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You can crack password-protected laptops, encrypted USB sticks and lock codes with ease? The computer is your favorite occupation and you already want to become a hacker? Super! bigCAREER shows, how to get a hacking job on official assignment.

Legal hacking portrait

Potential attack points abound in our digital world – malicious hackers might Stealing customer data from online stores, Cracking bank accounts or paralyze medical equipment. So that the so-called black hats of the hacker scene do not succeed, there are also legal hackers who Uncovering and repairing vulnerabilities in digital systems. In return, the white hats have an extra dose of creativity and a thirst for discovery, because they often have to find completely new ways to make systems attack-proof.

Career aspirations hacker: career opportunities

Not everyone peddles the profession of hacker, because the term hacker is often scandalized. In this regard, legal white hat hackers have quite an important function: They make the Internet safer. In professional life, however, many affected people still do not like to call themselves hackers. They use job titles like Programmers, Developer or IT Security Consultant. The term penetration tester or pen tester is also common. Penetration testing is a security test of network or computer systems. This involves targeting the system to uncover security holes and other vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious hacker to gain unauthorized access. The IT security consultant also checks and stresses ready-made security concepts with the help of penetration testing.

Starting a job as a hacker: Requirements

If you want to become a hacker, you can theoretically enter the industry without a formal education, but it’s a lot more difficult. A formal degree or recognized certificates will immediately show employers where your skills lie. In addition, a formal degree or certification means financial security, without it, professional hackers earn far less. If you don’t have a degree or certificate, you’ll need to build a portfolio and provide references when looking for a job.

A extensive list of IT certifications can be found on Wikipedia. You should also become familiar with the OWASP Top 10 (Open Web Application Security Project). Good opportunities to start out as a hacker are offered via a Training as an IT systems electronics technician and the classic computer science degree. In principle, however, other training professions are also suitable. And also about the Self-study and Continuing education courses relevant skills can be acquired. As part of the application process, your hacking skills will be checked by the potential client in any case. If you get a permanent job, there is often a training phase, in which you get all the important company-internal tricks and standards taught to you.

Salary prospects for professional hackers

Professional hackers without formal degrees earn significantly less, sometimes less than 30.000 Euro per year. With degree and corresponding experience the salaries – depending on the job title – between 50.000 and 100.000 Euro. You will reach the upper salary level mainly with jobs in international companies. So, if you want to become a hacker and take full advantage of the salary potential, you should aim for a formal education and learn to speak English well.

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