Can you convert body fat into muscle?

Turning fat into muscle

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Lydia Kulterer

Turning fat into muscle

Now the winter fat should really go. Long enough it has made itself comfortable around the belly and the thighs. But can you convert fat into muscle? Here’s what you need to know about it!

If your pants pinch, your favorite sweater tightens on your belly, then it’s time to convert excess body fat into muscle.

If you’re looking in the mirror and you’re annoyed by your lifebelt again, let’s fight it now.

But is it really so easy? Can you turn fat into muscle?

I got smart with our personal trainer and coach Werner.

You will learn in this post

What a great workout it would be to turn belly bulges directly into a six-pack. Maybe that is even possible. Let’s take a closer look.

This is how fat loss and muscle building work

If you want to know if this works, you need to know a few facts about the human body. For example, how body fat is formed, what it is made of and how muscle is built up.

Building muscle and breaking down fat are two processes that, biochemically speaking, have little in common.

Losing body fat is a catabolic process. The body uses the fat as an energy supplier and puts on depots for bad times.

Muscle building is an anabolic process. This refers to all processes that produce proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body.

Our body makes it and uses it for growth and for storing energy. From weight training you know it for sure. Only those who eat enough can also build muscles. That is why many strength athletes turn to shakes. Only with a calorie surplus you have enough energy to build muscle.

But let’s look at this in detail and then clarify if you can turn fat into muscle.

How body fat is formed

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Did you know that fat is a form of connective tissue?? It consists of 100 percent fat cells. The human body has different types of body fat. Some are visible – like the belly fat. Others are invisible and lie inside the body.

The fat that is a thorn in our side is called depot fat. It forms when we take in too many calories – especially those from sugar, white flour and convenience foods. If we then also move too little, we have quite quickly belly fat and hip gold.

Our body puts it on to be prepared for bad times. So he actually means well with us. Because who knows so exactly when the next famine will occur. The body’s principle: safe is safe.

The good news: Around ten percent of our fat cells die off every year. The bad: they are immediately replaced by new ones.

Fat cells are formed from fatty acids that are found in our blood. The number of these fat cells is already determined in our childhood and changes only slightly.

Who now thinks "Oh, great. I was slim as a child, so I have nothing to worry about", is unfortunately wrong. Because it is not only the number of fat cells that determines whether we become fat, but their size.

Everyone has fat cells. Even those who are ultra slim. Unlike an overweight person, however, their fat cells are not as full.

You can influence the amount and size of fat cells through exercise. Nutrition also plays a very big role – a much bigger one even than sports. About 70% of your weight loss success is directly related to your eating habits.

If you train a lot, but do not change your diet, you will not be able to achieve any success. The reason for this: you provide the body with so much energy that it obtains it directly from the blood and does not fall back on the fat depots.

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