Burn cd/dvd with mac os

Mac OS offers the user various options for creating CDs and DVDs.

Burning data CD /DVD with the Finder

Perhaps the most common task is the simple burning of data to CD or DVD – This can be easily done in the Finder.

If you select the optionOpen in Finder", so a corresponding "icon" appears on the desktop and in the FinderUntitled CD ".

The blank can now be handled like a normal folder. New folders can be created, files copied, drag’n’dropped and moved as usual. The name of the CD /DVD can also be changed via the Enter key, as for renaming folders and files.

The compilation is burned with a click on the"Radioactivity icon" in the Finder, or you can select the"Burn"-Button.

A window will open asking you if you really want to burn the content to a CD /DVD. Of course we want! However, we can now change the name of the CD one more time and adjust the burning speed or save the files for the CD in a local folder again extra.

Burning data CD /DVD with Disk Utility

The Disk Utility offers similar functions as the Disk Management in Windows and some more.

You can find the hard disk utility in the folder"Utilities" and is especially useful to create or burn CD /DVD images.

Create a CD/DVD image

To Create an image insert a medium, start the Disk Utility, select the medium and then click on"New Image".

For those who want to burn the image afterwards, it is recommended"DVD -CD Master" than"Image format" to choose.

Burning a CD /DVD -Image

Also rewritable media can be deleted and rewritten with the hard disk utility in such a way.

burning music with iTunes

To make a Audio CD go to burn a playlist is created in iTunes, which can then be accessed via the iTunes menu bar via the entry "File", Menupunkt "Mediathek", "Burn playlist to media", can be burned to CD /DVD.

Alternatively there is a" in the iTunes window in the playlist view in the bottom right cornerBurn"-button.

In the following dialog window you can adjust the burn settings like burn speed, the format (Audio-CD , MP3-CD or Data-CD ) and the pause between the tracks.

Burning videos with iDVD

To create a Video DVD Mac OS comes with iDVD.

iDVD lets you create DVDs from any video format that Quicktime can open.

If you want it to be easy, just drag the videos to the drop zones of the DVD menu preview.

Of course iDVD offers a lot more possibilities to create DVDs – but if you want, you can also do without a menu altogether.

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to burn CD/DVD with Mac OS

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to burn CD/DVD with Mac OS

Mac OS offers the user various possibilities to create CDs and DVDs.
To create a CD or DVD with your Mac, in most cases no third party software is needed. Mac OS X already has for the most common burning tasks.

to the article: Burning CD/DVD with Mac OS

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derEinsteiger wrote on 25. April

Alex wrote on 11. May

open the activity viewer and kill the Safari process there.

Marina wrote on 10. May

I can’t close Safari anymore. "Quit Safari" is not selectable since yesterday.
When I try to turn off the computer, it says: The Safari program has aborted the operation.
What can I do?

nightcrab wrote on 2. November

Thanks Alex, then I know about it for now. Roxio is too expensive for me right now (80$), but it’s always good to know the (action) limits, isn’t it?
Greeting from Nahtkrabb

/e 11.12.11
In the meantime I stumbled across a program that simply calls "Burn" is hot and free of charge.
Works perfectly. And is also convenient when copying CDs.
With DVDs it has not worked so far, but when do I need that??

Greetings and thanks again for initial information

In case anyone is interested: http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html

Alex wrote on 1. November

You can also buy a burning program for Mac OS, that will do exactly what you say. (Roxio Toast 11)
The described procedure is with Mac OS on-board means and requires now a little more user interaction, but as you already noticed, does nothing else than your burning program too.

nahtkrabb wrote on 1. November

Well, from my burning program on the old (now discarded) WinNT box I know that I give it a CD and say I want to copy it.
Then the program somehow creates a copy in its cache (without me having to worry about where/what/how/format). care) and says if it wants to have a blank CD.
Then I eject the master CD, enter the blank CD, and the burning program burns.
Sounds harmless enough, or? And so I would like to have that again — if possible. Does the?

Alex wrote on 1. November

how do you want to burn a CD without saving the content somewhere in between??
You have (usually) only one CD/DVD drive in your Mac. So you create a copy of the inserted CD/DVD on the hard disk, which you can then burn to a new CD/DVD.

night crab wrote on 1. November

Hello, Alex,
maybe I’m too slow, but: I only found how to burn a CD/DVD with stuff coming from the/one hard drive.
How to duplicate an existing CD/DVD without copying the whole content to the harddisk first, I haven’t understood yet.
Can you help me, please, on the hint? — Thanks!

PS: In another Apple forum I just didn’t understand an actually exciting post, because the "explainer" didn’t understand it threw everything extremely rudely and chaotically at the feet of the freshman. On the one hand I didn’t understand it that way, on the other hand I found the way just impossible. How heartbreakingly friendly this is compared to that! THANKS! N.

Alex wrote on 1. November

CD/DVD burning with Mac OS

under the paragraph "Burning data CD/DVD with Disk Utility" you will find everything you need to know. :-)

nightcrab wrote on 31. October

Hello everybody,
if you already discuss burning: I am an absolute newbie. How do I copy a CD or DVD with the Apple?

Alex wrote on 7. August

honestly, I’ve never burned a multisession CD on a mac before. :-)
USB sticks are much more comfortable.

Marina wrote on 7. August

has worked ;o)))))))) – thanks a lot.

However, I am not sure if I have the correct "volume format" selected. There are u. a. to select: read only, compressed, read/write, DVD/CD .
I used compressed, since it was already highlighted in blue when I opened the window.

After burning the CD I put it into the Mac for testing. Normally the CD symbol appears on the desktop. Since I burned here photos May 2011 and July 2011 to the CD, 2 CD icons appeared on the desktop – is this normal or did I do something wrong?

Alex wrote on 6. August

CMD+spacebar (spotlight)> "Disk Utility" :-)

Marina wrote on 6. August

printed the page and I have problems again ..

I created a folder in the Finder and copied the photos into it
Now I should in the "Disk Utility "File>New>Image of Folder" select.
What is Disk Utility – is that the menu bar at the top of the Finder? If so, there is no simple "new" but
new window
new folder
new smart folder
new burning folder

then the text continues: enter a name for the image . is the folder meant by?
select a volume format . and again I am amazed what "they" can do want from me ;oI

as you can see I am totally overwhelmed with such instructions.

Marina wrote on 6. August

I probably burn my photos ;oI with IPhoto – I am at least in IPhoto . I mark the photos, put the CD in, then go to Share – Burn. The CD is burned and ejected without me doing anything.

Then when I go to watch the CD, this is what comes up:


I also find it strange – just wants to have the photos on the CD .

thank you . once again . very warmly

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