Cbd smoking – what you should watch out for

After there were initially only CBD oil and CBD capsules on the market, the manufacturers are responding to the wishes of consumers and are now increasingly offering CBD products that can be smoked.

How it looks here with the legality in Germany, which products are suitable for smoking and from which one rather the fingers leaves, you experience in the following contribution.

Smoking CBD to relax

Since CBD does not cause intoxication, you can inhale it without hesitation to benefit from its relaxing effects. There are already many smokers who consume CBD and can confirm it. From the testimonials, it can be seen that inhaling CBD has several positive effects on well-being. Users can sleep better, suffer less anxiety, and handle stress much better. Even pain and inflammation show a clear positive change.

CBD cigarettes as an alternative to the joint?

In order to smoke CBD cigarettes, they would have to be legal in Germany. However, this is due to their too high THC content of ca. 1,0% is not the case. In Switzerland, the situation is different. Here you can buy CBD cigarettes in stores. There are cigarettes with a mixture of tobacco and hemp or those that contain only hemp flowers.

Since the THC content of the cigarettes is so low that they do not cause a real high when you smoke them, but the relaxing effect of the CBD is present, CBD cigarettes are a good alternative for a joint

Which CBD product can I legally smoke??

If you want to inhale CBD instead of ingesting it, you can do so with the following products:

  • Blossoms
  • Pollen
  • Powder
  • Crystals
  • Tea

If you want to smoke CBD, you can use the flowers for this purpose. A little of it mixed with a good tobacco makes for a decent smoking experience. CBD tea you should rather not use for smoking. It can contain additives, which on the one hand taste awful and on the other hand do not exactly serve your health, if they burn. CBD powder is also rather not meant for smoking. Often it is mixed with protein additives such as hemp nuts, which burn quickly. This not only makes the taste unpleasant again, but also creates unhealthy vapors that you’d better not inhale.

Do not smoke CBD oil

Conventional CBD oil is not suitable for smoking. It is even dangerous, because when oils are heated, carcinogenic substances are produced. Therefore you should refrain from smoking CBD oil.

It would be theoretically feasible to mix the cannabis oil with some alcohol and then vaporize it via a vaporizer. But this would severely affect the taste and require the use of alcohol, which could possibly lead to an intoxication effect again.

Despite CBD – smoking endangers your health

Still the term cannabis stands for smoking and everyone thinks of a joint. However, CBD does not work like a joint, because it does not make high.

People who like to smoke prefer to block out thoughts of possible unhealthy substances. However, if you mix the flower parts of the cannabis plant with tobacco, you still have the harmful effect of nicotine, which you should not forget about.

Also, poor quality flower will not help your well-being when smoked. Additionally, smoking is a combustion process that may well alter the properties and effects of herbal substances for the worse.

However, those who are passionate smokers will certainly not want to do without CBD consumption.

The best way to smoke CBD – CBD flowers

In principle, the possibilities of consuming CBD flowers are similar to those of marijuana, because both are flowers of the cannabis plant, except that one contains THC and the CBD flowers are free of THC or have only an extremely low THC content.

Therefore, you can smoke CBD flowers just like marijuana in a rolled cigarette as a joint. Many joint smokers mix a small amount of the flower parts with tobacco, but this is not absolutely necessary, because the flowers can also be smoked pure. Therefore, they serve former smokers very well as a tobacco substitute.

In the pipe

You can enjoy CBD flowers not only with a conventional tobacco pipe, but also for the hookah or the bong use. Users of tobacco pipes like to mix CBD flower parts with an aromatic type of tobacco.

With the vaporizer resp. Vaporizer

Another option for smoking CBD flowers is to use vaporizers or vaporizers. There are devices that are specifically designed to vaporize herbs and other solid plant parts such as CBD flowers.

For many CBD users, vaporization is one of the best options for consuming CBD in the form of flowers. With the help of suitable devices, the flowers are not burned, but only vaporized at a suitable temperature. This produces significantly less pollutants than combustion.

Since there is no mixing with tobacco, significantly less toxic substances enter the body during vaporization, so you can enjoy the positive effects of CBD flowers in a natural and safe way.

Are CBD flowers legal? – This is what you have to watch out for

If you want to consume CBD in its purest and most natural form, it is best to use CBD flowers, because they are virtually untreated compared to CBD oils, liquids and similar products.

The question of legality is difficult to answer. There is a so-called legal gray area here, in which one moves, if one uses CBD flowers in Germany.

In general, the narcotics law in Germany states that CBD extracts are allowed if they come from commercial hemp and their THC content is proven to be below 0.2 percent.

The legal situation with CBD flowers is complicated. Because the narcotics law states: cannabis plants are only exempt from narcotics regulations if "the traffic with them (except the cultivation) serves exclusively commercial or scientific purposes". Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the consumption of CBD flowers is not legal for the private users.

Confusingly, the sale of CBD flowers is not regulated or banned in the same way in all German states.

The legal situation regarding CBD flowers is constantly changing, so you should keep a close eye on it yourself in order to react accordingly.

If you want to try CBD flowers, you should always make sure that they are really CBD flowers, because purely externally there is no difference to marijuana. Certificates about the origin and quality of the flowers can assure you that they come from organic cultivation and are varieties that comply with the EU catalog of varieties.

CBD smoking vs. vaporize

To smoke CBD flowers in a simple and uncomplicated way, cigarette paper and a lighter are sufficient. If you want to vaporize the CBD flowers, you have to buy a device and have it with you all the time.

The advantages and disadvantages of smoking and vaporizing CBD flowers are compared here.

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