Call bios: how do i get into the bios?

If your PC has problems, it can be worthwhile to call up the BIOS and make a few system settings there. But how do I get into the BIOS in the first place? We will explain it to you in the following.

How do I get into the BIOS? We have the answer. Photo: Getty Images/Westend61

Whenever you want to boot from an external USB stick or hard drive, for example, or it’s time to update your motherboard, or you want to change something else on your system, you’ll probably have to open the BIOS Call BIOS. The question that often comes to your mind then is"How do I get into the BIOS„? But there are very simple answers to this question, which we will explain to you below.

How to get into the BIOS? This is to be observed

Before you seriously consider the question "How do I get into the BIOS??“ If you’re not familiar with the latest developments in motherboard firmware, you should be aware that changing something you don’t know about can lead to permanent errors and damage. Wrong settings in the BIOS can not only lead to the failure of your PC, but also cause much more annoying problems. Regardless, however, it’s really a piece of cake to invoke the BIOS.

BIOS is the abbreviation for "Basic Input Output System", that is the basic input as well as output system of your computer. As already mentioned, it is firmly anchored on your motherboard and is automatically started first after booting your PC. It queries whether all the individual parts of your computer are working. After that the operating system, for example Windows, starts its work. But how do you get into the BIOS?? Maybe you’ve read it before, maybe it’s completely new to you: Usually a certain key or the combination of several keys helps you to do this. We have these ready for you in the following.

How to open the BIOS

As already mentioned, you might have already glimpsed which key you have to press to get into the BIOS. Mostly you get a short information about how to enter the BIOS within the first few seconds on the screen after starting your computer. In white letters at the bottom of a black or blue background you will usually find a note with the corresponding button. The most common buttons to enter the BIOS are the following:

  • Del / Del
  • F2
  • F12
  • F1
  • F8
  • F10
  • Esc

If none of these buttons help, there are, depending on the manufacturer, other ways to get into the BIOS. However, for that you have to find out which manufacturer your motherboard is beforehand. We’ll help you figure out which motherboard you have. Once you know the manufacturer, it’s easy:

  • Acer: F2, Ctrl + Alt + Esc
  • Asus: F2
    AMIBIOS /American Megatrends: Entf/Del, F1
  • Award-BIOS: Del/Del, F2, Esc, Ctrl + Alt + Esc
  • Compaq: F10
  • Dell: F2
  • HP: F10
  • Packard Bell: F2
  • Phoenix BIOS: Del/Del, F2, Ctrl + Alt + Esc
  • Sony Vaio: F2, Assist button
  • Toshiba: Esc, F1

What to do if the BIOS can’t be called up?

In case you can’t navigate in the BIOS of your PC, try using the arrow keys (default) or connect an older PS2 keyboard. If the BIOS does not start, it can have several reasons. Updating the BIOS or changing the BIOS battery can help.

Also, remember well what password you have set for your BIOS in case of an eventuality. Y and X are always swapped because the BIOS keyboard layout is usually not adapted to the German layouts.

Conclusion: Calling up the BIOS is a piece of cake

Gone are the days when you wondered how to get into the BIOS. Finally you can give your system a fresh coat of paint, for example by booting from a USB stick to reboot Windows. It can also be worth overclocking your graphics card.

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