Burn cd or dvd no longer works

Typically, Windows computers today are equipped with a CD or DVD burner. But sometimes the burner is not recognized or the burning does not work anymore. Then good advice is needed.

Diagnosis: Burner defective or Windows damaged

If the CD/DVD drive can neither read nor burn media, but the computer can still be booted from the Windows installation DVD, the drive mount is most likely damaged. Microsoft offers a support article with a fixit here. This helps if the drive can no longer read or burn the media or is disabled. The Fixit program tries to repair the drivers in question and also to reset the filters.

Here the company HP published still another article, in order to if necessary. reactivate an unrecognized burner. The post also goes into detail about various software that prevents burning. At [1] I have published a post that deals with the manual repair of a disappeared drive and does something similar to the Microsoft FixIt.

If the above approaches do not help, the drive with the burner may be damaged. If only certain blanks are not burned, there might be a bad blank batch available. Then if necessary. blanks from other manufacturers can be tested.

tips: To find a burner or. testing the blanks for problems or unsupported functions, there is a program from Nero AG called Nero DiskSpeed (click). Another program is Opti Drive Control. The Nero InfoTool provides information about the functions of installed drives and shows detailed information about drive settings, firmware version, etc. The Nero tools DiskSpeed and InfoTools can be downloaded free of charge from the Nero AG download area. However, since writing my Nero Insider titles, I’ve noticed that the tools don’t work as well with Windows 7 and new burners as they did with Windows XP. Alternatively, here is a forum thread containing links to the Plextools of the manufacturer Plextor. These tools were formerly delivered with burners of this manufacturer and have been released in the meantime. I have found forum hints that the tools also work with other burners. The tools provide, similar to the Nero tools, diagnostic functions for drives and blanks. So if necessary. try at your own risk – maybe it will work.

Burning function disabled?

If no burn button is displayed in the Windows Explorer toolbar, the burn function can be activated by an administrator (or by software or. tuning tools) may have been disabled.

With Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate the group policy editor is gpedit go to.

  • At User configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows components> Windows Explorer the guideline is found Remove CD burning functions, which should then be enabled.
  • In this case, remove this activation (radio button Not configured).

Details can be found z. B. at Adrian Sauer in this blog post.

If you are working with Windows 7 Home Premium, the above approach does not help, since the Home versions of Windows do not have a Group Policy Editor. In this case it is enough, regedit in the search field of the Start menu and then press Enter. In the Registry Editor navigate to the branch:

Policies\ Explorer

In this branch there should be a DWORD value NoCDBurning exist, which is set to 1. Change the value to 0 or delete the entry NoCDBurning. require the user to log off afterwards. If this does not help, the computer must be rebooted with Windows 7. After that the burning function should be available again.

Damaged system prevents burning?

The installation of foreign burning programs or virtual CD/DVD drives can be prevented u. U. cause system files needed for burning to be corrupted. To make sure that the system as such is still intact, you should run a system file check [2].

Diagnose blockage of the burning engine

If the system file scan does not report any corrupted files, there could still be a third-party component blocking access to the burn functions. Here still a diagnosis in the safe mode is recommended [3].

Does the access to the burning functions work as soon as third-party services are deactivated?? Then a foreign software blocks the burning. You must then successively test which component is causing the problem.

Repair burning engine

The installation of foreign burning programs or virtual CD/DVD drives can u. U. Damage the burning engine of the media center. The library files in question CreateDisk.dll and SonicMCEBurnEngine.dll can be found in the folder Windows\ehome\CreateDisc (see also).

If these files are missing or damaged, a system file check should recover them. Registering the two DLL files using regsvr32 on the other hand is not possible. Here a repair installation should be tried by an Inplace Upgrade.

Repair media functions

If there are problems when burning DVD-Video? Since an alternative authoring program, a burning software, an editing software or an application for providing virtual drives can be the problem. Codec Packs may also cause trouble (encoders are needed for DVD-Video authoring).

I remember a Windows 7 installation where certain third-party burning programs simply did not use the burner or. did not recognize it as a DVD burner, while other burning programs and Windows 7 had no problems. Suspected to be a program to simulate a virtual BD burner. I didn’t really find out the cause, because at some point I rebooted the system – and from then on everything worked as expected again – with all the burning programs I tested.

As a solution approach with the least effort (before reinstalling) you could try the following:

  1. First, third-party programs (photo editing, burning programs, editing software, virtual drive softare u. a.) as well as remove codec packs and similar tools.
  2. Then in the search field of the start menu Features and type the displayed command Enable or disable Windows functions select.
  3. After confirming the user account control prompt, the dialog box should Activate or deactivate Windows functions will appear and after some time will show the content shown here.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, delete the check mark at Media functions.
  5. Then close the dialog box via OK-button and restart the system.

Then repeat the above steps and re-enable the media features. The deeper background of this pirouette: Then "installed" Windows 7 both the Media Center and the Media Player as well as the DVD Maker. All these Windows functions have burning functions. I haven’t analyzed it, but I’m guessing that this also resets the appropriate registry settings for the burning engine. With a little luck, the burning functions of the media center will also be registered during this process and everything will work again.

Tip: If all this doesn’t help and only a new installation is left, I recommend to first try a repair installation by an Inplace Upgrade. This approach has the advantage that installed programs and user settings are preserved, while the Windows files including settings are rewritten to the hard drive. This often solves a lot of problems that can’t be fixed with manual intervention.

Is there a problem with burning because Windows reports insufficient memory to store the files or is the wrong burner being used?? Click in the folder window Computer right click on the burner icon. Then select the context menu command Properties. On the tab Record find the options for burning discs.

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