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I’m scared in MW2 when I’m close to a Nuke (25 kills without dying). I am so afraid to fail and to have done all the work for nothing!

Ha, I know that. Only it is not the Nuke but the AC 130^^ When I had my first Nuke, I was afraid someone would discover me (with Chopper Gunner everything downgamaeht)

Battle of the Gods

Man, that was a long time, I thought it would not go on^^. Also after a looong time I’m writing a commi again, but this time it’s not as exhausting as last time.
I find the chapter very interesting, especially the ship captain is a cool mystery. I would like to make daredevil theroies again, but let’s not do that. I especially liked the way the ship’s voyage was portrayed and also that the captain prefers new moon nights. Also the ship’s "nightmare in my opinion already suggests that the captain is very interested in the mystery of Darkrai and maybe has more than it seems to do with Darkrai, his strange behavior in Cathy’s opinion reinforces the whole thing.
All in all, I loved the chapter and I also like the cliffhanger. I hope you don’t write the chapters only every four months now, I had almost forgotten the fan story. Oh and if possible I would also like to have PN notifications for new chapters.

[Diamond/Perl/Platinum] Collection topic for short questions

With W-Lan is probably meant that when two people meet and then together make a multicombat (so not over the Internet, but you and your friend at home)

Safari Zone Catch Pokemon

I would rather buy Tanhel, I have Metang in my Safari Zone and I can’t catch one of them (Tanhel has the same catch rate as z.B. Lugia)

the last arena

Yes, you can let Quiekel (catch in the ice path) evolve to Mamutel, but then you have to teach Keifel with a heart scale at the attack teacher antique power (is in the house on the far left). Mamutel should then also be on Lv40, then I think you will have no problems.

What do you think about pirated

LoL Never in my life would I play with it even if it sparkles Tzz I dispose of it to the trash for recycling :P

Why should I keep a FakeEdi ?? If I’m strolling around town and have the packaging material from the FakeEdi and behind me is the police and then realize that is a fake ad!! -.-

that’s why I don’t want to risk anything and dispose them to the MuLL

LOl, I can’t do it anymore xD.
1.) You have for some reason bought a pirated copy in a store (usually you get them from the Internet) and stroll around with it moistfroehlich in the city.
2.) The police runs behind you and looks at the stuff you have in your hand and sees at first sight that it is a pirate copy.
3.) Of course the police will take you away and report you for piracy

btt: If I had a pirated copy for some reason, I would probably throw it away. That’s why I buy games only at Amazon or the dealer I trust.

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