Burn cds and dvds with on-board tools on the mac

Burning CDs and DVDs has become less, but now and then you still need it. The good news is that this usually does not require any third-party software on the Mac. This is true at least when it comes to the most common burning tasks. Below are instructions that explain and describe the most important scenarios.

Burn data via Finder

Burning different data to a CD/DVD is no problem at all for the Apple operating system. To do this, you must first insert an empty blank CD, which then opens a new window. In this the option "Open Finder" is selected. Now the Finder with the title "Untitled CD" is there and you can work like with a normal folder. This means that data is simply dragged into the window. Furthermore, all names (from the blank disc and those of the folders) can be renamed. If the compilation is correct, then you can click the "Burn" button on the top right (the alternative would be the "radioactivity icon" on the left in the Finder). In the next step the burning process is checked again, which means among other things the adjustment of the burning speed. If everything fits here as well, then the actual burning process begins.

Create and burn CD/DVD images using Disk Utility

For this step, insert the media and open Disk Utility. After that you need to select the media and go to "New image". If you want to burn the image later, then it is recommended to choose the format "DVD-CD Master".

Now the burning process takes place: For this a blank disc is inserted again and the image is dragged onto the symbol that appears. This can be done either from the Finder or from the volume list. In the last step a click on "Burn" is enough.

Note: With the help of this operation you can also edit rewritable media.

Burn music via iTunes

iTunes can not only play songs, but also write them to a blank disc. To do this, you must first create a playlist that contains all the audio files to be burned. Now it’s the turn of the iTunes menu bar, which contains the entries "File", "Library" and "Burn playlist to medium". If you click on this button, the burning process starts with additional settings. This way you can set the pause between the titles and select the format. Optionally you can start the burning process by clicking the "Burn" button at the bottom right (in the playlist view).

Burn Video DVD

Thanks to iDVD, the Mac OS burns DVDs quickly and easily. The program supports all formats that can also be opened in Quicktime. If you want it to be easy, you can use Drag and Drop. Just drag and drop the videos onto the drop zones (in the preview of the DVD menu). Of course iDVD offers more options, but they are not mandatory. So you can burn a DVD on your Mac in a flash.

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