Cat found: this is what you must do now

Note these 5 things, if you discovered a lost animal!

Many cats were not properly accustomed to the outdoor and end up ownerless. You have discovered one of these cats and do not know what to do? In this article you will learn the answers to the following 6 questions:


These are the characteristics of a found cat

A velvet paw has run to you and you ask yourself whether it is really a homeless cat? This is how a found cat differs from a cat that wants to have a quick extra meal:

Characteristics of a found cat Characteristics of a normal cat that roams around
Emaciated Disappears after eating
Injured Confident
Unkempt coat Groomed coat
Shy Collar / other markings
Is found in a box / carton

These 5 things you must do if you found a stray cat

A chipped cat, which is not registered, cannot be assigned to an owner.

Therefore, it is even more important that every cat with a microchip is immediately registered in a pet database and you provide your personal data. With it you guarantee that the lost animal can be assigned to you.

Should the rightful owner not be found, you can either

  • even put up advertisements about the cat discovery,
  • notify the neighborhood where it was found or
  • announce on social media that you found a neglected cat. Share your posting in addition publicly, so that you have a larger range!

Attention: If the cat is tattooed in the ear, give in no case the number known. Unfortunately, now and then strangers pretend to be the rightful owner.

What is the legal situation when you keep a found cat?

Report the lost cat

A found cat is often called ownerless, however, according to the law it is not ownerless, because it is still the belongings of the owner. The first step is to report the cat, because you have to report it according to § 965 BGB. You can either do this via

  1. the animal shelter,
  2. the veterinarian or
  3. the police

Good to know: Animals are subject to the lost property law.

If the find is not reported, this is from a legal point of view an embezzlement of a thing and thereby you make yourself punishable according to § 242 StGB.

You take the cat in care: These are the things you’re entitled to

If the homeless cat does not belong to an owner, you are obliged to take care of the proper keeping of the cat until the rightful owner picks up the cat. You can also hand over the four-legged friend to the authorities if you cannot take care of the cat.

Who takes over the developed costs, if the owner announces itself?

As already mentioned above, a visit to the vet does not stay away. There are costs for the investigation. These costs, if the owner is found, can be reclaimed from the owner according to § 970 BGB (German Civil Code).

Even if the owner reports during the care of the cat, the costs incurred can be claimed back.

Expert Tip: Keep invoices and receipts so that you can prove the monetary expenses.

From this moment on you are the owner of the cat

If the owner of the cat has not contacted you after 6 months, from the date of the obligation to report, then you can become the new owner of the cat.

With this solution there are no more stray cats

You are now reunited with your cat or are the new owner of the once lost cat? You are looking for a solution so that you always know where your adventurer is roaming around? A Tractive GPS tracker for cats takes away these worries, because you know at any time and even in real time on your smartphone, where the stray is roaming. It is sometimes amazing how long cats stay away without having to worry about it!

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