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Good questioning techniques for leaders is a topic that is easily underestimated, even though it offers endless possibilities for application and design. Managers often talk too much in their day-to-day work and don’t let their employees have their say enough. Open-ended questions in particular are asked too infrequently. To better lead and motivate your team, it is important to understand their

Diary – secret tip for personality development

Keeping a diary – at first it sounds like an old-fashioned idea. You involuntarily think of a booklet decorated with hearts of an unhappy teenager in love. Far from it! The diary is back in fashion in the business sector. It is even considered a booster for personality development. The purpose of the modern diary has changed fundamentally. Man

14. December 2021

Andreas C. Fursattel

Setting goals with the SMART+VV formula

Setting goals is a powerful tool for self-motivation. Goals are like lighthouses that give us orientation in the storms of life. Help us stay on track and maintain focus. Even if the goal is still far away, we can break it down into intermediate goals. These small intermediate stages can be managed more easily and still

26. November 2021

Annual reviews: 60 minutes that pay off

In many successful companies, annual discussions with employees are scheduled at the end of a fiscal year.

10. November 2021

Hybrid leadership – basic principles and practical tips

Hybrid leadership – what is meant by this?? We know the term "hybrid" from vehicles. With hybrid drive, the car automatically switches back and forth between the combustion engine and the electric motor while driving. Hybrid working: What is it? "Hybrid" comes from the Greek and means to mix something together. The term has been adopted in the world of work. "Hybrid working"

21. October 2021

Andreas C. Fursattel

Every complaint is an opportunity

When a customer voices a complaint or grievance, it initially seems unpleasant to us. No one is thrilled when complaints come their way. Nevertheless, a complaint is first and foremost a reason for a heartfelt thank you to the dissatisfied customer. Instead of simply switching to the competition without a word, or writing negative things about the company on the Internet, it makes

14. September 2021

How burnout can be avoided

"It is important that managers recognize and understand the signals of their employees," explains Rolf Hempel. "This can also mean simply asking if there is a need for support."In the discussion, it is then important to look for the causes of possible difficulties before the growing dissatisfaction perhaps leads to burnout. However, supervisors do not necessarily have to solve a problem themselves. The decisive factor is,

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From error culture to learning culture

A company’s error culture determines how it deals with errors and their consequences. The following questions are at stake: How to deal with errors? Are mistakes openly admitted or swept under the carpet as far as possible?? How and when are errors sanctioned? To what extent are mistakes seen as learning opportunities?? The search for a scapegoat is on

Andreas C. For saddle

Personal energy balance in 5 steps

In the personal energy balance, we ask ourselves which areas of our lives are our energy sources and which are our energy guzzlers. This gives us clarity on whether we are using our time and energy in the way we envision for our life planning. For many people, the much-cited work-life balance has taken on new relevance in recent months.

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Of employee types, player types and their coaches

Employee types and gamer types show some similarities. Currently the EM ball is rolling again. Each of the 51 soccer games has its own special appeal, as different systems of play, tactics and types of players come together. This is a great place to talk shop and have discussions. How a team is set up? What game strategy does it follow? What types of players are on the pitch? How well do the players take

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Referral marketing: New customers through trust bonus

Referral marketing is one of the best ways to gain new customers. No other marketing tool combines low costs and high effectiveness in such a way. Satisfied customers are your best salesmen, because they recommend your company and your products to other prospective customers. But how do you get recommendations? Why do people make recommendations? What are the prerequisites for this?? How can

Andreas C. Fursattel

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A sense of responsibility at work

A sense of responsibility is a quality that is required in all areas of society, but especially in working life. Companies depend on people who are willing to take on responsibility. You need people who identify with their tasks and complete them punctually and reliably in consistently good quality. That’s why almost every job ad mentions a sense of responsibility as a core competency

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