Booster: when the corona vaccination is effective and valid

Booster vaccination: When does the full effect begin??

Stiko recommends booster vaccination also for adolescents aged twelve and older

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, the Standing Commission on Vaccination has recommended booster vaccinations even for minors between twelve and 17 years of age.

Booster vaccination increases protection against coronavirus. But it does not work immediately. We explain when you are protected.

  • In the fight against omicron, boosters are considered the most important tool
  • However, federal states define differently when the booster vaccination is valid
  • But at what point does booster vaccination actually protect?

The omicron variant is spreading and giving Germany a fifth Corona wave. Infection figures rise to record levels nationwide and worldwide.

That’s why quick booster vaccinations are becoming more and more important. In particular, people whose Corona vaccination was given more than six months ago recently contracted Covid-19 more frequently. Accordingly urgent has Booster shot become. Only: How fast does the third vaccination with Biontech or Moderna actually work?? When is the vaccination protection complete and valid again?

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The Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is responsible for the safety of the Vaccines in Germany, informs on his site that a booster vaccination shows an improved protection against Omikron. An analysis by the UK Health and Safety Authority (UKHSA) concurs with data. Booster vaccinations would also offer high protection against severe courses in omicron.

Biontech or Moderna: When does the booster work??

However, protection does not start immediately after the third injection. As the German Federal Ministry of Health reports on its site, the boosted protective effect probably only from seven days after the booster vaccination a.

A study already published in The Lancet at the end of October 2021 observed how vaccine protection is significantly increased after the third dose during this time period. Two populations were compared: One group, had received a booster vaccination. The first vaccination series of the other group was at least five months ago. Also of interest: Booster under 18 – These are the rules for children and adolescents

In turn, a study from Israel found that the infections in the group with booster vaccination from twelve days After administration, had reduced by a factor of 11.3 compared with the group without booster vaccination. The rate of severe disease was 19.5 times lower than in the group without booster vaccination.

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Consequently, it can be assumed that the Vaccine protection of the booster vaccination begins after about seven to twelve days, according to the Federal Ministry of Health. With the previous vaccinations, it was still the case that full vaccination protection was achieved 14 days after the second or, in the case of Johnson& Johnson of the first vaccination passes. Read more: Corona vaccination – booster already before the end of six months?

Booster vaccination: How quickly does the booster work??

Similar findings were seen in severe courses of Covid-19 and deaths associated with the disease. In each case, differences were observed about seven days after the third vaccination. Simply put, triple vaccinated people died less often or became seriously ill less often than people with a normal vaccination series; the deviations in the respective curves appeared after seven days. Read more: Corona – Can young people get the booster vaccination?

In their paper, the researchers nevertheless made it clear: "The best time to use a third vaccination to provide the greatest possible protection against Corona to achieve is unknown." It was possible, for example, that vaccine protection built up earlier after the third vaccination with the Biontech vaccine. An increase in antibody production is already detectable after three to five days.

Legal issue: at what point is booster vaccination valid?

Those who have already received a booster vaccination benefit from some exceptions in the Corona Regulation. For example, the 2G-plus rule no longer requires testing. But who is considered a booster is not always entirely clear. The Vaccination certificate can usually be stored – as with the first two vaccinations – directly after the booster via QR code in the Corona warning app or the CovPass. Legally, however, the third vaccination is then not yet valid.

As Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced after a conference with his state colleagues, the elimination of corona tests for boostered people should not be until 15 days after vaccination apply. This means that booster vaccination only acquires legal relevance after more than two weeks.

But not all states implement it this way – in some, the testing requirement is already waived under the 2G-plus rule immediately after the booster. That’s true in the following states:

Thus it is called on the official capital portal since newest: "As boostert at present persons are considered, who are completely inoculated and already a Auffrischungsimpfung received. There are no waiting period after vaccination, the status is valid immediately after the administration of the vaccine dose."

Also in Brandenburg booster status now applies immediately after the administration of the third dose: "According to the Brandenburg state government, anyone who has received their third vaccination is considered boostered. The prick does not have to be 14 days ago for this", said Gabriel Hesse, spokesman of the Ministry of Health to rbb.

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