollar mark and the 59.000 dollar mark, which bitcoin has not been able to break through so far, however. Currently, according to the analysis house Coinmarketcap, the Bitcoin is quoted at around 56.700 dollars).

Crypto analyst Roman Reher, known to crypto investors as YouTuber Blocktrainer, points out that despite the recent sell-off, the number of so-called future contracts has not fallen. This would mean that these positions would have to be liquidated by a falling bitcoin price in the short term. A high number of open futures contracts could be a sign that the market is on the verge of a correction, the block trader said. But this is not a guarantee that prices will continue to fall, he said.

On 26. November, when the market corrected on the Omikron news, futures positions worth $131 million had been liquidated, which is only a medium-sized number for the bitcoin derivatives market, he said. Basically, this process is a normal process in financial markets. However, this is precisely what was not observed during the Omikron correction, analyzes Roman Reher.

Furthermore, the behavior of long-term Bitcoin investors had been important for the cryptocurrency’s price. These normally sell their coins when prices rise. In the fall of the price due to the announcement of the omicron variant, there was a decrease in the positions of long-term holders, he said. The last time something similar happened was in March 2020, when news surrounding the coronavirus caused the bitcoin price to plummet sharply, he said. Also at that time, the position of long-term bitcoin holders had decreased, before then increasing again with the rising prices after the Corona Shock.

Crypto analyst Reher estimates the shock caused by the new Corona variant Omikron as merely a short-term event on the crypto market. Numerous on-chain data would suggest that the bitcoin price would recover in the long run.

29. November 2021 – Bitcoin bounces off 53.000 dollar mark off

Bitcoin starts the new week with a gain of about five percent. The price of the oldest cryptocurrency was recently repeatedly up to 53.650 dollars fell, which served as support. In the night to Monday, the bitcoin then broke at the peak to up to 58.000 dollars from. Last week, the entire crypto market had plunged by up to ten percent over fears of a setback to the global economy from the newly discovered Omikron variant of the corona virus.

26. November 2021 – Bitcoin falls below 55.000 dollar mark

The new Corona variant from South Africa is not only causing a selling mood on the exchanges. The sell-off also hits the crypto market. The Bitcoin price, the oldest and most important digital currency, falls by four percent below the mark of 55.000 dollars, its lowest level since mid-October. Thus, the Bitcoin is currently quoted about 20 percent below its all-time high of 20. October 2021.

18. November 2021 – Bitcoin trades around 60.000 dollar mark

Since last week’s all-time high, the bitcoin price has fallen by more than $9,000. Currently, the oldest cryptocurrency is trading at around 59.300 dollars. For two days now, the price has been moving in a corridor between 58.500 dollars and 60.900 dollars. Should the support at 58.000 dollar break, threatens another sell-off down to 56.000 dollars.

However, numerous analysts currently assume a necessary correction in the Bitcoin price, as the cryptocurrency has risen by more than 40 percent in recent months. He also said that the latest sell-off in the crypto market was due to no negative news.

16. November 2021 – Bitcoin falls to 60.500 dollars back

The bitcoin records a significant minus in the night to Tuesday. The oldest cryptocurrency loses eight percent in the 24-hour comparison and falls to as low as 60.500 dollars back.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, also loses over eight percent. Here the price is currently around 4.300 dollars (as of 9:04 a.m.). The sell-off, however, can be seen across the crypto market, which, according to data from analyst firm Coimarketcap, lost more than seven percent and now stands at a market capitalization of $2.67 trillion.

10. November 2021 – Highest inflation in the US in 30 years; Bitcoin marks new all-time high

Inflation in the U.S. continues to rise in October. As reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, consumer prices moved in the world’s largest economy 6.2 percent compared to the same month last year. This means that inflation in October is higher than previously suspected – experts had expected an increase to 5.8 percent. In September, prices had still risen by 5.4 percent.

The Bitcoin reacts to this development with a price increase and breaks its previous record high of 68.520.34 dollars. The oldest cryptocurrency only set this mark on 9. November 2021. At the peak, the bitcoin price rose, according to the analysis house Coinmarketcap to 68.744.03 dollars. Bitcoin has never been this expensive.

Currently, the oldest cryptocurrency is trading at 68.199.11 dollars (as of 3:39 p.m.). With the new record high, bitcoin continues the rally of the past weeks. Since its low for the year in July, bitcoin has risen about 130 percent – its market value is nearly $1.3 trillion.

Ethereum’s upward trend also continues unabated. The second largest cryptocurrency also set a new all-time high at a price of 4.851.98 dollars. Fueling the rally again is the launch of a U.S. exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the cryptocurrency Ethereum, said analyst Kyle Rodda of brokerage IG. In addition, institutional investors were increasingly interested in these products, while the authorities did not want to regulate this new asset class too much. The Ethereum price is also reacting with significant gains to the increased inflation in the U.S.

8. November 2021 – Bitcoin breaks through all-time high

At noon, the bitcoin price rises to, according to the analyst firm Coinmarketcap around 68.500 dollars and thus posts a new record high. Bitcoin has never been this expensive. In the 24-hour comparison, the oldest cryptocurrency thus records a plus of more than six percent. The previous all-time high had been set at just under 64.900 dollars Located.

29. October 2021 – cryptocurrency Ethereum at a record high

In the slipstream of Bitcoin’s recent price records, investors are also stocking up on Ethereum. The second most important cyber currency rises 3.5 percent on Friday to a record high of 4.404.55 dollars. This means that the price has increased almost sixfold since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin only comes to a plus of just over 100 percent.

According to the analysis firm Coinmarketcap, bitcoin is currently trading at around 61.100 dollars. (as of 8:24 a.m.). In the 24-hour comparison, the oldest cryptocurrency thus records a plus of 3.66 percent.

19. October 2021 – bitcoin holds at 62.000 dollar mark, crypto ETF before approval

Bitcoin is currently trading at around 62, according to analyst firm Coinmarketcap.200 dollars (as of 2:35 p.m.) Thus, it is just short of four percent to reach the all-time high of 64.800 dollars. Bitcoin ETF from provider ProShares will launch under the ticker Bito this Tuesday, CEO Michael Sapir confirmed. The bitcoin ETF is suitable for investors who trade stocks and ETFs but don’t want to deal with "opening an account with a crypto exchange or learning how to manage their own cryptocurrencies," Sapir said.

18. October 2021 – SEC to allow crypto ETF

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the bitcoin ETF. The trade should already start the next day at the beginning of the US stock exchange. The bitcoin price continues to hold above 60.000-dollar mark and is now trading just a few percent below its all-time high.

15. October 2021 – Bitcoin breaks the 60.000 dollar mark, crypto ETFs ahead of approval

According to a report by Bloomberg news agency, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may allow bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. for the first time. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s statements on the open applications raised hopes that as many as four bitcoin ETFs could start trading on Wall Street before the end of October.

Accordingly, the investors reacted positively. Already on Friday morning, the cyber currency rose to just under 59.900 dollars. In the late evening (Booth: 22.30 p.m), the largest and oldest cyberdevise on the Bitstamp trading platform cracked the 60.000 dollars.

12. October 2021 – Bitcoin rally continues unabated

Earlier in the week, the key cyber currency rose above 57 for the first time since May.000 U.S. dollars. On Tuesday afternoon (as of 15:15) bitcoin was trading at 57, according to trading platform Coinmarketcap.200 dollars. In the 24-hour comparison, the cryptocurrency is up about one percent.

Analysts, meanwhile, are outbidding each other with growth fantasies. Based on the chart patterns, record prices of 80 were said to be possible.000 to 85.000 dollars possible, said Vijay Ayyar, head of Asia Pacific at crypto exchange Luno.

6. October 2021 – Bitcoin breaks through 55.000 dollar mark and continues upward trend

The oldest cryptocurrency continues its upward trend, briefly breaking through 55.000 dollars to a daily high of 55.172 dollars. This showed the psychologically important mark of 50.000 dollars, which bitcoin broke through yesterday, as strong support. Thus, the bitcoin is now slowly taking course towards the all-time high, which is at 64.8895.22 dollars lies. Until then, however, it is still about 18 percent.

Currently, according to the analysis house Coinmarketcap, the bitcoin price is quoted at 54.400 dollars (as of 3:30 p.m.). This puts the price up about nine percent on a 24-hour basis. On a weekly basis, the Bitcoin has even recorded a price increase of almost 29 percent.

5. October 2021 – Bitcoin breaks through 50.000 dollar mark

Bitcoin is on the rise again, breaking through the psychologically important 50 level.000 dollars. Tailwinds were also provided by last week’s comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Powell said the U.S. wanted to regulate cryptocurrencies but not ban them.

1. October 2021 – Shutdown in the USA remains absent

The threat of a shutdown in the U.S. was probably averted at the last minute. Also in the negotiations around the infrastructure package, which was originally already to be voted on Thursday in the House of Representatives, seems to be close to an agreement. They are closer to an agreement than ever before, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki shared. "But we’re not there yet, and so we need a little more time to finish the job." This would continue on Friday.

The infrastructure package to modernize roads, bridges and other transportation and energy networks in the U.S. had passed the Senate in August after long negotiations – with support from Republicans. The final vote of the House of Representatives is still missing. In total, including previously budgeted funds, the package is worth more than a trillion dollars. The infrastructure package is also expected to be funded by taxing cryptocurrency transactions, and as a result has had an impact on bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole. So this uncertainty could soon be cleared up.

The bitcoin price recovers significantly at midday after this news and is up about 11 percent in a 24-hour comparison at about 47.500 dollars. As a result, bitcoin is now back above the 200-day line, which is just above the 45.000 dollar mark passes. The line draws the average price over the past 200 trading days and is especially noted by long-term investors: If the bitcoin price is above this line, it is considered a sign of an upward trend.

24. September 2021 – China calls crypto trading illegal – bitcoin collapses

New bans in China unsettle investors in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin fell within a few minutes from around 45.000 dollars to 40.936,56 Dollar. This means that the recovery of the last two days is over for the time being. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, is also currently around 2.800 dollars and thus also clearly in the loss zone. China’s central bank had previously declared all activity around cyber forex illegal and banned foreign crypto exchanges from providing any services to customers in China. Violations of this prohibition would be severely punished.

22. September 2021 – Bitcoin price recovers slightly after all-clear at Evergrande

The world’s oldest cryptocurrency is recovering after yesterday’s sell-off. The recovery is also due to a positive news from Evergrande. The group’s real estate unit said it had reached an agreement on a portion of its interest payments due this week.

21. September 2021 – Possible bankruptcy of Evergrande affects the crypto world

Chinese real estate giant Evergrande may be facing bankruptcy. This is also noticeable in the bitcoin price. On Tuesday night, according to data from crypto platform Coinmarketcap, the price of bitcoin was up to around 40.500 US dollar fell. This was followed by a slight recovery to 43.264 dollars. In a weekly comparison, however, the bitcoin is thus still 5.8 percent in the loss zone. On a 24-hour view, the minus is 3.8 percent.

13. September 2021 – Litecoin will not be an accepted form of payment at Walmart

The rumor that the U.S. company Walmart could accept the cryptocurrency Litecoin as payment in the future caused the prices of Litecoin and numerous other cryptocurrencies to rise by more than thirty percent in a very short period of time. A press release had caused a stir on the Internet announcing a partnership between the group and the Litecoin network. However, this turned out to be a false report. When a Walmart spokesman declared that the statement on Litecoin was "inauthentic", the price dropped again to around 180 dollars.

Bitcoin was also down 3.8 percent in a 24-hour comparison in the afternoon. At the time of the news, the bitcoin price was still at over 46.000 dollars, but fell to 43 after Walmart’s denial.770 dollars.

8. September 2021 – Bitcoin plunges to 45.000 dollars

The crypto industry continues to suffer from the introduction of bitcoin in El Salvador as legal tender. On the Coinmarketcap platform, bitcoin is currently trading at 45.805 dollars, down more than 13 percent in a 24-hour comparison. At times, the exchange rate was even as high as 43.000 dollars crashed. The bitcoin thus remains further below the important mark of 50.000 dollars. Ethereum loses even almost 15 percent compared to the previous day and stands at 3331 dollars.

7. September 2021 – El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as its national currency and falls below 50.000 dollar

As of today, bitcoin is official currency in El Salvador for its 6.5 million inhabitants. This makes the Central American country the first in the world to officially make the cryptocurrency legal tender. The corresponding law was passed only about three months ago. Henceforth, El Salvadorans will not only be able to pay for their purchases via bitcoin, but also their taxes. In exchange, the government under President Nayib Bukele had some 200 ATMs installed. US dollars, the national currency of El Salvador, can be exchanged for bitcoin at these machines – a historic day for the world’s oldest cryptocurrency.

The bitcoin price recorded significant gains in recent days, confirming the current upward trend. At times, the share price even rose well above the 52.000 dollars broken out – but then at 52.800 dollars bounced off and most recently again well below the 50.000.Dollar mark fallen.

23. August 2021 – Bitcoin cracks the 50 for the first time since May.000 dollar mark

Bitcoin cracks the 50 mark for the first time since May.000 US dollars. Most recently, one Bitcoin cost 50 on the Bitstamp trading platform.299 dollars, up a good two percent from the previous day’s. Since the interim low in mid-July, bitcoin has recorded a gain of around 75 percent.

The decision of the U.S. trading platform Coinbase to increase its own holdings of cryptocurrencies had provided additional momentum and pushed bitcoin above the psychologically important mark.

19. August 2021 – Hackers capture five million bitcoin on Japanese crypto exchange Liquid

According to information from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, more than $94 million has been stolen in a hacker attack on Japanese crypto exchange Liquid.

According to the report, the hacker got his hands on more than $94 million in digital coins – including about $31 million in Ethereum, $5 million in Bitcoin and $13 million in XRP. The bitcoin price drops to 44.400 dollars.

11. August – Bitcoin price rises by around 57 percent within three weeks

After the bitcoin had risen on 21. July 2021 again at the 29.000 dollar mark, the oldest cryptocurrency has recovered significantly. Within three weeks, the Bitcoin rose according to data from the analysis house Coinmarketcap to currently around 46.000 dollars – an increase of almost 57 percent within 21 days. Bitcoin also currently shows a positive trend in the 24-hour comparison with a plus of about 1.5 percent.

The recovery of the Bitcoin has a positive impact on the entire crypto market. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, has also recorded gains since the 21. July, Bitcoin also made significant gains and is currently trading above the 3.200 dollar mark.

However, the developments in the USA regarding the planned infrastructure project "US infrastructure bill" remain exciting. This bill proposes to raise $30 billion via a crypto transaction tax. However, the Bitcoin price has so far been unimpressed by this uncertainty.

21. July 2021 – Bitcoin again above the 30.000 dollars

The bitcoin price is once again trading just above the psychologically important mark of 30.000 dollars. According to Coinmarketcap, the price is around 30.900 dollars and is thus up almost four percent in a 24-hour comparison.

This means that, for the time being, bitcoin is once again at 29.000 U.S. dollar mark bounced upwards – however, it remains to be seen whether the bitcoin price will now remain above the 30.000 dollar can hold. The situation on the crypto markets therefore remains tense.

20. July 2021 – Bitcoin falls below 30 again.000 dollar mark

The bitcoin price once again falls below the 30.000 dollars. This had served as a strong support until the last. The digital currency was trading Tuesday morning at 29.731 dollars, down nearly $2,000 on a 24-hour basis.

Under 30.000 dollars, the bitcoin price last fell just over a month ago on 22. June 2021 – at the time, the price slide was used as a buying opportunity or an entry point into the crypto world. Should the course reach the 30.000 dollars is not broken again sustainably, a crash to the next strong resistance at 20.000 dollars threat.

17. July 2021 – Grayscale makes parts of its bitcoin fund tradable

Grayscale is one of the billionaire investors – the so-called crypto whales – who dominate the still comparatively young crypto market with their investments. Grayscale is among the world’s largest digital asset managers and currently holds around 650.000 bitcoin. That’s the equivalent of $20.2 billion – or about 3.5 percent of the entire bitcoin market.

Accordingly, the so-called bitcoin unlocking gets a lot of attention at Grayscale. In total, the asset manager issues shares worth 40.000 Bitcoin free, 16 alone.000 of them are said to be this weekend.

Grayscale manages a so-called bitcoin trust (GBTC). Bitcoin Trust is a fund that allows investors to easily invest in bitcoin. Traded like other fund shares.

6. July 2021 – REvil hacker group demands $70 million ransom in bitcoin

The hackers, who attacked hundreds of companies with extortion software, are demanding 70 million euros in ransom in the form of the digital currency Bitcoin for a master key to the affected computers. The hacker group claims its software has infected more than a million computers.

Hacking group REivel exploited a vulnerability at U.S. IT services provider Kaseya, attacking its customers via a program that encrypts data and demands a ransom. The extent of the damage from the cyberattack remains hard to estimate. Kaseya reported that fewer than 40 customers had been affected.

In Germany, an IT service provider and several of its clients were affected, according to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Several thousand computers at several companies were involved, a spokesman said. Federal agencies and critical infrastructure facilities "of a reportable size" were not affected to the government’s knowledge, a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry said.

5. July 2021 – brokerage house TP Icap plans crypto trading platform

British brokerage TP Icap plans to launch a trading platform for cryptocurrencies in the second half of the year in collaboration with Fidelity and Standard Chartered due to increased investor interest. Interest in cryptocurrencies has "exploded" in recent months, said ICAP’s co-head of digital assets Duncan Trenholme.

Politicians show concern due to the recent bitcoin boom. A global overview makes it clear: Some states want cryptocurrencies to become "Bitcoin no-go areas" and Bitcoin and Co. ban. For the industry, this development means that relocations around the globe are becoming more likely. At the same time, targets are scarce, with few countries looking to distinguish themselves as the crypto hub of the future.

2. July 2021 – Hackers demand ransom for master key; bitcoin falls below 33.000 US dollars

The hacker group REivel attacks hundreds of companies with extortion software. Hackers demand $70 million ransom in the digital currency Bitcoin for a master key to all affected computers. The group claim their software has infected more than a million computers. If that’s the case, it would be the largest ransomware attack to date, Mikko Hypponen of IT security firm F-Secure pointed out.

The bitcoin price then loses ground and subsequently trades just below the 33.000 US dollar mark. Thus, the situation in the crypto market remains tense, the price could once again fall below 30.000 dollars fall and thus tear the mark. The next resistance would then be at the 20.000-US dollar mark lie, so that a further crash of the cryptocurrency could threaten.

The last time the bitcoin price was on 22. June below the 30.000 dollars fallen. Investors, however, use this as an entry or post-buy option. The bitcoin subsequently rose again up to 35.000 dollars.

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