Brew your beer in your kitchen

Want to brew a fine beer that’s just your taste?

Look over my shoulder: I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about beer and how to make it in more than 20 years as a master brewer. Fair warning: you may get thirsty for your home-brewed beer.

Learning to brew with hop god Jan

Learn to brew beer

You’ll learn everything you need to know about brewing beer to make your own – and one that you’ll really enjoy. The hop god brews online with you and answers your questions.

Brewing start list – your brewing equipment at a glance

Start brewing

The first step to homebrew beer: getting equipment! Get my list of all the things you need to brew in the kitchen. I’m giving it out for free so you can get started fast.

Read about brewing and enjoying beer

Can or keg – and what the skunk has to do with it

Why the Pilsner gives you vacation feelings. And what two Bavarians have to do with it.

I’ll explain here how brewing beer works. Basically, but also with chemistry and stuff.

There are a few things to be said for brewing your own beer. You don’t have to buy it and you don’t have to carry crates. That will probably change quickly once you start brewing beer. The most important reason is: it’s not hard.

I lived in Canada for a while. There I worked as a brewmaster in a small brewery in Ontario. Canada doesn’t have a purity law, but it does have a lot of exotic beers. At least for me, the purity law had become second nature to me with my brewing apprenticeship.

I rarely drink beer from the bottle. For example in the shower. But also just so it doesn’t get so watered down there. And now I’m going to tell you 4 reasons why it’s also worthwhile for you to drink beer out of a glass – and which glasses are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Brew your beer with Jan, the hop god

Moin, Jan here!

My motto: homebrew tastes best.

It’s like cooking. I prepare food according to my own taste. And I’m getting better at meeting it. If I like it salty, I throw a little more salt in my sauce.

It’s the same principle in brewing. Only without salt.

When you brew your own beer, you’re in control. You can brew the beer just the way you like it. The search for the perfect beer may start in the beverage market or on the craft beer shelf of your supermarket. But it will end in your kitchen.

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