Celebrate the seventh child’s birthday

If you want to organize the seventh children’s birthday party for your daughter or son, extensive preparation is extremely important. We have the right tips for a great and unforgettable birthday party.

Finally 7! – The best tips

When the children’s birthday is coming up, many questions go through your mind: how many guests should be invited? Where should the celebration take place and which games fit best? How long should the party last and with what food can you score with the little guests?

The seventh birthday

Here you read, how you plan best the seventh child birthday of your child, without thereby completely in the chaos to sink. We have summarized the suitable ideas for the decoration, the invitations, the food as well as the games for you.

Invite guests: Guest List& Invitation cards

Inviting the little guests is the first important point to be done in the preparations. Together with your child, think about how many children should be invited and then create a guest list.

First and foremost, the number of children to be invited depends on the financial and spatial possibilities. Try to find a compromise if possible, if your offspring plans to invite too many friends.

Suitable invitation cards for the seventh children’s birthday are available for purchase in a large selection. With these pre-made cards, all you have to do is fill in the planned date, place and time of the party, which of course saves you a lot of time and effort.

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VULAVA 12x INVITATION CARD for party and children's birthday - the cards in the cheeky colorful monster design are the perfect INVITATION for boys girls children for birthday school enrollment and KIDS PARTY

VULAVA 12x INVITATION CARD – the cards in the cheeky colorful monster design are the perfect INVITATION for boys girls children for birthday school enrollment and KINDERPARTY *

Junaversum 12 invitation cards incl. 12 envelopes for the 7. Birthday children seventh children’s birthday *

Alternatively, invitation cards are great to make yourself and then when crafting together with your child comes a bit of party atmosphere. Your offspring can simply choose their favorite colors and motifs in their own design and thus give the invitation cards a particularly personal touch. Boys and girls have very different ideas.

You can realize creative ideas already with the simplest means: Some clay paper, glue, scissors and possibly some small stickers are completely sufficient as craft materials to make creative pirate ships, rainbows or balloons.

Decoration ideas for the 7. Children’s birthday

With regard to the decoration for the celebration, you can give free rein to your creativity. The birthday table is especially important, because it is the center of the party. With printed cups and mugs, helium balloons and self-made table cards made of foam rubber, you can create the ideal atmosphere and the younger guests will quickly find their seats.

Garlands of tasty snacks not only look good, they also taste great. To do this, simply pull marshmallows, gummy bears, salted pretzels or similar onto a thread. Together with one or the other "normal" garland or pennant chain, you have made a beautiful decoration in no time, which is great with the kids and leaves hardly any garbage behind.

To avoid boredom, you can decorate the table with a white paper tablecloth and have some crayons on hand. So the boys or girls can immortalize themselves on the tablecloth. This not only provides variety, but also creates a great souvenir of the seventh birthday.

Last but not least, balloons and streamers are a must for any good birthday party. You can quickly and easily decorate the party room as well as the entrance area to create the necessary party atmosphere for the kids and the whole family.

Celebrate the birthday in an indoor playground you can also create a nice atmosphere and the first fun there to the theme of the party.

If you’re looking for great ideas for birthday decorations, here are a few more suggestions to get the planning started:

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