Building subsidy expires: who can still apply now

Final spurt with the Baukindergeld. Now, only those who have paid off their loan by no later than 31. March 2021 signed a contract of sale or received the building permit. The application can then still be made until the end of 2023. An overview of the conditions.

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The first own walls for families – there is support from the state through Baukindergeld. Photo:

The Baukindergeld will soon expire. Since September 2018, the state has supported families with children with the subsidy program for the purchase of a home – whether new construction or purchase, whether apartment or house. Only families can now claim the subsidy, the up to 31. The loan must have been signed by March 2021 or the building permit has been obtained. The Application can then still be made until 31. December 2023 must be submitted to K – after that nothing more is possible.

What is the building subsidy?

  • The "Baukindergeld" is a state subsidy for families who want to buy a house between 1. January 2018 and the 31. March 2021 have built or bought a property.
  • The Baukindegeld amounts to 1 per year and child.200 Euro and does not have to be paid back. It is paid over a period of ten years.
  • Families with at least one child who purchase a property and whose property is their only home benefit from the subsidy.
  • Families with one child must not exceed 90.000 euros per year earned. For each additional child, there is an allowance of 15.000 euros per year.

Who gets the Baukindergeld?

Benefit from the subsidy Families with at least one child. The child must be in the world at the time of application, live in the family household and be under 18 years old.

In addition, the salary cap per household is 75.000 Euro taxable annual income plus 15.000 Euro tax-free amount per child. Families with one child may therefore have a maximum taxable income per year of 90.000 Euro have – with two children maximum 105.000 euros. Who earns more in a year, does not get Baukindergeld. Decisive is the average of the income of the second and third calendar year before the application is submitted. If the application is submitted in 2021, the income must not have exceeded the specified limits in 2018 and 2019.

Important: At the time of signing the purchase contract, none of the household members must own real estate property, otherwise it is not possible to receive the building subsidy.

Who is excluded from the subsidy?

According to an information sheet from K are not subsidized:

  • Vacation and weekend homes and vacation apartments
  • the transfer of residential property by (anticipated) inheritance, testamentary disposition or donation.
  • The purchase or transfer of ownership between spouses, cohabiting partners or partners in another long-term cohabitation arrangement.
  • the purchase or transfer of ownership between relatives of a household member in a straight line, for example children, parents or grandparents.
  • the purchase of residential property previously owned by a member of the household.

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1.Families receive 200 euros per child per year in the form of a building allowance. Photo:

How much construction child benefit is available?

Per child and year families should receive a building allowance in the amount of 1.200 euros get. The subsidy will be for a maximum of ten years Paid out for a long time – then it ends. The grant installments will annually transferred to the family’s account.

This is how much subsidy families can get each year:

Number of children Maximum annual income (75.000 euros + 15.000 Euro per child) Amount of building child allowance per year Amount of building child benefit in 10 years
1 90.000 euro 1.200 euros 12.000 euros
2 105.000 euros 2.400 euros 24.000 Euro
3 120.000 euros 3.600 euros 36.000 euros
4 135.000 Euro 4.800 euros 48.000 euros
5 150.000 Euro 6.000 euros 60.000 euros

Building subsidy expires: Who can still apply now

Finding a house or apartment

Applying for child allowance – what are the deadlines??

There are new deadlines for the Baukindergeld:

  • Up to 31. March 2021 families must Purchase contract signed or building permit received Have. Actually, the Baukindergeld should already expire at the end of 2020, but because of the Corona pandemic, the subsidy was extended by three months until March.
  • No later than six months after moving in must the Application for the Baukindergeld must be submitted to K. The decisive factor here is the move-in date stated in the official registration certificate.
  • The application can still be submitted up to 31. December 2023 after which it ends.

Building child allowance, building child allowance 2021, apartment, house, Photo:

No matter whether apartment or house, whether bought or built – for the subsidy it does not matter what kind of property it is. Photo:

What are the conditions and requirements?

1. The type and size of the property:

In general, it does not matter what type of property is involved for the subsidy. It doesn’t matter whether the family is buying a house or an apartment. The Baukindergeld is available for both existing and new properties. Also the size of the home does not play a role. However, only houses and apartments are subsidized for which the purchase agreement between the 1. January 2018 and 31. March 2021 building permit has been issued during this period.

However, the family must use the property themselves. Those who rent out their property are left empty-handed.

2. Purchase price restriction:

The purchase price (excluding ancillary acquisition costs) for the residential property must not be lower than the subsidy from the construction child allowance.

3. Age of the children:

Families receive the subsidy only for children who, at the time of application:

  • are already in the world
  • are younger than 18 years of age
  • Living in the same household

However, the general child benefit entitlement also plays a role in the funding. Thus, families receive the subsidy for children who were minors at the time of application, as long as the children are eligible for child benefits. So until the completion of the 25. Proof of age. However, it is important that the children live in the same household as the person entitled to child benefit when the application is submitted. If a child moves out prematurely, this has no effect on the subsidy.

For children born after the application deadline, it is no longer possible to apply for child allowance for construction.

4. Then the application must be submitted:

The application must be submitted no later than 6 months after moving into the owner-occupied residential property. The move-in date stated in the official registration confirmation applies. For families who buy their own home before the official start of the child benefit (18 years). September 2018), there was an exception. They could submit the application until 31. December 2018 submit.

Anyone buying an apartment in which they previously lived as a tenant must apply no later than 6 months after signing the notarized purchase agreement.

Request financing offers now

Get individual offers and compare.

If the property is resold or rented out prematurely, the subsidy ends. The owners are obliged to report this to K. However, if the home is sold due to a job change and a new one is purchased in its place, the subsidy continues to run.

Where to apply for the Baukindergeld?

The Baukindergeld can be used since 18. September 2018 can be applied for at K Bank – but only online. Click here to go to the K subsidy portal.

Applications can be submitted until 31. December 2023 – Provided the purchase contract or building permit was signed between 1. January 2018 and 31. March 2021 closed or granted.

Applicants should have the following documents ready:

  • Land register excerpt, as proof of acquisition of ownership. If the land register entry regarding the change of ownership is not yet available, proof can be provided by means of the priority notice of conveyance.
  • the Income tax assessment notices of the second and third calendar year before the application. So those who apply in 2021 must submit the tax assessment notices from 2018 and 2019.
  • the Confirmation of registration, with which proof of owner-occupancy must be provided. The registration confirmation must show the main place of residence of the applicant, the children specified in the application and his or her spouse or cohabiting partner or partner from the marriage-like community.
  • the last Child benefit notices of all children living in the household at the time of application.

Baukindergeld, Baukindergeld 2021, Baukindergeld Plus, Bavaria, owner-occupied home allowance, Photo:

Families in Bavaria can be doubly happy – in addition to the Baukindergeld, there is 300 euros per year and child on top of it. Photo:

Special case Bavaria: Baukindergeld Plus and home owner allowance

Families who live in Bavaria get one more on top: In addition to the Baukindergeld, there is a further bonus an extra 300 euros per year and child. The supplementary allowance is also paid out over ten years, and the same terms and conditions apply as for the federal government’s child construction allowance.

In addition, there is a one-time homeowner’s allowance in Bavaria in the amount of 10.000 euros. However, this allowance is not just for families with children – single people or couples without children who want to buy a property are also to benefit. For a single-person household, the maximum annual taxable household income of 50 percent applies.000 euros; for a two-person or multiple-person household without a child, the amount is 75.000 euros, or 90 euros in the case of a household with a child.000 euros, plus 15.000 euros per additional child.

The "Baukindergeld Plus" and the "Eigenheimzulage" will also expire soon. Who wants to profit from it, must likewise up to 31. March 2021 have signed a purchase contract or received the building permit.

Baukindergeld Plus and homeowner’s allowance can be applied to the Bavarian State Soil Credit Institute be applied for.

Building subsidy expires: Who can still apply now

Is there enough money for your own four walls??

Buying real estate, other costs in addition to the purchase price or the question of whether to rent or buy – our financial calculators will help you with the calculations.

Caution pitfalls – applicants should remember

Money from the state that does not have to be paid back. A great thing. Nevertheless, future homeowners should consider a few important points in advance:

1. Baukindergeld is not equity

In real estate financing, banks usually require an equity cover of 20 to 30 percent. However, the building child allowance cannot be counted towards equity capital. The reason: The state does not pay out the subsidy all at once, but rather annually. However, equity must always be contributed in full at the beginning of the financing.

2. Think about follow-up financing

Usually after ten years, the first fixed-interest period of the main financing expires and property owners have to look for follow-up financing. This is then also the point in time at which the building subsidy ceases to apply. Future homeowners should therefore consider in advance whether they will be able to obtain follow-up financing – possibly at higher interest rates – even without the subsidy. A forward loan or building savings contracts running in parallel can reduce the risk.

In addition to the "Baukindergeld", future homeowners can also benefit from other grants, subsidies or subsidized loans. All subsidies for buying and building a house can be found here at a glance.

Additional questions about the Baukindergeld

What happens if the building application is submitted in 2020, but the construction does not take place until later??

Entitlement to Baukindergeld can exist if the building permit is issued between 1. January 2018 and 31. March 2021 was granted. The fact that construction is not started until later is irrelevant.

What income counts for the Baukindergeld?

The maximum annual income of the family may not exceed 75.000 euros plus 15.000 euros per child must not be exceeded. A family with one child must therefore not have an annual income of more than 90.000 euros, a family with three children a maximum of 120.000 euros.

What if income increases later?

The average income of the second and third calendar year prior to application is decisive for approval; whether income increases later is irrelevant.

Will Baukindergeld be paid retroactively?

Families who buy their own home before the official start of the Baukindergeld on 18. September 2018 were able to apply by no later than 31. December 2018 also retroactively to 1. January 2018 to apply for the subsidy. Those who bought or built in the past were left empty-handed.

Can a lease-purchase contract also be subsidized with Baukindergeld??

In principle yes. Since the installment plan agreement always consists of a rental agreement and a purchase agreement, the agreement would therefore have to be signed between the 1. January 2018 and31. March 2021 have been closed and the applicant at that time at least one child have, as well as the other conditions for the receipt of the building child allowance fulfill.

Can you apply for Baukindergeld if you are pregnant??

In order to be able to promote the real estate acquisition at least one child must be on the world to the application submission. If a child comes only after the application to the world, it is not considered with the promotion any longer.

Can also unmarried people with a child get the Baukindergeld?

Yes, provided that the other requirements are met.

Does the Baukindergeld only apply to biological children??

No, provided that the K requirements for the building child allowance are met. For example, unmarried couples with a child from a previous relationship can also apply for Baukindergeld.

What if one has additional children after applying for Baukindergeld?

Only children who were already in the world at the time of application can apply for child benefit for construction projects. If additional children are born later, it is not possible to apply again for child benefit for construction projects.

What if one applies for Baukindergeld and one of the children is over 18 years old afterwards?

If the child was a minor when the application was filed, the parents usually continue to receive the Baukindergeld. Only when the child is no longer eligible for child benefit, the subsidy ends. This is with completion of the 25. This is usually the case before the child reaches the age of 18.

If one sells one’s house and then builds a new one, there is a claim to Baukindergeld?

Under certain circumstances, yes, provided the other requirements for Baukindergeld are met and no household member owned real estate at the time the building permit was issued.

If you buy a property from your parents, you are entitled to a child allowance?

No, according to the K funding guidelines, such funding is not possible. Because it says: "If the applicant or the spouse or partner or partner from marriage-like community with the seller in a straight line related, we do not promote the purchase of the residential property with the Baukindergeld."

What happens if you buy a property subsidized with Baukindergeld and later resell it??

Who resells the property subsidized with Baukindergeld a few years after the purchase, no further Baukindergeld gets more. However, he or she does not have to repay the building child benefit already received for the years of owner-occupation.

What if you are currently paying off the loan for the current house, but then want to sell it again and buy a new one – is there then an entitlement to the Baukindergeld??

It depends: As long as someone in the household owns a house, i.e. is registered in the land register as owner, this household has no claim to Baukindergeld. It would be conceivable only if the already existing property in the time window of 1. January 2018 and 31. The property is sold by March 2021 and the purchase agreement for the new property is concluded in the same time frame, but only after the property has been sold. In case of doubt, however, families should contact K directly to find out to what extent this is possible.

If you buy a house in need of renovation, the purchase price of which is lower than the subsidy through the Baukindergeld – do the renovation costs count towards the purchase price??

In the case of subsidies through building subsidies, the prerequisite is that the property purchase price must be higher than the corresponding building subsidy. The pure purchase price in the real estate purchase contract counts, but not renovation costs. That is, for this there would be no claim to Baukindergeld. However, the individual renovation measures, for example for more energy efficiency, may be eligible for funding under certain circumstances.

Podcast: Baukindergeld no help for families

The Baukindergeld was also criticized in the past again and again. Actually the measure should facilitate families Zungang to residential property, in many cases the assistance did not suffice however. An immowelt analysis of family-sized apartments and houses (80 to 140 square meters) showed that in 368 of 397 urban and rural districts surveyed, this subsidy does not even cover 10 percent of the purchase price, including ancillary costs.

In the podcast "L’Immo – The Haufe Podcast.Real Estate" Jan-Carl Mehles, Group Leader Market Research at immowelt, and Daniel Fost, construction and housing policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, discuss what home ownership subsidies should look like and what we could learn from other countries such as Austria, Sweden or Finland. You can listen to the podcast here:

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ggriorj am 31.12.2021 00:41

May changes in the purchase contract

from 31.03.2021 be made without losing the right to the Baukindergeld?

Madita Korner on 11.10.2021 22:13

If the contract of sale for a new building is signed on 17.03.2021 has been signed, but the contract of sale at the notary of the land has run only in May 2021, may one then still apply Baukindergeld or is there the date at the notary?

Thanks in advance and sunny greetings

Sarina on 14.07.2021 08:09

we bought the house from his grandparents last year, so we paid off his aunt.

Since September 2020 is now still running the land register extract.

This year in August our child should now come to the world have us therefore only now umgemldet to exhaust the 6 months.

His grandparents still live in the house therefore we have ourselves the attic and/or. Hayloft from next door converted into its own apartment. Had to really redo everything :insulation, walls, plumbing and interior design. I know that you don’t get the Baukindergeld because of the first degree, but in some pages you can get the Baukindergeld if you have built a house because you have created additional living space.

Could we apply for it?Mfg

Marco on 05.05.2021 11:26

we have signed the contract of sale of our house in 11/2017 . BUT the transfer of ownership and the money has only been in February 2018. Do we have now claim to Baukindergeld or not because the possession has been yes only in February 2018 so only passed into our possession? Please help us and maybe also to whom we could turn to? MfG

immowelt editorial office on 06.05.2021 10:10

the cut-off date depends on the date of the purchase contract and since this was signed before 1. January 2018 was signed, unfortunately, you are not entitled to Baukindergeld. In case of doubt, you can contact the K again directly, they are responsible for the payment of the building subsidy.

the immowelt editorial office

Harvey on 23.04.2021 16:19

we have purchased the house of the community of heirs (involved were 50% my mother and 50% my aunt).

Do we have here half claim to Baukindergeld?

markusmarkus on 29.03.2021 19:54

When buying a prefabricated house from the builder, do we have to sign the not. Purchase agreement until 31.03.21 have signed or submit the building application?

Henry you on 03.03.2021 05:48

I would love to apply for construction money. Unfortunately, the procedure at the responsible authority (district of Aurich) takes an exceptionally long time, currently seven months Application was submitted in December 2020. We were misinformed in August by the district of Aurich that a sog. Building notification would be sufficient. When the drawing was submitted to the municipality, we got the statement from the municipality that a building notification is not sufficient. What are the possibilities to get the building permit in time??

immowelt editorial office on 03.03.2021 13:53

this does not look good. We can not imagine that the county has given you false information, nevertheless, you can only hope that the application is still before 31.3.2021 is accepted. We are not aware of any hardship cases like yours at least so far.

M. Reiser on 19.02.2021 13:59

is it enough if I receive the child benefit for our son, or must he also have his residence with me, so that I receive the building child benefit?

Thank you in advance for your answer!

With kind regards

Tahouzen on 12.02.2021 12:30

What about border crossers? I work in Luxembourg and live in DE. Can I also apply for the Baukindergeld?

editorial.immowelt.en on 12.02.2021 13:11

You live in Germany and pay your taxes in Germany, so you can also apply for the Baukindergeld in Germany.

Harry on 25.01.2021 13:45

I bought a condominium in 2019. For this I get Baukindergeld.

Now, since the condo is too small, I bought a house in which we will move soon. Do I still get the building subsidy? How should I proceed? Do I need to make a new application or can everything continue as is? I would be very happy to receive an answer. Can I rent out the condominium or do I have to sell it??

Sascha on 25.01.2021 01:23

Hello, a property owned 50% each by parents and uncle is to be purchased proportionally, d.h. Only the 50% of the uncle and not the parents. According to the information from K, an acquired real estate ownership of 50% is sufficient to apply for the building subsidy. Correct? What happens if at a later date after the application is approved by K, the non-eligible share of the parents is also purchased? Does this purchase then retroactively affect the subsidy or is it not relevant then?

Adam am 13.12.2020 11:28

Hello, a question in 2017 and 2018 I have done training. May 2019 I have started work.

My question Is income tax assessment of 2019 is enough

Sina on 10.12.2020 21:54

my question about the Baukindergeld.

We are buying a property in December 2020, but we have to renovate it before we can move in with our three children. The reconstruction will take at least a year. Are we eligible for the Baukindergeld?

Thank you very much for the information

immowelt editorial office on 11.12.2020 07:45

as written in the article: "Applications can be made until the 31st of the year. December 2023 – assuming the purchase agreement or building permit was executed between 1. January 2018 and 31. March 2021."

So you can take your time with the remodeling.

ManueLe on 02.12.2020 20:31

If the purchase agreement is notarized in March 2021 and is recorded as a house purchase z.B. the 01.11.2021 is agreed, is that possible to receive the Baukindergeld?

Thanks for the info

Phil Black on 28.11.2020 14:55

is also a subsidy possible if a 50% share of the apartment is purchased from the brother?

Both have inherited a half of an apartment and now want one to pay the other because the seller wants to move into the apartment with the two children + husband.

Best thanks for info on this.

With kind regards

kitajolan on 26.11.2020 15:59

according to signature(purchase contract) old property was sold in september ,handover 1.12.2020

new property purchased -signing the purchase contract 1.10.2020 .

<then I am entitled to Baukindergeld or ?With kind regards

Heinrich Marx on 22.11.2020 14:55

is the application for baukindergeld only online or also with form ?

immowelt editorial office on 25.11.2020 08:08

Hello Mr. Marx,

thank you for your comment. The application for Baukindergeld can only be submitted online on the K grant portal. You can find the link in the text above.

Ashen25 on 13.11.2020 17:31

Hello, have a question about the homeowner’s allowance. We would like to buy an apartment for our child. This is in the first year of apprenticeship. Can we then apply for the homeowner’s allowance? Does the apartment have to be registered to the child in the land register? Income does not get it yet either, does one then get the allowance at all? If we are registered in the land register, we do not get the allowance because we already live in an owner-occupied property. Or?

Svetlana on 21.10.2020 22:37

We would like to buy a house, cost 55.000

And make financing for 7 years.

Are we allowed to apply for building allowance.

With kind regards

seb on 16.10.2020 11:17

we bought a condominium in March 2018 (new construction) and moved in there in December 2018.

Can we now retroactively still apply for Baukindergeld? Family with one child.

Thank you in advance

Nailil on 04.10.2020 11:48

one gets also building child money, if one buys a house in France and lives in it ? (I work in the public service, my salary is taxed in Germany and I also get child benefit from Germany )

immowelt editorial office on 05.10.2020 16:10

thank you for your comment, the question can not be answered conclusively at this time.

At least for the Eigenheimzulage (a similar subsidy), which existed until 2006, the European Court of Justice (Az.C-152/05) decided that this subsidy must be granted if a German buys/builds an owner-occupied property in another EU country, provided that he pays a large part of his taxes in Germany. An obvious view would be that this could also be transferable to the Baukindergeld.

However, there was a small question from several members of the Bundestag to the federal government on this issue. The federal government answered these questions as follows (printed matter 19/6497): The Baukindergeld is limited to Germany, the EUGh ruling is not transferable. Whether the view of the federal government would withstand a judicial review, could only be clarified if an affected builder sues.

Marchi on 16.09.2020 21:31

Hello, I also have a question.

I will soon be taking over my parents’ house. My parents will continue to live there, I will finziereiren a larger extension so that I can move in with my wife and 3 children. Do I have a right to child benefit??

Marco on 31.08.2020 14:12

we are planning to buy a house and apply for Baukindergeld.

Would it be approved under these conditions:

– The house is owned by the aunt (was once owned by grandparents until 2000)

– The purchase contract should be shot this year, the payment only 2021 with move in

I hope you can help me!

immowelt editorial office on 01.09.2020 17:34

under these conditions it should still be possible.

Manuel on 11.08.2020 10:59

I wanted to know how it is with is my wife and I live separately, our son is still registered with me. Is it enough if he registers his secondary residence the my ex wife or must he be completely re-registered.

Sandy on 30.07.2020 21:27

Hello, we are currently receiving child benefit for 2 children. Now we have separated, house belongs to my husband, he moves out, the children and I stay in the house, the interestwwerden then paid by the arge, I pay the loan installment.

Are we still entitled to Baukindergeld?

Momo on 06.07.2020 00:08

Hello have the following question. Is it possible to get the baukindergeld if the following incident exists:

I am owner of the apartment building this will be 09.2020 sold at the same time I have found a property notary registration is not yet determined probably also the 09.2020 and on it should then be built now I do not know exactly how fast such a building application goes we assume that it is already in the 10.2020 is done and the construction also already starts probably then in spring 2021 so ready for occupancy only in the middle or end of 2021 would it then also possible to get the subsidy or because it was not moved to 6monate is after application. So we are a family with 3 small children 6years 4years and 11mon.

Thank you for your answer in advance.

With kind regards

immowelt editorial office on 07.07.2020 16:35

at the time of your application you must not own a house. So theoretically it is possible.

the immowelt editorial office.

pk on 23.06.2020 11:24

have received today rejection with the following sentence.

"The date of the building permit is only relevant if only a plot of land is acquired."

This is completely new and irritates me. I have signed a contract with the builder in 2017 and the building permit was then issued in 2018.

MZ on 26.05.2020 23:27

Hello dear Immowelt team,

We are married, have no property so far and expect our first child in October 2020. In parallel we want to buy a house, but if possible we want to move in before the birth date. Do I understand correctly that we can still apply for Baukindergeld directly following the birth? 6 months will not be over yet.

Ali senan on 06.05.2020 05:31

Thank you in advance

Ali senan on 06.05.2020 05:28

Hello, good day,

I would have some questions

Do you have to apply for the child benefit before buying the property or do you have to have bought the property before?.

If you get government assistance to Steinem income, you can still apply for Baukindergeld?

immowelt editorial office on 07.05.2020 08:15

the application for Baukindergeld must be submitted no later than 6 months after moving in. It makes sense to make it beforehand, then the money flows faster.

The question of whether you get government assistance is irrelevant for Baukindergeld. The question here is rather whether you will find a bank that will finance your project.

Marcel1989 on 20.04.2020 09:04

I married my wife this year, but she already owned a property that was rented out, but we live in it now.

In the land register is only my wife as owner.

This year we are having a child and the house is getting too small for us and we wanted to build new.

The new building would now be from the land register entry only in my name and the old house continues to be rented out.

Can I now apply for the Baukindergeld because it is only on me or it does not work because my wife still owns about a property?

Immowelt editorial office on 21.04.2020 08:36

since this is a special case, we can not give a final assessment, but only a qualified guess: The Baukindergeld is to be granted to families who do not yet own a property. Since you are a family that already owns a property, we assume that there is no entitlement to child building benefit. Since this is only our assessment (and we can also be wrong), we advise you to call K directly to clarify the situation.

Heiko am 07.04.2020 12:45

I have received an old house as a gift from my parents. Now I want to renovate/refurbish it for a lot of money and then move in there with my family. At the moment we live in a rented apartment. Do I get the Baukindergeld or/and the Bavarian BK Plus or/and the Bavarian Eigenheimzulage for the expensive renovation ?

Immowelt editorial on 08.04.2020 07:54

In our opinion, there is no entitlement to child building allowance, since the property comes from your parents (even if you buy it from your parents, no allowance is granted), and the child building allowance is intended to promote the purchase/construction and not a renovation. Under certain circumstances, however, you can benefit from subsidies from K.

Alex on 26.03.2020 05:33

I have read that the existing property must be sold and there must be at least 1 day between signing the new contract.

Is the subsidy also available if the existing property is sold in advance within the family circle?? Z.B. to one of my siblings?

Immowelt editorial office on 26.03.2020 10:12

the decisive factor is that no residential property is owned at the time of acquisition. This would be the case if the sale of the old property and the purchase of the new property took place on the same day.

There is no building child allowance for sales within the family circle: i.e. the acquisition or transfer of ownership between spouses, life partners or partners in another long-term partnership as well as the acquisition or transfer of ownership between relatives of a household member in a straight line, e.g. children, parents or grandparents.

DanielaS am 12.03.2020 13:29

I have a question about the Baukindergeld: can I apply for it even if my adult but autistic daughter, for whom child benefit is available, lives with me?

Immowelt editorial office on 12.03.2020 15:36

in the requirements it says that the children must be under 18 years old to be eligible for Baukindergeld. You should ask K directly whether an exception is made in your particular case.

Rieke2305 on 07.03.2020 11:45

I have a question we have 2 houses half inherited , one house is no longer worth much and none of the houses offers enough space ! We want to sell both houses with the co-heirs! Do we then have the right to building subsidies?

Immowelt editorial office on 09.03.2020 09:00

in addition to the other requirements already described in the article, it applies that no member of the household at the time of the notarial construction contract, or. in the case of new buildings, do not own a property at the time of planning permission. Specifically, the existing property would have to be sold and only then can the new property be purchased.

NiAN on 05.03.2020 16:01

Our family has been living in the same house since approx. 5 years in the house of in-laws for rent. Now we are planning to make an installment plan as our bank will not give us a loan that would be high enough. Can we still get a building subsidy??

Immowelt editorial office on 05.03.2020 16:21

thank you for your comment. In principle, installment plan can also be subsidized with Baukindergeld. Since the hire-purchase agreement always consists of a rental agreement and a purchase agreement, the agreement would have to be concluded between the 1. January 2018 and 31. December 2020 and the applicant must have at least one child at that time, as well as meet the other requirements for receiving the Baukindergeld.

In case of doubt, we advise you to check with K for your specific case. Please also understand that we are not allowed to give legal advice.

With best regards

Wilhelm on 03.03.2020 22:05

We have purchased a house in January 2020 that will be converted into a multi-family house. We will move into the complete lower floor + part of the basement ourselves.

How does it look in this case with the promotion of the building child benefit. Would we get it or in this case rather not?

Thanks in advance

Immowelt editorial office on 04.03.2020 09:58

Families with at least one child who purchase a property and it is their only residential property benefit from the subsidy. Provided that you do not own a property at this time and meet the other eligibility requirements, it may be possible to receive the Baukindergeld.

However, we point out that the Baukindergeld is not regulated in a law, but is based on a contract between the federal government and K. So the details of the conditions come from the K, there is also a fact sheet on the K page as a pdf. As far as your special case is concerned, we have not found anything on the K page with the eligibility requirements that could clearly answer your question (from our point of view). In the information sheet for the eligibility requirements, it says: "Who can submit applications? Any natural person who has become (co-)owner of owner-occupied residential property. " From our point of view, this could be interpreted in such a way that the requirements would be met because you did not yet own a residential property at the time of purchase. However, it could also be interpreted in such a way that because the house was a single-family house at the time of acquisition, only a part is to be used by the owner in the future, the aspect "owner-occupied residential property" is no longer completely fulfilled.

We therefore advise you to contact K directly in order to clarify the question.

Dominique on 02.03.2020 11:15

Hello dear team,

My family generally meets all of the above requirements.

We will build and live as German citizens but in the EU foreign country (Austria).

Does the claim therefore expire?

Thank you very much for your answer.

Immowelt editorial office on 03.03.2020 08:24

the question can not (currently) be answered conclusively. At least for the homeowner’s allowance (a similar subsidy), which existed until 2006, the European Court of Justice (Az.C-152/05) ruled that this subsidy must be granted if a German citizen buys/builds an owner-occupied property in another EU country, provided that he pays a large part of his taxes in Germany. An obvious way to look at it would be that this could also be transferable to the Baukindergeld.

However, there was a small question from several members of the Bundestag to the federal government on this issue. The Federal Government answered these questions as follows (printed matter 19/6497): The building child allowance is limited to Germany, the EUGh ruling is not transferable. Whether the view of the federal government would stand up to judicial review could only be clarified if an affected builder sues.

Dominique On 02.03.2020 11:14

Hello dear team,

My family generally complies with all the above requirements.

However, as German citizens we will build and live in another EU country (Austria).

Does the claim therefore expire?

Many thanks for the answer.

Dominique On 02.03.2020 12:28

Thank you very much for the speedy and interesting answer.

Gunter Kramer on 01.03.2020 09:27

Un what do families who had lived abroad and only moved back to Germany in 2018 and have no proof of income won 2017? They don’t get anything, even though income statements from 2018 and 2019 are available. Very unfair the whole.

Immowelt editorial office on 02.03.2020 11:00

Hello Gunter Kramer,

we do not see in the regulations that income earned abroad would not be counted. They would have to be proven from our SIcht however already. Since your case is a special case, it might be advisable to call K directly on how to proceed here.

MH on 23.02.2020 11:21

We purchased the undeveloped property in 2020. We do not plan to build until 2022. Can we still apply for Baukindergeld in 2020??

Immowelt editorial office on 24.02.2020 10:23

for new buildings there can be a claim for Baukindergeld if the building permit was issued between 1. January 2018 and 31. December 2020 has been granted. With the building itself can then still after 31. December 2020 start.

L.H. on 18.02.2020 16:46

my husband and I moved into the house we bought in 2018. For our first child Geb. 2019 we have already applied for Baukindergeld. Can we pay for our second child Geb. 2020 also still apply for Baukindergeld?

Immowelt editorial team on 19.02.2020 10:18

unfortunately, the Baukindergeld is only available for children who were already born at the time of application.

MargaretaW. on 17.02.2020 12:38

Hello! Is one eligible for Baukindergeld if one is part (25%) of a community of 3 heirs in which there is a residential house?

Immowelt editorial team on 18.02.2020 07:33

as far as one is (co-)owner of a property, there is no claim for Baukindergeld. No household member may own real estate property at the time of purchase.

Prince Ojo on 16.02.2020 17:24

Good day! We are planning to sell our house, in which we have now lived and had built for 4 years. If we were to buy a house this year, would we then be entitled to the Baukindergeld?

Immowelt editorial office am 17.02.2020 09:13

Hello Prince Ojo,

if the other requirements for the building child allowance are met, then it applies that at the time of signing the purchase contract no member of the household may own real estate property, otherwise a subsidy with the building child allowance is not possible.

alicia2006 on 06.02.2020 18:29

I am married and have 2 children aged 13 and 7 years old. The plot of land on which I built in 2019 was given to me as a gift by my parents. We moved in July 2019. Do we get

Immowelt editorial team on 07.02.2020 08:59

The prerequisite for the building allowance for a new building is that the building permit was issued between 1. January 2018 and 31. December 2020 has been granted.

Question2020 on 29.01.2020 15:56

what is the situation with separated couples, where one parent buys and moves into a new house with the children – does this parent have a single claim to Baukindergeld??

Immowelt Editorial on 30.01.2020 09:55

In our opinion, this should be possible, since single parents are also entitled to Baukindergeld. If you want to be on the safe side, you should check directly with K.

Huhu on 29.01.2020 07:15

And where to report the facts ? Since this someone is doing baukindergeld collect although mother and daughter live in the house and submitted an old registration confirmation to get it . And it is not fair to others.

Christian on 28.01.2020 22:14

What exactly is meant by " purchase" in the following paragraph of the persons excluded from the Baukindergeld?

-the purchase or transfer of property between relatives of a household member in a straight line, for example children, parents or grandparents.

So in our case I buy as one of 3 sons the house of my parents (notary contract, credit from the bank and own child with wife everything there) I have thereby no claim to the Baukindergeld?

After all, it is not bequeathed or overwritten a proper purchase ..

Immowelt editorial office am 30.01.2020 08:01

According to the K funding guidelines, funding is not possible if the following constellation exists: "If the applicant or the spouse or life partner or partner from a marriage-like relationship is related to the seller in a direct line, we do not fund the purchase of the residential property with the building child allowance."

Christian on 28.01.2020 22:14

What exactly is meant by " acquisition" in the following paragraph of the persons excluded from the Baukindergeld?

-the acquisition or transfer of property between relatives of a household member in a straight line, for example, children, parents or grandparents.

So in our case I buy as one of 3 sons the house of my parents (notary contract, credit from the bank and own child with wife all there) I have thereby no claim to the Baukindergeld?

After all, it is not bequeathed or signed over a proper purchase ..

Huhu on 27.01.2020 06:55

Can I apply for child benefit even though the child and mother no longer live in the house? ? And as proof an old Meldebestadigung presents ?

Immowelt editorial office on 27.01.2020 11:39

by means of Baukindergeld owner-occupied housing is promoted. If mother and child do not (want to) live in the property at all, there is no case of self-use in our opinion. It is not advisable to pretend by means of old documents a state of affairs which (no longer) exists in order to receive financial support, this could even be relevant under criminal law.

Laroche on 26.01.2020 17:00

what is actually the annual income? Gross annual income man + gross annual income woman?

Immowelt editorial office on 27.01.2020 10:40

yes, however, all types of income are to be taken into account, i.e. not only the earned income, but also z.B. Interest income o.a.

Christian on 22.01.2020 18:44

Hello we already live in the house of my parents. Since it should be settled in the future everything with the siblings we want to buy the house from my parents. In this case, are we entitled to building subsidies?

Immowelt editorial team on 30.01.2020 07:59

unfortunately we have to correct ourselves: K had recently adjusted the subsidy guidelines, clarifying that there is no Baukindergeld for sales to relatives in a straight line.

Immowelt editorial office on 24.01.2020 08:09

a condition for the building child money is that one does not possess yet own real estate. Who the seller of the future owner-occupied property is, plays no role, provided that the conditions described in the article are met.

tkovi on 16.01.2020 10:15

Dear Sir or Madam,

I currently still own a condominium. This is currently rented. We ourselves live in another rented apartment.

However, I have a new property in prospect, about which I would like to apply for the Baukindergeld.

I would still want to sell the condominium before signing the new contract.

Now my question:

Is there a time limit on how long I may not own a property in my name for at least a certain period of time ? Or z.B. I can sell my still current apartment today and tomorrow apply for the newly acquired apartment with Baukindergeld ?

Immowelt editorial team on 16.01.2020 10:54

It is important that none of the household members owns a property on the date of signing the purchase contract. Whether the property was sold a week, a month or a year earlier should not matter. If in doubt, you should contact the K Bank directly with this concern, which provides the funding.

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