Celebrating the birthday alone – suggestions and ideas, part 1

Spending the birthday with relatives, friends, work colleagues and other people you care about can be wonderful. But nowhere is it written that everyone must celebrate their birthday with others. There are enough people who don’t want all the hustle and bustle and want the day all to themselves.

Celebrating the birthday alone - suggestions and ideas, part 1

Others simply have no one in their environment with whom they can or want to spend the day. And quite a few celebrate their birthday only because it is the custom, they are just not used to it otherwise, do not know what to do with the time alone or do not want to offend anyone in front of the head. But they are not really convinced about the celebration.

In our society, someone who spends their birthday alone is often seen as someone who is either a bit weird or deserves pity because of their loneliness. And of course, being alone has its downsides. This is especially true if someone is not a lone wolf by choice.

But the birthday is the own, very personal day of honor. And everyone can spend this special day just the way he wants for himself.

In fact, many people find that the birthdays they spend away from the stressful parties and the expectations of others, just for themselves, are the most beautiful and happiest birthdays.

But the question remains, how can the birthday child celebrate his birthday alone?. We have compiled suggestions and ideas for this in a multi-part article.

In part 1, we start with the preparations for the big day:

Planning the birthday

Getting up in the morning and then spontaneously thinking about what could be done on the birthday will rarely work out. It is more likely that the birthday child will then stay home bored and mope around a bit after all.

Or that it sits down in front of the computer, does chores or just does something to kill time. Because when the day is supposed to be perfect, but there are too many different options to choose from, they often lack the decisive idea and find it hard to get going at all.

Therefore, the birthday child should slowly start making plans for the birthday at least two weeks in advance. How would it like to spend the day? What does he want to do? What would it like to do?

Of course, the birthday child does not have to cram the whole day with a program to the minute. But at least the rough framework should stand.

Start putting some money aside in time

Making a day of it and perhaps treating yourself to something special costs money. That’s why the birthday boy or girl should start setting aside some money regularly as early as possible.

Even if the budget does not give more than five euros per week, after three months already 60 euros are together. And 60 euros are easily enough to go out for a hearty breakfast, treat yourself to a visit to the cinema or swimming pool in the afternoon and end the day with a glass of wine in the evening.

If the budget is larger or there is more time to save, maybe even a weekend trip or a nice vacation is in it.

The savings are actually for the birthday. The birthday boy or girl should not give up saving money just because they are short of cash. In the same way, it is taboo to help oneself from the piggy bank for other purposes.

And the birthday child should push all concerns aside. Instead, you can and should spend the money you have saved on your big day. Because that’s what it’s there for.

Take the day off

In the workplace, birthdays always follow the same pattern. The colleagues and the manager come by and shake hands to offer their congratulations. The birthday boy or girl thanks them politely and points to the cake waiting in the break room.

While the gesture is standard procedure for colleagues, the birthday boy or girl may feel quite uncomfortable about it. Especially since there are sometimes whispers about why someone comes to work on their birthday.

The birthday boy or girl can avoid all these situations. It should take itself in time on its birthday freely, even if it must sacrifice for it perhaps a vacation day. But with the day off, he can concentrate on himself and put his energy into nice and pleasant things.

Don’t have a guilty conscience or let yourself be talked into it

It may be that relatives and friends are expecting a birthday celebration. They may even have been counting on being invited to coffee and cake or dinner and kept the day free for that reason. Perhaps they are also a little disappointed and have little understanding that the birthday child does not want to celebrate with them.

However, the birthday boy or girl should not be influenced by this. If he has decided to celebrate his birthday alone, then everyone else has to accept it. Just because you do it differently otherwise, the birthday child doesn’t have to feel obligated to do anything.

Just as others decide to have birthday parties out of conviction or habit, it is the birthday boy’s right to decide not to have a party.

There is no reason at all to have a bad conscience about it or to be talked into it. Because on a birthday, the birthday boy or girl is the only thing in the foreground – and not the demands or needs of third parties.

Part 2 continues with activities and activities that can be included in the birthday program.

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Topic: Celebrating a birthday alone – suggestions and ideas, part 1

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