Comparison test: which meater is the best?

Since now half a year I am a proud owner of all MEATER thermometer, i.e. of the MAETER, the MEATER+ and the MEATER block. What the differences are and which one I would recommend for whom you can read in this comprehensive test.

Overview: Why a thermometer at all?

A thermometer is THE accessory you should buy first if you want to go beyond the honorable "flat grilling" of sausages and neck steaks. (Click here for a list with the places 2-10)

And then the agony of choice begins: Wireless thermometer? Insertion thermometer? (Spoiler: BOTH.) Or even an analog? (Spoiler: NO!) I’ll certainly write another article about my way through the thermometer jungle. But first just this much: Currently, I actually always reach for the MEATER.

But why then now a MEATER?

A MEATER is a really wireless radio thermometer. So there is no cable between the temperature probe and the base station either. What all MEATERs have in common is that they have two temperature sensors. At the pointed end sits the sensor for core temperature. At the other end, the MEATER measures the temperature in the grill.

This is about what all grillers want. Because interestingly, the temperature of the grill is exactly where the grilled food lies. And right at grate level.

And of course it is exactly the right solution for all those who want to make a roast on the rotisserie. Because with the MEATER there is no cable wrapped around the spit.

The temperatures and their progress is displayed via a free app. So you absolutely need a smartphone – whether iPhone or Android doesn’t matter. More about the app below.

I also really like the concept of storing the needles in a wooden base station that doubles as a charging station. So the needles’ batteries are always charged and ready to go.

What are the differences between the MEATERs?

The needles themselves are identical from what I could find out. All have a sensor at the top for the core temperature of the meat (up to 100°C) and one at the back for the grill temperature (up to 275°C).

The Main difference is the way the data comes from the MEATER to the cell phone. But step by step:

The MEATER builds a direct connection via Bluetooth 4.0 on. The bamboo mount is magnetic on the back, which can be very handy. At the same time it is a charging station, which charges the needle via a AAA battery up to 100x – according to the website. I didn’t count it, but the Betterie lasts a long time. This also applies to the charging of the needle. In any case, a Pulled Pork over 16 hours was no problem.

The disadvantage of the MEATER is its range. Because a metal grill like a kettle grill or the SmokeFire shields the Bluetooth signal too well. In practice I had ranges between 1-3 meters with these grills – in the rain it was bspw. worse. A ceramic grill like my Kamado Joe Classic III shields the signal less. Here I have come quite 4 to 7 meters. If the ceramic is soaked with water the range suffers again.

This is where the MEATER+ to.

Here the base station is not only used for charging (as with the MEATER). But the needle connects to the base station and this in turn connects to the smartphone. Similar to a WLAN Repeater this increases the range immensely.

For me a really good improvement over the MEATER. Because this way I can fully use the range between the base and the grill, and the base bspw. 2.5 meters away on a table. My phone then keeps the connection to the base undisturbed by the shielding of a grill.

So I can move relatively free in the garden. As long as I have a line of sight to the base (or only little shields the connection) I get good Bluetooth ranges of over 30 meters outdoors! Even on the couch I have so still quite good reception – what more could you want?

The answer can of course only be WLAN. Here two things come into play. On the one hand the MEATER block. Not only does it come with four needles, the base station also serves as a Connection to the home WLAN. This takes care of all range problems: Where there is WLAN reception there is from now on also a connection to the MEATER.

The MEATER Block also has the additional function that it can be operated without WLAN and functions quasi as a telephone substitute. In this mode, the integrated OLED display shows the data. Very useful in the event of a WLAN failure or unreliable reception at the barbecue.

Because the MEATER block actually does not have the best antenna. I had some connection interruptions although both the SmokeFire and my iPhone had WLAN reception. I must admit, however, that the reception can still be improved in our garden – anyone who has ever watched me live on Instagram can sing a song about this&

The second point to WLAN and MEATER is MEATER link and MEATER Cloud

What is MEATER Link or. MEATER Cloud?

A feature that distinguishes the MEATER from all Bluetooth thermometers known to me is the possibility to connect a smartdevice – e.g. a laptop – to the MEATER. an iPad – to use as a connection between the MEATER and the home WLAN. MEATER calls this MEATER Link. The device only needs Bluetooth 4.0 support and of course have WLAN reception.

If you activate the MEATER Cloud in the settings, then the smartdevice will radio the data to the cloud. That means you can access your own cooking from anywhere on the internet. And to prevent strangers from messing with my alarms or knowing I’m home, a one-time registration (free of charge) is required.

With the MEATER Block, the base itself is of course able to access MEATER Link and MEATER Cloud.

These two features alone speak for me in favor of purchasing a MEATER. But let’s wait with the conclusion.

The app – another highlight

The temperatures and their course are displayed as already briefly noted above via a free app. This is actually the case with every Bluetooth thermometer by now.
However, the MEATER app has one very big advantage over all the others I know: it calculates Forecast, when the meat will be ready!

This feature can not be overestimated in everyday life. Ambitious grillers and those just starting out have one thing in common: at some point, someone in the household will ask how long the meat will take… And at least in my experience, the answer will be "Still 10°C to medium" rarely accepted by other family members or guests.

In addition, the temperature curve can be displayed as a chart and all essential cuts are stored with a recommendation for the core temperature. I am usually skeptical at these temperatures. But here I was positively surprised and agree very often with the recommendation. When it comes to steaks, you should keep in mind that the recommendations of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are always somewhat higher than in Europe. So who medium not with "a little pink" defined, it is better to go down a few degrees.

An exemplary cooking process runs thus in such a way: First you open the app and take the MEATER out of the station. Then the needle comes up to the mark in the flesh. This is done so that the more sensitive tip is not exposed to the high temperatures of the grill. Then you choose in the app the type of meat you want to prepare and the cooking level.

The MEATER app automatically sets an alarm 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time. But you can add as many as you like yourself. When the temperature breaks away downward or comes upward above a certain mark. Also after a certain time one can be alarmed. I use the bspw. to spray beef ribs every 45 minutes.

Conclusion to the MEATER (and which MEATER is the best one?)

One reads it between the lines: MEATER is for me THE thermometer. The technology behind the scenes is impressive and well thought out. The accuracy was always on point. Because of the easy handling the MEATER was the thermometer I used most during the last half year. Only the thickness of the needles is at first getting used to, but somewhere the technology has to go.

What do the models cost and WHICH IS THE BEST NOW??

The prices and links (Amazon):
MEATER* € 99,-
MEATER+* € 119,-
MEATER Block* € 309,-

TIP: But it is best to make a price comparison: Depending on the Amazon price, it may make sense to buy the MEATER directly from the manufacturer’s store. Promotions and coupon codes are very rare to find. All the more pleased, that the discount code "glut10" will bring 10% off all MEATERs. Don’t push, go to the store here: MEATER Shop

The classic MEATER you take, if you have a second Smartdevice anyway. And of course you don’t have a problem with it keeping watch next to the grill and thus extending the range via MEATER Link / MEATER Cloud. Because the range is considered alone in practice too small for me.

The best price-performance ratio has for me the MEATER+. About the Bluetooth repeater in the base, it is also without a second Smartdevice well usable. The € 20, – surcharge to the MEATER are well invested in my view.

The all-round carefree package is of course the MEATER Block. Thus the second Smartdevice is then finally "from the table" and one has the – from my point of view – currently best wireless thermometer.

If this test report has helped you, then let me know it. Write me a comment or share this report with other grillers.

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